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Watch the SuperKombat WGP This Weekend and Win a Trip

  • Written by Dave Walsh


So we'll have the details on you ordering the SuperKombat WGP from us shortly, but you will be able to order the SuperKombat WGP through LiverKick and not only support SuperKombat for just $5, but you'll be supporting us fine folks at LiverKick as well. How else can Rian support his ice cream habit, Sam keep his direct feed from Japan, Chad pay for his ticket to Thailand or me afford my debilitating faberge egg habit?

If you need some incentive to purchase this weekend's SuperKombat WGP event, like somehow you aren't swayed by the swagger of Lungu or getting to see Bogdan Stoica and Benny Adegbuyi back in action, how about the chance to win a free trip to the next SuperKombat event? This is the kind of thing that we'd all like to win, but can't, so we want you to win it. A three-day, all-inclusive trip to the next SuperKombat WGP event is an awesome prize. All you have to do is plonk down a measly $5.

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