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Kevin Ross and Lion Fight Ink a Deal, Ross Fighting at Lion Fight 8

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Kevin RossEveryone at some point gets stuck in one of those ridiculous "pound-for-pound" discussions when it comes to fight sports. It just happens and it kind of sucks and everyone walks away feeling kind of dejected, angry or even depressed over it. When it comes to American Muay Thai fighters, just about everyone can agree that Kevin Ross is the guy. He's fought everywhere and fought some of the best in the world, including the elusive Thais from Muay Thai's home of Thailand.

It almost seems like a no-brainer that Lion Fight Promotions, based out of Las Vegas, would sign Kevin Ross to a contract. In fact, I'm confused as to why they haven't before now, but that is the past, I guess, and this is the present. The present is that Kevin Ross has signed a deal with Lion Fight Promotions and he will be fighting on Lion Fight 8 in January, says Can't Stop Crazy.

This will be Kevin's first fight back after being out of action with a torn ACL.

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