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Fight Card for EM Legend End of the Year Finals

EM Legend will return for one last event in 2016 with the EM Legend End of Year event, featuring the finals of the 65kg Championship Tournament. As always, there is a wide array of kickboxing and muay thai bouts featured on the event, with many of China's best and brightest featured against fighters from all over the world.

Bashirov Bashir (RUS) vs Mr. Adichet (THA) – 70 KG

Wang AoGang (CHN) vs Huo LiHui (CHN) – 75 KG

Mardi T Zulita (PHI) vs Ji Duo Yi Bu (CHN) – 60 KG

Najib (FRA) vs Han Zihao (CHN) – 62 KG

Igor Osinin (LTU) vs Zhao ChuanLin (CHN) – 63 KG

Zuhro Kholova (TJK) vs Zeng XiaoTing (CHN) – 53 KG

Li QiYu (CHN) vs Liang YuanHao (CHN) – 66 KG

Ampo Rukiya (JPN) vs Shi YunFei (CHN) – 65 KG

Chaiwat (THA) vs Xie Wei (CHN) – 67 KG

Vitali Dubina (UKR) vs Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) – 70 KG

65kg Championship Tournament: Senmanee (THA) vs Manas (THA) – 65 KG

65kg Championship Tournament: Rasul (RUS) vs Anvar (UZB) – 65 KG

Mohammad Boulef (FRA) vs Zhu Xu (CHN) – 60 KG

Mohammad Ghaedibardeh (IRI) vs Aleksandr Shuliak (RUS) – 78 KG

Sherzad Babazhanau (BLG) vs Carlos Ulberg (NZL) – 93 KG

Manabe Ryuta (JPN) vs Chen ChangLin (CHN) – 60 KG

Ali Qaradaghi (IRQ) vs Islam (RUS) – 75 KG

John Kevin (NZL) vs Julius Mocka (LTU) – 100+ KG

Saeki Masaya (JPN) vs Zhang ChengLong (CHN) – 64 KG

Ramil (BLR) vs Denphanom (THA) – 70 KG

Evgenii (RUS) vs Pu Dongdong (CHN) – 70 KG

Magomedov (RUS) vs Wudi (THA) – 70 KG

Ibrahim El Bouni (MAR) vs Davor Matarugic (NZL) – 90 KG 


Krush 71 Fight Card

Krush 71 takes place on December 18th at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. You can watch Live on AbemaTV, Nico Nico, or Gaora at 4am EST/ 1am PST/ 5pm JST.

Full Card

-53kg : Yusei Sakurai vs Naoya Otada

-67kg : Hayato Suzuki vs Ryo Tabata

-63kg : Yuki Ishikawa vs MASA

Heavy weight : Hidekazu Kimura vs K-Jee

-60kg GP : Tatsuya Inaishi vs Riku Anpo

-60kg GP : Masanobu Gosyu vs Yoshiki Harada

-60kg GP : Masahiro Yamamoto vs Go Kato/

-60kg GP : Leona Pettas vs Dynamite Yuta Takahashi

-70kg : Yoichi Yamazaki vs Daisuke Fujimura

-65kg : Yukihiro Komiya vs Masanobu

-58kg : Tatsuya Oiwa vs Kento Ito

Krush -53kg Championship Match : Ryusei vs Yoshiki Takei


Badr Hari Suffered a Muscle Tear, Not Broken Arm Against Rico Verhoeven

All throughout the past week kickboxing fans have been running through the video of the huge showdown between Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven, studying it like the Zapruder film trying to find the phantom bullet that broke Badr Hari's arm and ended the dream match to end all dream matches early. Clinch and a knee. Clinch and a knee. A kick and a block. Back and to the left?

While multiple theories have floated around -- including conspiracy theories about foul play -- no one has really been quite able to figure out the exact moment that it happened. The reason behind that is simple; there was no bone break. According to Mike Passenier, it was only a muscle tear, not a break that Badr suffered on Saturday. He has returned to Morocco where he is currently healing up and planning his next move. 

This report is also in sharp contrast to earlier reports, where a photograph of an x-ray with a broken arm has been floating around social media, with claims being sent out by representatives of Hari to explain away why the fight ended early. Mike Passenier initially denied that image was true, but then said that Badr's arm was broken. As always with Badr Hari, everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Before anyone gets excited about a potential rematch, remember that Badr is also due in court in January about one of his assault cases and that a future rematch with Rico Verhoeven might depend on the outcome of that court case. [source]


Remy Bonjasky Accepts Gokhan Saki's Challenge Via Social Media

The fires within Saki have been stoked after over a year away from the ring. After seeing a packed arena for GLORY: Collision, former GLORY Light Heavyweight Champion Gokhan Saki was quick to toss his name into the hat for a big money fight with the champion, calling out Verhoeven. Claiming to be aiming to be a two-division champion (Saki still argues his claim to the Light Heavyweight Champion even though the promotion has moved on).

Of course, Remy Bonjasky had gone on Dutch television days prior to GLORY: Collision to say that he'd be willing to come out of retirement and fight Badr Hari. So it seemed only natural for the two of them to get into a social media battle of their own. So they did, with Saki saying that he'd fight Bonjasky as well. It didn't take long for the now-retired Remy Bonjasky to reply and accept the fight via a video on his Instagram. 


Saki seemed pleased with it, using it as a platform to continue calling out Rico Verhoeven. 

So while the two legends seem set to fight each other in the GLORY ring, currently only Gokhan Saki has a contract with GLORY. That means that they'd have to renegotiate with Remy Bonjasky and in the past that has been an issue with the three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion usually demanding a rather hefty purse for his fights. Will GLORY be willing to pay that? Considering his last few fights with the promotion didn't draw huge numbers for them and were a bit underwhelming, I would assume not, so it would be in Bonjasky's interest if he really wants to fight to be open to negotiations. 

The two met in 2008 in the K-1 World Grand Prix Semi-Finals where Bonjasky scored a highlight reel knockout via a flying kick to the midsection.

Remy Bonjasky's last fight was at GLORY 14 where he narrowly defeated Mirko Cro Cop in 2014. Gokhan Saki's last fight was in 2015 for GFC where he fought at heavyweight against Sebastian Ciobanu, picking up a decision victory. His last GLORY appearance was in 2014 at GLORY 14 where he won the GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship tournament by defeating both Nathan Corbett and Tyrone Spong.


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