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Muay Thai Combat Episode 11: Mike Zambidis Seminar

  • Written by Dave Walsh

StefaniaMike Zambidis appeared in Episode 11 of Muay Thai Combat TV featuring Stefania Picelli, the promoter of the Yokkao Extreme events and mastermind behind the Yokkao Brand. This video shows Mike Zambidis running a seminar as well as participates in an interview with Stefania where they discuss some of the ins and outs of being Mike Zambidis. Zambidis talks about where his career is at and if he'd consider being a trainer exclusively at some point, although he doesn't seem ready to stop fighting just yet. No surprise, Zambidis wants to fight Giorgio Petrosyan.

Zambidis also talks about K-1 and how he believes that the new owner of K-1, Mike Kim, is a very positive direction for the promotion as Kim is an accomplished businessman. He believes that K-1 has a bright future under this leadership. What I was happy to see was that Stefania was not going to pull any punches and asked about the issue of payment, as people always seem to harp on K-1 "not paying." According to Zambidis, he believes that everyone will be paid in time and understands that there are parts of the contract that specifically deal with payments and that there are certain procedures involved with this, that it just takes time.

He also had some positive things to say about GLORY as well as Yokkao Extreme.

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