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Souwer vs. Aussie: AFAV Bombards Us With Awesome

  • Written by Dave Walsh

You go on vacation for just a few measly days, then some Delta pilot thinks he is pulling fancy moves, which delays you half an hour and makes you miss your connecting flight. He then jokes about it with you in the Salt Lake City airport before giving you a voucher for 6 dollars worth of food and a crappy hotel room, you forget that Andy Souwer vs. L'houchine "Aussie" Ouzgni is literally days away. Thankfully for me, and thankfully for you, AFAV, a pretty great video production team, brings you close to the action as both men prepare for their bout.

We've posted the first video in the series, which was Andy Souwer discussing the upcoming bout and then getting an inside look at his training. In the second episode, we catch up with Aussie.

We aren't done yet. In the third episode, they move back to Andy Souwer's camp, where he discusses cutting weight, his fallout with K-1 and a possible move to MMA. After the break the next two episodes.

We have to catch up, so AFAV just posted the fourth in the series, which features Aussie discussing fighting Souwer and his ascent into the mainstream.

You should subscribe to AFAV's YouTube channel and check out their website.

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