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Jomthong Chuwattana and Jaroenchai Audonmuang Rematch

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Jomthong Chuwattana beat Jaroenchai Audonmuang in a rematch this January 6th in Bangkok, Thailand. Jomthong normally fights below 130 lb, while Jaroenchai is ranked in the lightweight 135 lb division at both Rajadamnern and Lumpini. Jaroenchai is a former Rajadamnern champion at 135 lb lightweight.

This fight was contested with Jomthong at 133 lb and Jaroenchai at 138 lb. Jaroenchai's allowance in weight reflects Jomthong's more consistent performances in recent years. Jomthong has consistently been in the top ranks at the stadiums, while moving slowly up in weight, and currently holds the Rajadamnern strap at super featherweight 130 lb.

Full Resuts:

Vigo Sor Phenprapa def. Kaiyasit Chuwattana (profiled on My Muay Thai), TKO Rd 3

Dendanai PK Stereo def. Sakuntong Tor Ponchai, Points

Kompayak Chuwattana def. Aranchai Kiatpataraphan, TKO Rd 4

Jomthong Chuwattana def. Jaroenchai Audonmuang, Points



Videos are not yet up for the January 6th, 2011 card, but t63t94 has video of an earlier meeting between Jomthong and Jaroenchai on August 2nd, 2007:


Interestingly, Jomthong also gives up 5 lb to Jaroenchai in this earlier bout. Jaroenchai's advantage in weight makes the fight competitive enough to force Jomthong to work for the victory, but not enough so that his lead is seriously threatened. Jomthong also looks thicker than usual, perhaps due to fighting slightly higher than his usual weight.

Most of the fight sees the two engaging in tidy exchanges. Jaroenchai pushes the pace against Jomthong, but neither fighter lands anything that seriously damaging. Jomthong's technicality and skill shines through in the way he picks off kicks and knees at the edge of his reach. He exerts control over Jaroenchai at all distances in the fight, skilfully negating the shorter fighters offense.

The end of the fourth finds Jomthong well ahead and backing up while Jaroenchai resorts to rushing in to throw hard techniques. Jomthong handles it well, returning more than he receives and outclinching Jaroenchai when he successfully powers in.

To win using this type of game, Jaroenchai would have to fight at another level of slick technicality. His decision to trade in exchanges with Jomthong seems to not put his weight advantage to his best use and, even when he does turn up the aggression in rounds 4 and 5, he remains tentative.

I'll post video of their rematch if and when it comes up. Hopefully we'll see Jaroenchai try something new to offset Jomthong's advantages in skill, speed, and reach.

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