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GLORY Releasing Entire GLORY 12 Event Tomorrow for Free

  • Written by Dave Walsh


Today is always an embarrassing day to be an American; the day after Thanksgiving. Yesterday was our holiday where everyone is supposed to spend time with loved ones, give "thanks" for all of the things that they have in their lives and relax. The day after has become the official start of the holiday shopping season, dubbed Black Friday. The term dates back to the 1960's when employees had started calling it that due to the high amounts of traffic and shoppers. Over the past few years big box retail outlets have embraced the term and thanks to technology we get to see the ugly side of the holiday for all of the world to gawk at.

But, alas, there is some light at the end of this tunnel right now, as GLORY has announced today that they will post the entirety of the GLORY 12 New York event on their website tomorrow for free. Yes, the whole event for free, which means the undercard which didn't air (but judging by those who were in attendance, it was wildly entertaining) as well as the main card which aired on Spike TV. That's a lot of fights for free and something to be thankful for. You don't even have to stampede anyone at an American Walmart for this, either.

They'll be posted here.

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