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Andy Souwer vs Bovy Sor Udomson 2010

  • Written by Traveler

This was a quarter-final match-up in the 2010 S-Cup.

Andy Souwer is a two time S-Cup champion and was a heavy favorite to win the fight and progress to the finals. He typically fights a cerebral, point-scoring game that increases in pace as the rounds go on. This is in stark contrast to the damage-absorbing, Terminator style of his opponent.

Bovy Sor Udomson is a legend of Muay Thai with a reputation for being somewhat inhuman in the ring. His uncompromisingly aggressive style won him the Rajadamnern belt at the young age of 19, but his career peaked quickly because of the damage he took. He's moved up slowly in weight from 122 lb super bantamweight to continue fighting at 67-70 kg, 147-154 lb, though with obviously dimmed reflexes.

Bovy wears blue gloves here and Andy the red.

Thanks to GalaxyJill for putting this up! Andy is known for being slow starter and seems to be thrown off his game by the physical style of Bovy. Like most Thai Muay Thai fighters, Bovy is a very strong clincher and Andy ends up on the loser's side of some very messy tie-ups. The big surprise comes at the end of the first when Andy is dropped by a clubbing right hand. It looks like he mis-timed a bob and caught the inside of Bovy's glove on the back of his head.

He may have been thrown off by Bovy's muscling, messy game, but he seemed to have found his zone by the end of the second. The high kick he threw was just beautiful and, though the bell rang just afterward, he quickly established punching distance and finished Bovy with aggressive combos in the third.

Before his next bout with Toby Imada, Andy allegedly complained about discomfort in his back. If you watch his clinches with Bovy, you'll see Bovy repeatedly go for a lower back lock, which is illegal in Muay Thai because of danger to the spine. It's hard to say whether this injured Andy, but either way, it was one of the more effective weapons Bovy employed to make the match much harder than predicted for Andy.

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