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Badr Hari's Foot is NOT Broken, Scheduled to Fight as Soon as May

BadrThis weekend has been a strange one when it comes to K-1 news. The fallout from the K-1 World Grand Prix has left a lot of people in doubt over some of what went down, especially when it comes to Badr Hari. Where Badr Hari goes, controversy follows, apparently. As we all know by now, Badr Hari fought Zabit Samedov in the Final 8 round of the K-1 World Grand Prix, but claimed to have a broken foot and was unable to compete in the tournament.

This followed some rumors and tips that had received leading up to the event that Badr Hari would only fight once during the event, as well as a report that someone would come down with an injury during the event and not move forward. The photos that emerged of Badr Hari's foot being heavily inflamed seemed to tell the story pretty well, though, and it seemed like an open and shut case; he was injured, he couldn't move on, rumors were rumors.

Not so fast.

Then today Badr Hari makes a statement to Dutch press that his foot is indeed not broken, but he has a sprained ankle. It looks like a case of draining it and wrapping it would have done the trick if he opted to move on with said injury, which is not uncommon in the one-night tournament format at all. In this last event we saw Dzevad Poturak compete on an injury and in the 2010 K-1 World Grand Prix Gokhan Saki competed with two hefty injuries. There has also been word that Badr Hari is training for a fight with K-1 in May, but nothing official on that yet.


Photo of the Day: Badr Hari's Foot Injury

Badr Hari

The K-1 World Grand Prix has come and gone and Badr Hari, the bad boy, one of the main attractions at the event was forced to pull out of th event due to a foot injury. There was some talk about it possibly being less-than-accurate or truthful, that there was some controversy about him fighting beyond one fight, but this photo was released this morning and tells all of the story that you need to know; that looks really, really painful.

There have been other rumors, like Badr Hari being back in prison already, but we've seen absolutely nothing to substantiate that. We wish the Bad Boy a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in the ring again when he has more time to prepare.


Photo of the Day: Your K-1 World Grand Prix Champion

The K-1 World Grand Prix has come and gone now with a new champion emerging. For the first time, K-1 and MMA legend Mirko Cro Cop has won the big one by making his way through the legendary one-night K-1 World Grand Prix tournament to capture the Championship. congratulates Mirko Cro Cop on his victory.

Cro Cop


K-1 WGP 2013 Finale Press Conference (Video)

As you are most likely already aware, the K-1 WGP Finale is going down this Friday in Zagreb, Croatia. Earlier today the press conference for the event took place, with most of the emphasis put on the bigger names in the tournament: Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges, and Mirko Cro Cop. Also making an appearance was the man with the greatest grey hair in the world- Michael Buffer (He's got a pretty decent voice too). 

The most interesting part of the conference for me was the way Badr Hari described his mind-set going into the WGP as opposed to years prior. He referred to fighting Cro Cop in his home country as an "honor," and repeatedly harped on the mistakes of his "younger" self. While I think it's a little early to be calling Hari a changed man by any stretch of the imagination, it sounds as though his stint in prison forced him to restructure his outlook on life. But then again, that may just be me. 




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