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GLORY Announces Return of Gokhan Saki to Challenge Saulo Cavalari in 2016

During the live broadcast for the GLORY SuperFight Series at GLORY 26 GLORY made a huge announcement that in 2016 we'll see the return of the Rebel when Gokhan Saki returns to the GLORY ring in hopes of regaining his GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship. There was no specific date given, but we do know that GLORY's projected return in 2016 is for February, although it's unclear which event this will be on.

GLORY also announced that in 2016 we can look forward to the rematch between Artem Levin and Simon Marcus after their draw at GLORY 20. Those are two big fights and GLORY is looking to show the world that they plan to deliver in 2016. The return of Saki is huge, just huge.


Danyo Ilunga's Eyes are on the Prize at GLORY 26

The terms humble and ferocious are difficult to equate, however, they are two of two of the first words that come to mind when describing Danyo Ilunga. Although still quite young by industry standards,  Ilunga has already fought the best of the best in his weight class and strives to, in the end be the best. Conversations with Ilunga are philosophical,  at times existential, but very well grounded, shaped largely by his past trials and the visions he intends to mold into future realities.  

His current reality is a rematch with Mourad Bouzidi who he is scheduled to face at Glory 26 in Amsterdam at the RAI arena on Friday, December 4th.   2015 has been filled with triumphs and losses for Ilunga,  but he plans to end the Glory combat sports year on a high note.  Improvements in his overall skill levels are what Ilunga states will make the difference in his match with Bouzidi and in 2016. At this moment the light heavyweight belt is in Brazil,  in 2016, who knows. Ilunga's eye is on the prize. 


Glory 26 and Superfight Series Live Results

Glory 26 will start be starting with the superfight series at 1:30pm EST/ 10:30am PST. You can watch them Live on ESPN 3 or on If for any reason you cannot watch we will have the live results for you right here.

Glory 26

Welterweight Title - Nieky Holzken def. Murthel Groenhart (Split Dec)

FW Tournament Finals - Mosab Amrani def. Maykol Yurk by KO Rd 1 (Liver Kick)

Heavyweight Title - Rico Verhoeven def. Benjamin Adegbuyi by KO Rd 1 (straight right)

FW Semifinal - Mosab Amrani def. Chi Bin Lim by KO Rd 1 (left hook to the liver)

FW Semifinal - Maykol Yurk def. Shane Oblonsky by TKO Rd 2 (2 knockdowns)

Superfight Series

Thomas Vanneste def. Errol Zimmerman by Split Dec

Mourad Bouzidi def. Danyo Ilunga by Split Dec

Zinedine Hameur-Lain def. Fred Sikking by Unanimous Dec

Yoann Kongolo def. Karapet Karapetyan by Unanimous Dec

 Perviz Abdullayev def. Aziz Kallah by Unanimous Dec


Murthel Groenhart Looks for a Chance at the Ultimate GLORY in Rematch with Holzken

Funny how quickly the tide turns in the world of combat sports.  Just just a mere four months ago I spoke with current welterweight title contender,  Murthel Groenhart prior to his fight with Chad Sugden at Glory 22. Among our topics of conversation were his desire to become the top fighter in his division as as well as his strong desire to avenge a prior loss to the current title holder, Nieky Holzken.  Now on the eve of  Glory 26: Amsterdam, Groenhart is poised to do just that.  After a year out of the Glory ring prior to his bout with Sugden,  Groenhart has come back to the Glory stage with a vengeance, skillfully demonstrating to the combat sports community why he deserves a shot at being the number one welterweight champion. Last month in Milan, Groenhart took on Nicola Gallo and Karim Ghaji, electrifying the crowd with TKO and decision wins respectively.  He is  known as "The Predator," but could equally be called "Lionhearted" as he is confident in his skills as a fighter and his manner of  approaching each opponent stealthily and with deadly determination.  At not even thirty years of age, Groenhart has had over eighty fights and sees his reign in the division as just beginning.

A long time trainee at Mike's Gym, Groenhart varies his training, practicing a variety of disciplines including MMA and boxing.   His focus, however, remains chiefly on becoming the champion in his weight class in Glory. Groenhart has achieved his dreams in other arenas such as K-1 and now has a plan of attack in Glory.  On Friday,  December 4th at the RAI Arena in Amsterdam,  Groenhart will have the chance to have either a dream fulfilled or deferred.  Like many of his peers, Groenhart thanks his fans for support and even the haters for the attention. At the end of the day,  he encourages fans around the world to continue watching him as some surprises are sure to be in store. At an event that promises to be a night of action packed match-ups.  It also promises to give fans some of the rematches they've longed to see as well as to offer second chances.  Such is the case for Murthel Groenhart, for here he has a shot at not only a rematch, but redemption and an ultimate shot at Glory.


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