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Thai Boxe Mania Results: Bessmertny, Gogokhia pick up wins

Thai Boxe Mania took place yesterday in Torino, Italy and featured some interesting match-ups with the likes of Yury Bessmertny, Enriko Gogokhia and Crice Boussoukou. All three are up and comers with promising futures.

Yury Bessmertny was in the main event and faced Roberto Cocco, the Italian veteran who main evented Thai Boxe Mania back in February against Artur Kyshenko. The fight took place at 75kg, a weight Bessmertny has been fighting at more commonly as of late. Unfortunately the fight came to an abrupt halt when a headbutt caused a cut, but for some reason the win was given to Bessmertny instead of being a no contest.

At 72.5kg, a particularly interesting fight in Enriko Gogokhia vs. Berneung Topkingboxing took place at 72.5kg. Gogokhia has been on the come up for quite a while, arguably beating Mike Zambidis last year. Gogokhia ended up winning a decision.

Just four days after winning in Lyon by TKO against Rachid Magmadi, Crice Boussoukou stepped up and took a fight with Kaoponlek on short notice at this event at 67kg. Boussoukou had been knocked out by Kaoponlek last year in Lyon. This fight went much differently, although Kaoponlek won a decision. Reports are that the decision was pretty controversial and Boussoukou himself thinks that he won the fight.

75kg: Yury Bessmertny def. Roberto Cocco by TKO (Cut).

72.5kg: Enriko Gogokhia def. Berneung Topkingboxing by decision.

67kg: Kaoponlek def. Crice Boussoukou by unanimous decision.

92kg: Davide Longoni def. Milan Dasic by KO.

72.5kg: Paolo Fiorio def. Lefterio Perego by TKO.

70kg: Christian Zahe def. Alkid Farruku by TKO.

57.5kg: Patrick Carta def. Flavio Scrimali by KO.

65kg: Alessandro Alias def. Allan Godzicki by KO.


Nuit des Champions: Bennoui beats Adamandopoulos again

The annual Nuit des Champions event in Marseilles, France just went down today and featured a card full of some of the best French fighters in kickboxing.

In the main event, Karim Bennoui and Thomas Adamandopoulos fought for the second time, after Bennoui defeated Adamandopoulos by way of debated split decision last year, also at Nuit des Champions. Once again, Karim Bennoui walked away with a decision victory over five rounds to capture the WKN title at -62.1kg. This is a very big win for Bennoui, who had not fought since January. The win will move him slightly up the LiverKick rankings once they're updated in the next few days.

At -76kg, Karim Ghajji defeated Dmitry Valent, again by way of decision over five rounds. Valent is a really good name to have now on Ghajji's resume. At -95kg, Stephane Susperregui continued to prove that he's probably the best French fighter at this weight, as he won by KO in the third round against Emmanuel Payet.

Abdallah Mabel offset Bruce Codron's winning streak, as he won by doctor stoppage in the third round. At 67kg, Abdallah Ezbiri continues to rebound from his loss to Yuta Kubo earlier in the year, taking a decision victory over Samir Mohamed.

62.1kg: Karim Bennoui def. Thomas Adamandopoulos by decision.

76kg: Karim Ghajji def. Dmitry Valent by decision.

95kg: Stephane Susperregui def. Emmanuel Payet by KO in Round 3.

70kg: Abdallah Mabel def. Bruce Codron by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) in Round 3.

79kg (Full Contact): Karim Benmansour def. Mehdi Amar by decision.

60kg women: Amel Dehby def. Fatima Adib by decision.

67kg: Abdallah Ezbiri def. Samir Mohamed by decision.

64kg: Charles Francois def. Vang Moua by decision.

80kg: Hicham Medoukali def. Nicolas Atmani by decision.

91kg: Fabian Fouquet def. Jose Moreira by decision.



SuperKombat WGP Final, December 22 In Bucharest

The SuperKombat WGP Final on December 22 takes place in Bucharest, Romania. The event will feature a one night, four man tournament, consisting of fighters who qualified to the tournament from the Final Elimination on November 10.

These four fighters are Benjamin Adegbuyi, Sebastian Ciobanu, Ismael Londt and Pavel Zhuravlev. Ciobanu will face Londt on one side of the tournament, and on the other side, Adegbuyi will face Zhuravlev. The winner of the tournament will be crowned the SuperKombat World Grand Prix 2012 champion. Sergei Lascenko was last year's winner.

No other announcements have been made for the fight card, but expect them to come soon and feature some big names, as it's SuperKombat's final and probably their biggest event of the year also.

As usual, the event will air live on Eurosport.



Badr Hari's Shortcomings a Metaphor For Kickboxing as a Whole

Badr Hari (C) Dan Herbertson

Right now Badr Hari is sitting inside of his not-so-comfortable jail cell in the Netherlands facing a January court date where he’ll be tried for attempted manslaughter, and what’s funny is that Hari didn’t have to be in that jail cell. All Badr had to do was stay away from going to places that serve alcohol and not talk to any of the witnesses in his upcoming trial, and he did both, so he’s back in prison where he will stay until his court date. Badr Hari is a case of wasted potential and one of the sport’s biggest stars sitting on the sidelines due to his own terrible decisions and how no one around him took the time to explain to him the gravity of his bad decisions, that or he refused to listen.

The more I think about it, the less I’m not convinced that I’m not talking about the sport of Kickboxing as a whole. I’m not longer talking about just one fighter making poor decisions, what I’m talking about is the sport’s biggest up-and-comer pissing away his life to play gangster and tough guy. Badr Hari is the type of fighter that MMA pundits “ooh” and “ahh”ed at openly, citing his skill, demeanor and that “big fight feel” that he brought with him. He has that aura about him that most fighters can only dream of, that aura that is comparable to what Mike Tyson brought to the ring with him in the 90’s. Part of what made that was how unpredictable he was in the ring, and how he felt “dangerous,” because honestly, Badr Hari is a dangerous person.


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