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Simon Rutz Calls K-1's Bluff; Wants to Organize a Big It's Showtime Event

  • Written by Dave Walsh

RutzAmidst a lot of new information and hype surrounding the return of K-1, there is at least one man who is steadfast in believing it when he sees it, and that is It's Showtime's head, Simon Rutz. Rutz is one of the few who felt the full force of K-1's silence and not following up on promises earlier this year, when the huge It's Showtime event scheduled for May in the Amsterdam ArenA fell through due to K-1. The event was set to be a co-promotion between the two mega forces when K-1 simply stopped returning phone calls. On top of that, K-1 still owe many fighters managed by Simon Rutz and co. a fair amount of money that has yet to be paid.

So rumors of K-1 transferring copyrights to a real estate company, potential new buyers and big shows coming up haven't phased Rutz, who still is taking the hard stance that until K-1 pays up, this is all smoke and mirrors. He made this statement on his Facebook page today;

Today i make myself a promise; when the K-1 don`t fix there problems before the end of this month, i organize this year a big big IT`S SHOWTIME event in the Netherlands!

This comes with some subtext that there have been rumors for a while now of It's Showtime running the Amsterdam ArenA in the fall (September or November) and going all out on their own, which seems more and more plausible with all of the success they've seen in 2011. In a perfect world, K-1 goes forward as planned and It's Showtime runs a Heavyweight tournament of their own.

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