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Kaoponlek vs Diego Calzolari

  • Written by Tralala

Hello, people. Here's a short highlight of a knockout for you all. I'm pretty sure this fight happened recently in Italy.

Calzolari is a regional fighter in Italy and has fought recently against Namsaknoi, Kem, and Sudsakorn, among others. Kaoponlek fought at a very high level in Thailand before moving to Europe, holding Lumpini and Rajadamnern titles. I'm not sure where he lives these days, but I'm fairly certain he's overseas.

This video is only a short clip, but it certainly gives a sense of how a "dramatic" KO looks. Kaoponlek wears golden shorts, Calzolari blue.


Yep. The uploader, Yabadeia, seems to have a bunch of short clips like this on his channel. If you feel like watching some brutal knockouts without the rest of the game, that's a good place. Calzolari's actually been on the receiving end of some dramatic KOs recently, notably one against Namsaknoi Yudtragarngamthorn. I'll post more later.

Also, I don't want it to seem like I'm making fun of the guy, but Calzolari really is visually dramatic in falling down. It might be his musculature highlighting his movements. Some people just have unique fish dances. Joerie Mes, for example.

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