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Video: Behind the Scenes of Glory 22 by Benini Stephane

I was lucky enough to actually be behind the scenes at Glory 22 in Lille so watching this video made by Benini Stephane just brought back the intensity in Stade Pierre-Mauroy that evening. It was a beautiful venue and Glory did a great job dealing with its size. Each dressing room only had about 4 fighters in it, and they were chosen appropriately according to when they were fighting so that everyone had time and space to warm up.

Stephane has made a black and white and a color version of the video and he really captured some wonderful moments.

GLORY 22 from Stephane B on Vimeo.


Tyrone Spong Contending for BKB Heavyweight Championship on June 27th

In an interesting twist of fate Tyrone Spong, the former GLORY and K-1 fighter, will be competing in one of the more odd combat sports amalgamations on June 27th. Spong will be competing against Julian Pollard in BKB -- Big Knockout Boxing -- in Las Vegas for the BKB Heavyweight Championship. If you've somehow missed out on the whole BKB thing over the past year or so it is an organization based out of Las Vegas holding boxing events inside of a "pit" that forces the action.

Think the YAMMA pit and you'll get a solid idea of what it's all about. There are sensors in the gloves of each fighter as well that tells the viewers just how hard and fast the punches are being thrown. Due to the variables in the rules these fights aren't exactly tallied up on BoxRec like most fights are, but it does lead to entertaining bouts. The winner of the fight receives a $30,000 bonus and Spong's asking price for fights is usually pretty high.

While this isn't exactly Spong launching an American boxing career, it could be a good stepping stone to doing so.


Video: Robin Van Roosmalen vs. Steve Moxon for Happy Hearts Fund.

We had been waiting to see this video of Glory lightweight champion Robin van Roosmalen vs "Stone Cold" Steve Moxon which took place on June 3rd in New York. This was a charity black tie event for the Happy Hearts Fund, as you can see by the poster the co-main event featured Pierre Andurand, one of Glory's biggest shareholders. I personally think its really great of Pierre to get in the ring and try at least one fight, it really shows that he is a huge kickboxing fan and just an overall good guy, maybe we will get to see that video soon.

Van Roosmalen vs Moxon was a much more competitive fight than I had anticipated considering Moxon has been a little bit off his game lately. Moxon fought really well and showed great head movement and footwork avoiding Robin's hooks early. Eventually Robin started with the leg kicks and that's when the tide changed in the Glory champions favor. This was just a very fun fight to watch with two very similar style fighters.


GLORY 22 Ratings Take a Hit From Afternoon Airtime

By just about any metric GLORY 22 was a great event, both on paper and in execution. The Lightweight tournament featured some of the best and brightest in the Lightweight division and we walked away with Josh Jauncey looking like he's going to be a major player in the division for years and Sitthichai looking like he's marching to becoming a long-reigning champion. We also got some patented Zack Mwekassa violence and then we got to see Rico Verhoeven and Benjamin Adegbuyi stand toe-to-toe with Verhoeven walking away as champion still.

The issue, of course, came with GLORY 22 taking place in France. GLORY's main television contract is with Spike TV in the United States and while GLORY 22 did air on Spike UK, it aired on Saturday, when more people could be watching. One of the big complaints about past GLORY events emenating from Europe have been that Spike TV airs them on tape delay, which in a modern, internet-feuled age is liken to a form of self-sabotage. Spoilers are real and sporting events that you can DVR through the slower parts tend to lose the level of excitement that they bring when airing live. So Spike TV was going to make the "right" decision by airing GLORY 22 live. The problem here is that Spike TV opted not to air a replay of the event later on in the evening. 

The number being reported by SportsTVRatings is 152,000 viewers. This is of course excluding any possible DVR viewers that came afterwards, but is the raw, live number from Friday afternoon. It is, without a doubt, the lowest number that we've seen for GLORY programming on Spike TV. We spoke to GLORY officials who confirmed that while choosing France as the venue was their decision, when it aired on Spike TV was not under their control. GLORY was thrilled at the idea of airing the event live, but had begged for a replay later on in the evening due to 4pm Eastern and live at 1pm Pacific on a Friday seeming like suicide. 

One has to wonder why a network with the experience that Spike TV has with live combat sports and who seems dedicated to their Friday block of combat sports programming would make such an odd error. Spike TV has experience with the UFC, Bellator, professional boxing and now kickboxing to know how a show will fare at certain times and even the uninitiated saw 4pm Eastern as a bad time on a Friday. I have some serious questions here that there don't seem to be answers for as of press time and am starting to wonder if Spike has soured on the idea of partnering with GLORY or they are perhaps even looking to purchase the brand and "rehabilitate it" much like they did with Bellator years ago. 

GLORY 22 was a very, very good show that any combat sports fan should go out of their way to see. It's starting to look like Spike might not be overly enthralled with the brand that is still in its embryonic stages and if that is so, let's hope that GLORY does find a more commited partner in the future. 


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