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Card For Enfusion Live #29 on Sunday

On Sunday Enfusion will present Enfusion Live #29 from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This one will feature a one-night 70kg tournament featuring Aziz Kallah, Fatih Ozkan, Tafun Ozcan and Reouan Larkoubi. Also on the card will be Racehl Adamus vs. Sheena Widdershoven for the Enfusion -67kg World Championship. 

The event will air at 21:00 local time on

1. 3X3       Tournament Reserve fight
Mohammed Ben Nasser (Morocco)      Vs William Diender (The Netherlands)
2. 3X3       Tournament Semi Final
Aziz Kallah (Morocco) Vs Fatih Ozkan (Turkey)
- 70 Kg
3. 3X3       Tournament Semi Final
Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) Vs Redouan Larkoubi (Morocco) 
- 70 Kg
4. 5X3       Enfusion World Title
Rachel Adamus (The Netherlands)  Vs  Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands) 
- 67 Kg
5. 3X3
Serginio Kanters (The Netherlands)  Vs Abdelmounim Mouya (Morocco)
- 75 Kg
6. 3X3
Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Maxim Federkov (Germany)
- 67Kg
7. 3X3       Tournament Final
Fight 1 winner   Vs          Fight 2 winner

Card For May 23rd's SuperKombat Event

This weekend will see the return of SuperKombat in Bucharest, pumping out a New Heroes and WGP card in the same night, featuring some big SuperKombat names to keep the fans happy. The event proper features such names as Amansio Paraschiv, Cristian Milea, Cristian Ristea and of course Bogdan and Andrei Stoica in action as well. It should be a fun, action-packed card that delivers this weekend.

Superkombat New Heroes Romania - 20:00 CET (3 rounds x 2 minutes)
1. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Ionuţ Stanciu vs Alin Tamaş
2. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg)
Madalin Craciunica vs Adrian Giurgiu
3. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg)
Andrei Ostrovanu vs Eduard Chelariu
4. Super Fight - Lightweight bout (-65 kg)
Songul Yilmaz (Turkey) vs Cristiana Stancu
5. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight (-86 kg)
Cosmin Ionescu vs Costin Mincu
6. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Bogdan Qatawneh vs Mirel Iacob
7. Super Fight - Super Middleweight bout (-77 kg)
Benedek Zsolt (Hungary)vs Bogdan Nastase
8. Super Fight – Middleweight bout (-71 kg)
Adrian Asoltanii vs Claudiu Badoi
1. Super Fight - Lightweight bout (-63,5 kg)
Suliman Vazeilles (France) vs Cristian Spetcu (Romania)
 2. Super Fight – Middleweight bout (-71 kg)
Hirachidine Saindou (France) vs Amansio Paraschiv (Romania)
3. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg)
Marvin Ullrich (France) vs Cristian Milea (Romania)
4. Super Fight - Cruiserweight bout (-92 g)
Ibrahim Giydirir (Turkey) vs Bogdan Stoica (Romania)
5. Super Fight - Cruiserweight bout (-92 kg)
Redha Ogdou (France) vs Cristian Ristea (Romania)
6. Super Fight - Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)
Thomas Alizier (France) vs Andrei Stoica (Romania)
7. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Giuseppe de Domenico (Italy) vs Ciprian Schiopu (Romania)

May 2015 LiverKick Rankings Update

Finally, right? Here we are with the every few monthly update to the LiverKick rankings. These rankings are updated when there is the most movement across divisions, which now seemed like a good time considering some of the recent shakeups across multiple divisions. As always, I will explain that our rankings are tabulated on who beats who, not on talent, not on flair of wins or even past success. If you were a monster three years ago but lost to a few guys in the top ten and got squeezed out then you got squeezed out. A win over a top ten fighter will get you a spot, but if you aren't fighting anyone in the top ten it'll be pretty tough to get in unless someone drops out due to inactivity. After one year of inactivity a fighter will be dropped from the rankings and upon return will need to compete at the top ten to regain ranking.

So let's get right to May, shall we? At Heavyweight there wasn't much movement at all. Within the ranks of the top ten nobody within the top ten has lost to a top ten opponent or beaten a top ten opponent above them. The only omission is a sad one in Ben Edwards, who has focused on boxing instead. Samedov moved up because of this and Ismael Londt made his return to the rankings after an absence had knocked him off a few years ago. It was down to him or Pavel Zhuravlev and it was heavily weighed before we decided to add Londt back.

For Light Heavyweight there was a similar situation of a few fighters being considered inactive and were forced to be removed. In this case it was two of the best in the world in Tyrone Spong and Nathan Corbett. In turn GLORY's Zack Mwekassa made his rankings debut and Reduon Cairo gets the nod for all of the good work that he's been doing around the world. Not much has changed at Middleweight, outside of Simon Marcus bumping up to #2 due to the draw with Artem Levin and everyone else shuffling down. After careful consideration we decided that Robert Thomas should remain unranked until he scores a top ten win and after much deliberation decided to give the man who beat Simon Marcus earlier this year, Fang Bian, a nod. 

Welterweight remains untouched. Lightweight had a bit of shuffling, including Enriko Kehl moving up, Souwer moving down and more. Aikpracha after a few losses has been removed and Dylan Salvador, who holds impressive wins over a few in the top ten, has been added. 

Now Featherweight. Oh Featherweight, how do we even explain your existence right now? After a long study of the division we came to the conclusion that if GLORY had really moved on from the Japanese talent in this weight class that it was difficult to hold their division as the gold standard as with every other division. A division without Masaaki Noiri or Yuta Kubo is difficult. Right now there is so much talent within that division all fighting each other in Japan that their omission feels tough to justify. K-1 Japan, KRUSH and ShootBoxing have been pumping out fights between the best in the world and we could not ignore it. 

So we poured over the division and came to a rather shocking conclusion; Yasuomi Soda was the #1 Featherweight in the world. How? He beat Minoru Kimura and then Minoru Kimura beat Kaew Fairtex. From there it'll all make sense. 

Heavyweight (Per 5/15)

1 Rico Verhoeven
2 Daniel Ghita
3 Errol Zimmerman
4 Sergei Kharitonov
5 Anderson Silva
6 Benjamin Adegbuyi
7 Andrei Gerasmichuk
8 Hesdy Gerges
9 Zabit Samedov
10 Ismael Londt


Heavyweight (Per 5/15)

1 Gokhan Saki
2 Saulo Cavalari
3 Danyo Ilunga
4 Artem Vakhitov
5 Mourad Bouzidi
6 Igor Jukovic
7 Michael Duut
8 Andrei Stoica
9 Zack Mwekassa
10 Reduon Cairo
Middleweight (Per 5/15)

1 Artem Levin
2 Simon Marcus
3 Joe Schilling
4 Filip Verlinden
5 Jason Wilnis
6 Alex Pereira
7 Wayne Barrett
8 Sahak Parparyan
9 Israel Adesanya
10 Fang Bian
Welterweight (Per 5/15)

1 Nieky Holzken
2 Joseph Valtellini
3 Artur Kyshenko
4 Karapet Karapetyan
5 Raymond Daniels
6 Karim Ghajji
7 Paul Daley
8 Alexander Stetsurenko
9 Jonatan Oliveira
10 Francois Ambang
Lightweight (Per 5/15)

1 Robin van Roosmalen
2 Davit Kiria
3 Andy Ristie
4 Giorgio Petrosyan
5 Sitthichai
6 Murthel Groenhart
7 Marat Grigorian
8 Enriko Kehl
9 Andy Souwer
10 Dylan Salvador
Featherweight (Per 5/15)

1 Yasuomi Soda
2 Minoru Kimura
3 Kaew Fairtex
4 Massaro Glunder
5 Masaaki Noiri
6 Yuta Kubo
7 Gabriel Varga
8 Mosab Amrani
9 Hiroaki Suzuki
10 Zakaria Zouggari



Joe Schilling's Next Fight in Bellator on June 26th

There has been some speculation as to where we'll see Joe Schilling fight next; the GLORY ring or the Bellator cage. Today that was answered when Bellator announced that Joe Schilling will return to the cage on June 26th against Japanese Middleweight slugger Hisaki Kato. Kato is 4-1, all of his professional bouts happening in the Japanese promotion Heat, all four of those wins coming via knockout, only one fight making it to the second round. 

Schilling is coming off of a decision loss to Rafael Carvalho in April in a fight that turned out to be a lot tougher than anyone had ever imagined it would be. Schilling is looking to bounce back inside of the Bellator cage and a battle against a slugger like Kato could exactly be that chance to make fireworks happen. GLORY fans are still waiting with baited breath for a rematch between Joe and Artem Levin, but after Levin drew against Marcus it looks like it might be a while before the GLORY Middleweight Champion is available to fight Schilling.


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