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LiverKick Talks to Jarrell Miller Post-Fight: 'Every Fighter Has to Pay Their Dues'

  • Written by Dave Walsh

MillerFor a fighter who was just involved in one of the biggest and most prestigious Kickboxing tournaments that the world has known and to lose a fight that many believe that he handily won, Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller is sure handling it better than most fighters in his situation would. Many look at Miller when he’s in fight-selling mode and is talking a good deal of trash, hyping up his fights and rush to conclusions that he is some uneducated punk who runs his mouth, but in fact, the opposite is true as Miller might be outspoken, but comes across as personable, intelligent and very mature for a fighter his age. caught up with Jarrell Miller in Croatia after his fight where he was doing his best to unwind and relax after his fight with Mirko Cro Cop and he seemed calm, cool and in better spirits than most in his situation would be.

“I mean, it feels awesome to get to the Final 8,” he told us this afternoon in regards to being in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8. “Could have probably been a Finalist, but you know, you fight the superhero in his hometown,” he shakes his head. “The fans have spoken and they say that it was a hometown robbery and that I won it. You know, it is what it is, every fighter has to pay their dues and I’m paying my dues right now.”

Jarrell is indeed paying his dues, but makes no secret that his main goal is to be the Heavyweight Champion of the World in Boxing; “Right now my focus is on Boxing, but if an opportunity comes along and my team feels that it is beneficial to us, then maybe, maybe I’ll step back in a Kickboxing ring,” he adds about his possible future in Kickboxing. “But for right now I’m gonna take a few weeks off, get my mind right and get back to training.”

He had stated in an interview leading up to the fight that he understood that he had to knock Cro Cop out to get the win in Cro Cop’s hometown, but even though he controller most of the fight and landed the most shots, he was far from shocked when the decision was announced.

“Yeah, you know, I was surprised that they still announced it, but I knew it was gonna happen,” he shakes his head and smiles. “If you saw my expression right after the fight, you could see that I was thinking that they were gonna give it to him. You know, I take it for what it is, I mean, what can I say? I’m undefeated still, point blank, period and everybody knows that. Ain’t nobody beaten Big Baby.”

Many forget that Miller is still a young fighter and this was arguably the biggest stage and most famous opponent that he has faced in any sport, which had to bolster his confidence, regardless of the decision. “Listen, from the time that I was sparring with the Klitschko’s, and sparring and fighting are two different things,” he stops to clarify. “But you are absolutely correct because the pressure is on, but yeah it was a boost of confidence. It also let the fans see what happens when you fight in another’s hometown. I’m glad that they were able to see this and I appreciate their support and I hope to fight out here again.”

As for the prospect of a rematch with Cro Cop? Let’s just say that Miller would have fought him right then and there if he could.

“Hell yeah I’d take it. Listen, I’d take it ASAP, I’d take it right now, but um, you know,” he slows down, reflecting for a moment. “God has a plan for everybody and I’m just happy that I don’t have any injuries. I have a little lump on my head from when he hit me with a headbutt. He might have landed one good left hook or right hook, but I mean, I’m good, man, I’m blessed, man. I’m here with a bunch of great fighters; Melvin Manhoef, Zabit Samedov, Ismael Londt. I mean, this is a great atmosphere. I can say that I did it and now it’s time to do something else and you know what? I appreciate everybody out there; the fans, the press for being here and seeing all of the hard work that I put into this. For a Boxer to come back to their game and still kick their butt in it?” He laughs, shaking his head, before finishing. “And I appreciate for putting this out there. Peace!”

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