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Check Out Jonathan Snowden's Awesome Strikeforce History

  • Written by Dave Walsh

StrikeforceThis weekend marks the end of an era in both Kickboxing and MMA as Scott Coker's Strikeforce brand, which was acquired by UFC's parent company, Zuffa, will finally promote its last show. Scott Coker's history with martial arts extends way beyond just MMA as he was in action films, competed in martial arts himself and Strikeforce began as a Kickboxing promotion which in turn helped to run K-1 USA. Basically, Coker and Strikeforce did a lot for Kickboxing here in the United States before going full MMA and with Kickboxing in the US in the state that it is now, it is a good thing to reflect on one of the last guys who did K-1 correctly here in the States.

BleacherReport's Jonathan Snowden just compiled a pretty awesome Oral History of Strikeforce by interviewing a lot of the major players as well as members of the media who witnessed it. I urge you to read this first part where there is a lot of talk about the early Kickboxing and Muay Thai day, as well as looks at their glory days in MMA as well.

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