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Fight Code May 12 Fight Card, Healined By Alexey Ignashov vs. Ali Cenik

Fight Code is back on May 12 in Budapest, Hungary and now the full fight card is out.

The event is headlined by the return of Alexey Ignashov, who hasn't fought since February of 2011 when he defeated Roman Kleibl. Interestingly enough, Ignashov is back at the Chinuk Gym in Belarus, where he originally came out of. His opponent is Ali Cenik, the Turkish fighter based in Holland who has fought a few times for GLORY. Cenik is a small heavyweight, much smaller than Ignashov. Ignashov is the natural heavyweight here, as Cenik wasn't really a heavyweight until 2011 when he moved up in weight very quickly. His last time out, cenik defeated Sergej Maslobojev on GLORY's March 23 card.

The Fight Code Dragons 72.5kg tournament continues on this event with four more fights to qualify for the Final 16 of the tournament. Last year's Dragons semi-finalist, Norbert Balogh, faces Maro Re of Italy. Barna Szucs takes on Jeremy Sportouch, Walid Haddad fights Edgar Nzunga and Ait Said fights Victor Zaman.

Fight card:

72.5kg: Zoltan Halasz vs. Zsolt Benedek

90kg: Torok Imre vs. Haris Gredelj

72.5kg: Tamas Birics vs. Gabor Gorbics

Dragons 72.5kg:

Barna Szucs vs. Jeremy Sportouch

Walid Haddad vs. Edgar Nzunga

Norbert Balogh vs. Marco Re

Abderahmane Ait Said vs. Victor Zaman

Super Fight:

Alexey Ignashov vs. Ali Cenik


Gokhan Saki Fights Carter Williams May 26 At GLORY

GLORY of course is having a huge card on May 26 in Stockholm, Sweden with the "First 16" of their 70kg tournament as well as some big super fights. One fighter that has been slated for the card for a while is Gokhan Saki, but up to now, he hadn't gotten an opponent.

It turns out, Gokhan Saki will be fighting Carter Williams, the American K-1 and international kickboxing veteran. While not a top opponent, Saki can stay busy in his first fight back after losing to Badr Hari on January 28. Saki will probably be in GLORY's heavyweight tournament later this year so and I wouldn't expect him to take big fights until then.

Despite being around for what seems like a really long time, Carter Williams is only 32 years old. The past few years haven't gone that great for him, with many losses in 2010 and 2011. He did notch a win over Marian Iordan at a SuperKombat card last year, though.

The card on May 26 is looking to be really stacked, and it takes place just a day before K-1 on May 27. We should be in for a great weekend of kickboxing when that weekend rolls around.


Chingiz Allazov Continues To Rise, KO's Alessandro Campagna In 1st Round

Today in Seregno, Italy, two rising prospects, Chingiz Allazov and Alessandro Campagna, in the world of kickfighting both met in a Muay Thai rules fight at -69kg.

Allazov for the most part has fought around 67kg but is making a slight move up in weight recently since March, inching closer to the money weight of 70kg. Campagna usually fights around 70kg but last month won a WAKO World Title at -66.8kg so size-wise, there wasn't much of a size difference at 69kg. Both fighters have fought in Muay Thai and in K-1 rules before so again, this was an equal playing field between two big prospects.

In quite a surprise to me, Allazov KO'd Campagna in the first round. I thought the fight would probably go to a decision, as both fighters had never been knocked out before. Allazov continues to surprise me and I keep having to raise the bar on him even higher each fight. 

Hopefully a video gets out soon. After this fight, Allazov really has to be considered as the top prospect in all of kickboxing (where I think his future really is). I really think he could hop right in the ring with some elite level fighters right now. At almost 19 years of age, that is just scary.


Batu Khasikov Defeats Warren Stevelmans By Split Decision (Video)

Batu Khasikov made his return to the ring today on his home turf of Elista, Kalmykia, Russia where they filled a 10 000 seat soccer stadium for him. Batu fought Warren Stevelmans, after a June rematch with Mike Zambidis was postponed. 

The crowd was heavily in favor of their own Kalmyk, Khasikov, but Stevelmans wasn't intimidated at all, throwing combinations of punches and low kicks with Khasikov struggling to get off with his own. Stevelmans landed the cleaner and more effective shots throughout the fight, surprising many people, including myself. The crowd would cheer at anything that Khasikov did, though.

And not surprisingly, when it went to the judges, Khasikov was given a split decision with one judge even giving him all three rounds. The fight really should've gone to Warren Stevelmans and I don't see any way that Batu won. The best that Khasikov could've gotten would've been an extra round, in my opinion. Check out the video and decide for yourself who won.


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