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Chokprecha Kor Sakooncher vs Werachai Wor Wiwatananont 2011

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Brent (Cacti) posted not too long ago a list of top fighters in Thailand. Some names have been mainstays of top level Muay Thai for years (or, in the case of Saenchai, decades). Some are new.

Chokprecha Kor Sakooncher is one of the new ones. His name was building slowly as a knockout artist before he challenged for the title. Since beating Neungthep this year for the 115 lb Lumpini Strap, he’s been attracting a lot more attention.

This bout with Werachai is a good showcase of Chokprecha’s style and a stylistic treat to watch. Their games play right into each other.

Werachai takes a lot of risks when he fights, relying on skill and being more relaxed than his opponents. Remind us of anyone we’ve seen? Distance is his best defense and the movement it generates makes for exciting bouts.

Chokprecha wears red in this bout, Werachai blue. Banana821, a legend, posts this fight for us.

Yes. This is how Chokprecha likes to end his fights. He reminds me of Anuwat, but with way better defense. Which is good because Anuwat’s speed and timing at the beginning of his dominance were superior to Chokprecha’s. Hopefully, Chokprecha’s defense will pay dividends for him in terms of longevity. He still seems to take a lot of damage on his body, though.

I remember catching the last round on TV and thinking Werachai was cruising toward a fifth round points victory. You usually don’t see that much one way traffic in teeps unless one fighter has dominated the entire fight and is keeping an exhausted opponent at bay. Except this fight didn't end on points, nor in the fifth.

I became a fan of Chokprecha after this fight. Neungthep’s one of my favorite fighters, as is Werachai, but Chokprecha is just monstrously entertaining. Has to be up there with guys like young Bovy, 2009 Paul Williams, prime Wanderlei, motivated BJ in terms of scariness. Actually, his calm southpaw stalking reminds me of this guy, though it’s not really his left high kick you have to watch out for.

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