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LiverKick.com Rankings

Heavyweight (Per 4/15)
1. Rico Verhoeven
2. Daniel Ghita
3. Gokhan Saki
4. Tyrone Spong
5. Peter Aerts
6. Errol Zimmerman up
7. Benjamin Adegbuyiup
8. Ismael Londt up
9. Hesdy Gerges up
10. Ben Edwards up

Light HW (per 4/15)
1. Gokhan Saki up
2. Tyrone Spong down
3. Danyo Ilunga
4. Nathan Corbett down
5. Saulo Cavalari

Middleweight (per 4/15)
1. Wayne Barrett
2. Joe Schilling
3. Artem Levin
4. Steven Wakeling
5. Franci Grajs

Welterweight (per 4/15)
1. Nieky Holzken 
2. Joseph Valtellini 
3. Simon Marcus
4. Marc de Bonte
5. Aussie Ouzgni


70kg (Per 4/15)
1. Davit Kiriaup
2. Andy Ristiedown
3. Robin van Roosmalendown
4. Giorgio Petrosyandown
5. Murthel Groenhart
6. Buakaw Banchamek
7. Dzhabar Askerov
8. Ky Hollenbeckup
9. Aikprachaup
10. Enriko Kehlup

65kg (per 1/20)
1. Masaaki Noiri
2. Mosab Amraniup
3. Yuta Kubo down
4. Sagetdao
5. Liam Harrison

Quick Results

Monday, March 4
Phetsinean Payaksupan def. Lomtalay Sitzorueng by decision.
Design Rajanont def. Fonpet Chuwattana by decision.
Yardfah K.R.S. Gym def. Aiktawan Mor. Krongthepthonburi by decision.
Chotchasarn Wiwatananont def. Sakmongkon 96Penang by TKO in Round 2.

Tuesday, March 5
Rung-Ubon Zakami def. Prakaipet J.S.P. by decision.
Prakaiphet Zakami def. Yothin Sakaetongresort by decision.
Rungkiat Kiatprapat def. Jaisoo Thor. Thepsuthin by decision.

Wednesday, March 6
Nontakit Tor. Morsri def. Neungtrakarn Excidicalgym by decision.

Thursday, March 7
Phet-Utong Or. Kwanmuang def. Petmorakot Wor. Sungprapai by decision.
Trakoonphet Sor. Sommai def. Hongtonglek Chor. Fahpiansi by decision.
Denkiri Sor. Sommai def. Kongsiam Tor. Pithakchai by TKO in Round 2.
Addam Teded99 def. Lom-Esarn Sitzorueng by decision.
Pitchichai Or. Bor. Tor. Khampi def. Saknarin Sitzorueng by TKO in Round 4.

Friday, March 8
Singdam Kiatmoo9 def. Sagetdao Phetphayathai by decision.
Pongrit Chor. Chernkamon def. Lamnampong Noomjeantawana by decision.
Yokpet Sompongmataput def. Wanchalong Sitzornong by decision.
Mondam Sor. Weraphon def. Chokprecha Kor. Sakooncher by TKO in Round 3.
Rittidet Wor. Wanthavee def. Newwangjan Pagornponsurin by TKO in Round 2.
Thongchai Sitthongsak def. Damien Alamos by TKO in Round 2.
Choknamchai Sitjakong def. Superlek Wor. Sungprapai by decision.
Palangpon Por. Thairungruangkamai def. Katapet Sor. Suradej by decision.
Chamuakphet Jitmuangnont def. Khunphan Kiatjaroenchai by decision.

This week was action packed, culminating in the huge show on Friday. Not only did the show on Friday live up to its expectations and more, it was one of the best shows top to bottom that I've seen. Featuring a who's who of Muay Thai, there wasn't a bad fight on Friday.

Singdam defeated Sagetdao in the main event in a great strategical battle, with Sagetdao trying to close distance and clinch while Singdam did what he does and fired off hard right round kick after hard right round kick. Sagetdao was out of gas later on when Singdam fully took over.

For me, my favorite fight was Mondam vs. Chokprecha. Chokprecha came out guns blazing and managed to land some big shots on Mondam, with elbows, punches and low kicks. Mondam hung with him the whole time and a recurring theme in the fight was his right cross. In the third round Mondam landed a picture perfect right cross to seal the deal.

A few other stoppages happened on the card, so we'll start with Thongchai vs. Damien Alamos. Thongchai came out from the opening bell and seemed to have the mindset that Alamos had nothing for him. Thongchai destroyed Alamos and eventually got him in the corner, dropped him with an elbow and then pounded Alamos with elbows until he referee was forced to stop the bout. It was a very impressive performance from Thongchai coming up in weight.

Rittidet's stoppage of Newwangjan came via form of low kicks, and it didn't even take that many. Rittidet also came out fast, throwing a lot of punches. He managed to sneak in a few really hard low kicks so by the second round one vicious low kick put Newwangjan down and out.

Like all Wanchalong fights, Wanchalong vs. Yokpet was action packed and back and forth. Superlek and Choknamchai were also involved in a great fight, with Superlek being dropped in the fourth only to hurt Choknamchai with an elbow moments later.

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