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Tatneft Cup 2012 Final Results

Another year, another Tatneft Cup tournament has come to an end. Yesterday in Kazan, Russia, the Tatneft Cup 2012 Final took place, with three tournament champions being crowned, at 70kg, 80kg and heavyweight respectively. There were also three other fights on the card, featuring the likes of Alexey Ignashov and Enriko Kehl.

In the 70kg final, highly touted up and coming 70kg fighter Enriko Gogokhia was able to earn a decision win over Maxim Smirnov. Gogokhia was definitely the sharper of the two fighters, even beating Smirnov at his own game, boxing. Unlike most Gogokhia fights, there wasn't much body work from him but like most of his fights, he dealt out tons of damage with low kicks to Smirnov's back leg.

In the 80kg final, the LiverKick #2 light heavyweight Hicham el Gaoui and Alexander Stetsurenko had another close fight, just like the one they had last year at the Tatneft 2011 Final which saw Hicham take the win that time. This time, Stetsurenko ended up getting the decision victory. With Tatneft's rules, if there are no knockdowns in the first three rounds, then an extra round automatically happens. Hicham probably won after three rounds but had no knockdowns, so the fight went to an extra round where it was razor thin between them, with Stetsurenko getting the win.

The heavyweight final saw Tsotne Rogava take a decision over Vladimir Toktasynov as Rogava simply outworked his opponent for the entirety of the fight.

The highlight of the other fights was at 70kg with Enriko Kehl continuing the roll he's been on with a dominant decision over Magomed Magomedov. Kehl hurt Magomedov to the body late and after that it was one way traffic. Kehl comes off a dominant stoppage of Mohammed Medhar and a late stoppage of Nonsai, both taking place last month in Germany.

Alexey Ignashov took a decision over Zinedine Hameur-Lain in typical Ignashov-for-the-past-8-years fashion, still not showing any flashes of the "prime" Ignashov that so many people hope will one day come back. At 80kg, Urunbeck Esenkulov won a decision over Errol Koning, though I thought Koning had definately done more to deserve the win.

70kg Final: Enriko Gogokhia def. Maxim Smirnov by decision.

80kg Final: Alexander Stetsurenko def. Hicham el Gaoui by decision.

HW Final: Tsotne Rogava def. Vladimir Toktasynov by decision.

70kg: Enriko Kehl def. Magomed Magomedov by decision.

80kg: Urunbeck Esenkulov def. Errol Koning by decision.

HW: Alexey Ignashov def. Zinedine Hameur-Lain by decision.


Krush-EX 2012 vol.5 to Air Live Tonight on Nicovideo

Krush announced that their next event, Krush-EX 2012 vol.5, will be streaming live on popular Japanese streaming site on Sunday October 21st at 12:00 pm Japan Standart Time, translating to tonight, October 20th at 11:00 pm EST/8:00 pm PST and October 21st at 03:00 GMT. You will have to register and make an account, which may seem hard to do if you don't know any Japanese, but can be done through Google Translate. The site has some premium membership, too, but I don't believe you will need that to watch the event.

The card features the Krush return of 70kg Tournament Finalist Yutaro Yamauchi whose last appearance in Krush was last July when he beat Shintaro Matsukura in the semi-finals, but then lost to Kenta in the 70kg Tournament finals. His most recent fight was a failed defense of his WBC Japan Super Welterweight title against Soichiro Miyakoshi. His opponent is NJKF #5 ranked Super Welterweight KEN. Also on the card are Team Dragon products Keiji Ozaki, Namito Izawa and Takeru taking on Masanobu Goto, Yo-Hei and Yuya Suzuki, respectively. Ozaki used to be near the top at 63kg, but he is on the decline, being upset by Taito at Krush.22. 


RISE/M-1 Announce Event Featuring M. Yamamoto, Kamimura, Umeno, Komiyama

RISE and M-1 Muay Thai Challenge have announced a co-promoted event that is set to take place on December 2nd called "Infinity" and it has one of the most star-studded lineups of the year.

While no matchups have been announced, let's take a look at who has been announced to participate at the event.

Masahiro Yamamoto: Along with being ranked #2 on the LiverKick Lightweight rankings, Yamamoto holds the It's Showtime -61kg title which he won earlier this year over Javier Hernandez.

Kosuke Komiyama: #10 LiverKick Lightweight, current RISE Super Featherweight champion and riding an 8-fight winstreak, most recently winning at Shootboxing Act.4.

Genji Umeno: Umeno holds the WPMF World Super Featherweight title, was recently ranked at Lumpini Stadium and was the #1 Featherweight in Japan after a win over Yosuke Morii last December. Umeno has moved up to Super Featherweight now, but most recently lost to Chang-Hyun Lee in K-1 at 61kg.

Erika Kamimura: At this time last year, the WMC and WPMF Women's Mini-Flyweight champion was an unstoppable force and thought to be the top female kickboxer. A close loss to RENA late last year and a close loss in the quarterfinals of this year's Girls S-Cup have slowed her hype train, but she is still an elite fighter. She won a rematch with Seo Hee Ham to earn a rematch with RENA for her RISE title, so I wouldn't be surprised if that fight happened at this event.

Koji Yoshimoto: Yoshimoto is the current RISE Super Lightweight champion and has won 3 in a row, most recently defending his title against Yasuomi Soda. I could see him defending his title here against Yukihiro Komiya.

Sun-Hyun Lee: The RISE Korea Welterweight champion is already scheduled to fight at RISE 90 against Shohei Asahara with a win likely getting him a title shot. However, Lee is teammates with Chang-Hyun Lee, with Chang-Hyun's nickname even being "Little Sun-Hyun Lee", who just defeated Genji Umeno in K-1, so I wouldn't be surprised if the two were to fight.

Yosuke Morii: Morii is coming off of a loss to Hiroki Akimoto at the beginning of this month, but is still the #3 Featherweight in Japan and the WPMF Japan champion at the weight. With Umeno's weight gain, I doubt the two will rematch, especially considering how one-sided the first fight was.

Yusuke Shimizu: The 21 year old former WPMF Japan Super Bantamweight champion looks to bounce back from his second pro loss this weekend. I'd like to see him take on the winner of Dyki vs. Takashi Ohno at RISE 90.

I assume that RISE and M-1 will be looking to match their fighters up against one another and should that be the case, the best option would obviously be Masahiro Yamamoto vs Kosuke Komiyama, as it pits #2 on the LiverKick rankings against #10, but other options like Sun-Hyun Lee vs Genji Umeno and Yosuke Morii vs the winner of the RISE Featherweight tournament are also possible and equally as enticing.


K-1 Team of Vinny Shoreman and Kieran Keddle to Announce SuperKombat

Shoreman and Keddle

Eduard Irimia's SuperKombat based out of Romania has been on a roll over the past few years, and it looks like things will only get better. This year's SuperKombat World Grand Prix is going strong and looks like it will only get stronger. While there is an event tomorrow, looking forward to the SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final Elimination on November 10th the former It's Showtime and current K-1 announce team of Kieran Keddle and Vinny Shoreman will be doing the live commentary.

Yes, this means that for us english-speaking folk that there will be a viewing option not only available, but with one of the best teams in the business at the helm, adding to the already spectacular production of SuperKombat events. Stay tuned for further details.


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