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Daniel Ghita Just Flatlined Brice Guidon at Glory 9 NY

  • Written by Dave Walsh


Glory 9 has been lacking in huge KO's and when Brice Guidon and Daniel Ghita stepped into the ring following a huge KO by Spong earlier you could feel it in the air, someone was going to go down hard. The announcers for some reason keep talking about Daniel Ghita's leg kicks like it is 2009, but Ghita has become such a complete fighter in the past few years and there is no better proof than in this fight where he cornered Brice Guidon and was hitting a beautiful flurry of punches, changing levels the whole way before a left hook flattened Brice Guidon.

Guidon went down and went down hard, out cold as Ghita gets back on the winning path after two tough losses in a row. The Sniper is back.

GIF via ZombieProphet.


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