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Preview of AFAV's "True Gladiators"

Dutch-based AFAV does a lot of great things for the world of Kickboxing, through stuff like posting interviews and short documentaries of fighters hyping their upcoming fights to actually sponsoring certain fighters, it feels like AFAV always have their fingers on the pulse. This upcoming series from AFAV is called "True Gladiators" and follows a few fighters on their journey. It is set to kick off in May, but for now you can check out the teaser.


It's Showtime Champ Danyo Ilunga Sparring With Boxing Champ Ola Afolabi

Danyo Ilunga has been training with Remy Bonjasky, three time K-1 World Grand Prix winner, for quite a while now. Recently, he's switched things up a bit and has been sparring with some pro boxers, most notably the current WBO interim cruiserweight champion, Ola Afolabi.

Afolabi, being a cruiserweight, isn't that much smaller than Ilunga and will really provide some quality sparring. Afolabi bounces around quite a bit in terms of location and he's been at Felix Sturm's gym where Ilunga sparred with him. Ilunga will be sparring with Afolabi throughout the coming weeks in preparation for Afolabi's title fight against the current WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck on May 5.

As for Ilunga, he's scheduled to defend his It's Showitme 95MAX World Title on June 30 against Filip Verlinden in Brussels, Belgium. Before that, he'll have an easier fight on April 28 against Dennis Sebastian in Germany.


Abraham Roqueni vs. Albert Kraus Promo Video

While there is a lot of buzz around the upcoming K-1 and Glory tournaments, there is still a ton of great fights going on elsewhere. On April 28th K-1 mainstay Albert Kraus takes on another big name in the world of 70kgs in Abraham Roqueni. Hopefully we have easy access to the fight as it will be a great test for seeing where Albert Kraus is right now and if we expect him in the K-1 tournament what to expect from him.


It's Showtime Champ Javier Hernandez Loses In Portugal

It's surprising that since winning the It's Showtime 61MAX World Title that Javier Hernandez has had some trouble finding fights. After winning the title in June of last year, he didn't fight again until November. Since then, he hadn't fought until yesterday.

Back in November he defeated Ruben Almeida of Portugal in Cordoba, Spain where he is based out of. Yesterday Hernandez went to Mafra, Portugal to fight for the WAKO Pro World Title in K-1 rules. He was originally scheduled to fight Pedro Kol of Portugal, but it ended up that he rematched Ruben Almeida. 

Hernandez surprisingly lost a decision to Almeida. Hernandez worked with a lot of punches but the taller Almeida countered with knees and kicks, controlling the distance. Almeida was cut on the left eye in the first round but still managed to pull out the win. There has been some dispute from the Spanish fans that Hernandez should have won but we won't know until a video comes out, which isn't that likely, unfortunately.

In the lower weight classes of kickboxing, there's barely any exposure at all so good fighters pop up and surprisingly upset fighters that are known sometimes, much like Hernandez did to Karim Bennoui and Karim Bennoui to Sergio Wielzen. Moving on, Hernandez will be fighting in another rematch on May 13 in Tenerife against Carlos "Chiquitin" Reyes, who he lost to in 2011.


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