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Dutch Legend Hans Nijman Murdered in Drive-By Shooting

Dutch martial arts legend Hans Nijman might not be a household name to many. He wasn't a K-1 legend like countrymen Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost and company, but he was a pioneer in the world of MMA who worked for the Japanese promotion RINGS early on. RINGS was a hybrid professional wrestling and MMA promotion, meaning that the lines were sometimes blurred and there were times where these guys were involved in worked fights, while other times the fights were 100% legitimate. 

It was reported today that Hans Nijman was murdered outside of a gym in a drive-by shooting at the age of 55 and there are no suspects yet. There has been talk about Nijman's possible connections with a criminal element and Dick Vrij, another RINGS legend, recently checked himself into prison for protection after receiving a death threat. This is a sad time for the kickboxing and MMA community and Nijman was truly an early pioneer. 


Enfusion Live #22 is a Stacked Card Featuring Tiffany Van Soest, Andy Souwer, Henri Van Opstal

Enfusion Live have quietly been promoting their brand of kickboxing over the past few years introducing some great new talents into the world and putting on solid, entertaining shows. On November 23rd in the Netherlands they are set to promote what might be their biggest show ever, featuring big names and big fights. The biggest fight to look out for is Denise Kielholtz defending her Enfusion -57kg World Title against American Tiffany Van Soest.

Let's run down the card.

Enfusion Live #22 Groningen, The Netherlands 23.11.2014 

Local Start Time 20.30


Marvin Sansaar  (Surinam)  Vs  Romar Quandt  (Aruba)    -70 KG

2. 3X3

William Diender  (The Netherlands)  Vs  Henri van Opstal  (The Netherlands)    -70 KG


Cedric Bacuna  (Curacao)  Vs  Andrei Ostrovanu  (Romania)    -70 KG

4. 3X3

Tom De Smet  (The Netherlands)   Vs Daniel Ciric (Serbia) -85 KG

5. 5X3

Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)  Vs  Tiffany van Soest  (USA)  -57KG  Enfusion World Title -57 KG

6. 5X3

Ardalan Sheikholeslami (Iran) Vs Andy Souwer (The Netherlands)     -70KG


Singapore Based Singmanee Kaewsamrit Set to Return to Action at King’s Cup

Singmanee Kaewsamrit is one of a handful of Muay Thai fighters to have successfully made the transition from being a stadium champion in Bangkok to becoming a major international icon of the sport. 

In 2012 he won the Thai Fight 67 kgs tournament which saw him fighting in front of a mainstream television audience for the first time in his career and he says this remains a favourite memory, 

“My biggest achievement was receiving a trophy from the King after my fight in Thai Fight. I truly felt honored to be able to meet the King face to face and I really cherish that trophy.”

During his career Singmanee has held the WPMF 147 lbs Title as well as the Siam Omnoi, Rajadamnern and WMC 140 lbs titles winning around 150 fights and facing some of the most famous fighters both from Thailand and abroad. 

One of the most formidable achievements was qualifying for Thai Fight because he had to defeat five separate Thai opponents in an Isuzu Tournament which took place over a series of Saturdays at Siam Omnoi Stadium in Bangkok, outpointing Superbon Lookjaomaesaivaree in the final. 

Singmanee has fought in France, England, Russia and Japan but says when it comes to competing there is no place like home, 

“It's always a great feeling fighting in Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium in front of all my fellow countrymen but I especially like competing inside the Omnoi Stadium because I have had a lot of success there.” 

Although he has primarily been facing foreign fighters for the past few years Singmanee is not afraid to test himself against the top Thais and says he is happy to accept any fight, 

“I don't really have a preference as to who I fight. Fighting Thais I think can be quite predictable as we all train and move a similar way inside the ring whereas Westerners can be very unpredictable at times.” 

The 31 year old recently moved to Singapore to join the renowned team of trainers at Evolve MMA but despite being in demand as a pad holder he says he has no intention of retiring, 

“I don’t want to stop fighting, and I will be fighting again at the King’s Cup in Bangkok in December. There are a lot of ‘Yod Muay’ here at Evolve MMA like Namsaknoi and Orono who are around the same size as me so the training is very good.”

Former Lumpinee champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichok is making a big impression on the MMA scene with three wins out of three so far this year and Singmanee, who is a few years younger, admits he would be interested in following in the footsteps of his Thai team mate, 

“I would definitely like to try MMA in the near future.” 

For the time being he is just happy to be an active Muay Thai world champion who has the opportunity to teach and train overseas, 

“I started Muay Thai when I was around 10 years old at the Sor Siripong Gym in Surin and I think I got 50 Baht for my first fight. Now I am a trainer at the most famous martial arts gym in Asia and a world champion and I can provide well for my children, all thanks to Muay Thai!”

Interview and translation courtesy of Evolve MMA


Ten Questions With GLORY Lightweight Champion Davit Kiria

Georgian born kickboxer, Davit Kiria has wowed spectators in the sport since his debut. Kiria is well known for his speed and his aggressiveness in the ring as well as his ability to combine traditional kickboxing styles with Ashihara karate, a discipline in which he holds a black belt.

Looking ahead to Glory 18 where Kiria is expected to face off for the third time against Robin van Roosmalen, I had an opportunity to ask Davit some questions about his past, present and future as well as to find out whether the third time will be a charm for him..

SW: Once again, I would like to thank you Davit for the opportunity for the interview. Since your debut as a fighter with Glory you have shown yourself to be a very exciting fighter and one who the fans love to watch. I last saw you fight against Andy Ristie in Zagreb. It initially seemed that you might be down in points until your eventual KO. Did you have any difficulty adjusting to Ristie's fighting style?

DK; Ristie has just perfect parameters for lightweight, he is tall and he has very long hands and legs which makes for me more difficulty. But, I'm professional and I have professional trainers and we can learn any opponent and their fighting style.

SW: Glory 18 will mark your third meeting with Robin van Roosmalen. In the two prior bouts van Roosmalen won via decision. What, if anything, have you done differently in this training camp to prepare for this fight?

DK: This fight is very important for me, two times I've fought already with no success, but now it's the third time so it has to finish with my success. I have done very hard preparation and I am very happy, everything went very well and without any injuries or stress. I'm in very good shape and I will show more than in Zagreb because I have improved a lot because of hard working.

SW: You are the current Glory lightweight champion with a record of 5-3-0. What is your overall professional record?

DK: I have 23 Wins 8 losses and 0 draws.

SW: You have a black belt in Karate. At what age did you begin training? Also can you speak about how your interest in combat sports developed.

DK: I was 9 when I started to train in Karate. Before that I was playing soccer, but I really didn't like it. I don't like group games, I like individual sports and I chose to train karate because it's also courageous.

SW: You have been training in Holland for some time with Dave Jonkers and Semmy Schilit. What was it about their style of training/fighting that attracted you?

DK: Till today I train here in Holland. I come here for preparation, I get very good experience here. Semmy is a great fighter and person. Dave is a good trainer, I'm working till this day with Dave and my Georgian Trainer Bachuki they are a very good combination together, and they know best how to work with me.

SW: Both you and van Roosmalen are viewed as very fast and aggressive in your styles. What other assets do you see yourself bringing to the ring?

DK: I am better I think it from inside, I also have better technique, I know and I will show it next week. I will not only use my physical skills I will use my technical skills too and I will be better. I will do my best to show to the kickboxing world that I'm better than him and that I'm the best.

SW: Looking beyond Glory 18, are there any other fighters in your division that you are interested in fighting?

DK: Yes I already said Georgio Petrsosyan, I want to fight him next, but we will see how my management can work it out with Glory.

SW: What are some of your hobbies outside the ring?

DK: I have some hobbies but unfortunately I haven't enough time to enjoy them. I like to go to nature (mountains), I also like fishing, and I like to take nice photos, but I have less time for all this :):)

SW: If you were not fighting, what kind of career do you think you would have chosen?

DK: Maybe a businessman or farmer. I don't have any idea :):):) I never think about that, but I know what I'd like to do in future.

SW: Any special message to your fans?

DK: Yes of course. I love my fans, I don't like to ignore them, any reaction or message. Thank you my fans for this all love, I promise I always will do my best! If I win or lose it will always be my maximum. Till today I never make you upset and I do my best to keep it like that. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit my website, and don't hesitate to ask me any questions via blog or mail.

We at wish Davit the best in this bout with Robin. Glory 18 will be one of the most exciting events of the year and the headliner Kiria vs. van Roosmalen is guaranteed to keep us all on the edge of our seats!


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