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Spike TV Announces Fedor Emelianenko Fighting on New Year's Eve

The Fedor Emelianenko lottery is over and it was won by none other than Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Yeah, you read that correctly. The UFC didn't secure Fedor, nor did Bellator. Oh no, instead former PRIDE boss Sakakibara has won the Fedor lottery and is starting his own promotion. That promotion will kick off on New Year's Eve in Japan and guess what? They are teaming up with Scott Coker for this and it'll air on Spike TV. 

There have been rumors flying around about Coker teaming up with Sakakibara for a huge Japanese event and for once these rumors delivered. If this feels strange to you, it is. Sakakibara was exiled from the world of combat sports after the PRIDE yakuza scandal that led to the promotion's demise, yet, here he is again. I'm waiting for Kazuyoshi Ishii to jump out next and start up a new kickboxing promotion any day now. I should note that K-1 Japan does have a press conference scheduled for early this coming week and the buzz is that they have a broadcast television deal. Don't get excited yet, though.


Live Results For Zack Mwekassa vs. Saulo Cavalari at Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1

Tonight live on Spike TV here in the United States we'll see Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1 featuring both a Bellator cage and a GLORY ring. That means that yes, we'll get a few big kickboxing bouts as well tonight. There are slated to be three live kickboxing bouts on air, there were two preliminary bouts that will be apparently happening post-show, so no clue on when we'll get to see those fights, if ever. Sorry.

Anyway, join us live tonight at 9:00 Eastern time for Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1 featuring some GLORY kickboxing fights. 

GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship: Saulo Cavalari (R5 - Decision) Zack Mwekassa 

Paul Daley (R3 - Decision) Fernando Gonzalez

Keri Melendez (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Hadley Griffith


Serhiy Adamchuk (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Anvar Boyazarov

Jose Palacios (R3 - Split Decision) TJ Arcangel


Enfusion Live #31 Live Results

Enfusion Live #31 from Malaga, Spain will be Live on the Fight Network or on their site at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST.

Main Card

1. 70kgs Tournament semi Final - Philippe Salmon def. Adam Martins (Extra Rd)

2. 70kgs Tournament semi Final - Christopher Mena def. Beau Superpro Samui (Decision)

3. Ruben Lee def. Gil Silva (Decision)

4. Victoria Lomax def. Estela Garcia (Decision)

5. Nicolás Gaffie def. Wadii kadiri (Extra Rd Decision)

6. 70kgs Tournament Final - Philippe Salmon def. Christopher Mena (Decision)

7. 72.5kgs Enfusion World Title – Tayfun Ozcan def. Fran Palenzuela (KO Rd 5)


Zack Mwekassa Promises That His Fight Will be Epic

"It's going to be epic!" That is Zack Mwekassa's prediction for the rematch between he and Saulo Cavalari and at the event called 'Dynamite' .With an event name like that, it's only natural to expect to see some bombs being dropped in the ring. Zack Mwekassa promises you will not only get bombs but some drama as well! If you're curious about what bombs and drama means and the hashtag (#bombsanddrama) that has captivated fans of Mwekassa around the world, the originator explained, "A lot of people think my punches are like bombs and they believe the whole persona of Zack Mwekassa with the bombs just makes it spectacular and just brings the drama. Look at the fight with Pat Barry, when I walked in people booed me, I walked in the ring thinking what have I done to these people, they don't know me, but I stopped him and they played my entrance song, 'There is Power in the Name of Jesus', and that was the drama. I walked in with the bombs and that was drama. When Pat Barry walked in they all were shouting 'HD, HD, HD!' but booing me, but again that was drama too". In fact bombs and drama is one of Mwekassa's goals as a fighter, to give a spectacular performance to his fans during every fight. Mwekassa stated that he doesn't come to win fights, he comes to bring emotions. He makes a distinction between simply winning and trying to offer more. Mwekassa stated that trying to win fights is easy to do, but his overall goal, is to give fans something they can talk about, and that is the drama side of it. If his past is any prediction of his future Zack Mwekassa will definitely bring both bombs and drama to the SAP center.

Taking a look back, you will recall Cavalari and Mwekassa first met in November 2014 during the light heavyweight qualifying tournament in Oklahoma at Glory 18. Mwekassa's first opponent in the tournament was Brian 'The Lion' Collette. Mwekassa easily dispatched Collette with a devastating blow that left Collette dazed and down for the count. Phase two of the tournament brought together Cavalari and Mwekassa. In was beginning the bout seemed to be an unending slugfest but ended with Mwekassa getting caught and knocked out. Since that time Mwekassa has made a commitment to step up his level of training and stretch the boundaries of his performance as an athlete. Chiefly among the changes Mwekassa has made was his decision to spend time in Holland at Hemmers Gym to give himself exposure to different fighting styles, higher level sparring partners and other things that had been unavailable to him while training in Africa.

Mwekassa makes no excuses about his loss to Cavalari despite any training disadvantages he might have had prior to the bout. This however is the nature of Zack Mwekassa and the basis of his #Mwekassance. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to talk to Mwekassa, fighters and fans alike, I'm sure can testify to his character and his desire to strive, on a daily basis, to be a better man. Mwekassa is both a fighter and a business man, at this time in his career seeing fights not just on the basis of what stylistically or intellectually makes sense but also as opportunities to continue to hone his craft and to build the means to give back to his family. Like most fighters, Mwekassa laments the grueling amount of time and energy the life of a fighter requires. It's however, a sacrifice he's willing to make for achievement of his ultimate goal, light heavyweight champion. Stylistically, Mwekassa mentions Gokhan Saki as an opponent with whom he could have had a very interesting and challenging fight. He is also, however, quick to add that he is willing to take on whoever Glory places in front of him and that he feels very fortunate to have arrived at his current place in life. For that he gives glory to God.

When it boils down to it both he and Cavalari are similar in nature. Both men arose from very humble beginnings in their respective countries and both had achieved a certain level of success in their combat sports careers prior to their Glory debuts. Both have made it their life's goal to be the best. Now both men have set their sights on the light heavyweight title which on Saturday, September 19th only one man can be victorious, but if nothing else we can all expect some bombs and drama until the end.


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