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Mirko Cro Cop Training to Fight, Unsure of K-1's Future

When things get strange in Kickboxing, sometimes you can feel a bit overwhelmed when checking out the news. It might seem like there is just a deluge of information and that you might not be getting everything. If it makes you feel any better, a guy like Mirko Cro Cop feels the same way, and is unsure of what is going on as the rest of the world is. In a recent interview Cro Cop discusses his intense training and preparations for the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16, although he has no clue when the Final 16 will be. What is interesting to note is that Cro Cop continues to train MMA, training wrestling and grappling as well as stand up, strength and conditioning. He says that wrestling training helps even a stand up fighter and that he won't rule out fighting MMA again, but sees the UFC as the only place worth fighting for.


Insiders Now Linking K-1 with M-1 Global, Drama Continues

MessAnother day another notch in the belt that is mudslinging between K-1 and Glory. Apparently a new player has entered into the game, and while It's Showtime has turned the tables on the Kickboxing world by siding with Glory over K-1, K-1 will possibly be teaming up with M-1 Global, to what ends, no one is truly sure. This all comes from sources who have been posting on message boards, and one that is believed to be Apy Echteld of M-1 fame. According to Apy, on Friday now, there will be a big press conference from K-1 about these two sides working together. This will do no favors for K-1 in the West, as both companies are essentially demonized for various misgivings in the past.

Consider this with a grain of salt until anything official comes out.

"This friday, there will be an official press conference - you could call this a temporary press release until then. A big announcement will be made concerning a new player that will cooperate with K-1 Global - rumors say this will be M-1 Global.

The story concerning K-1 Global and It's Showtime is as follows:

An agreement had been made between K-1 and IS is that the IS fighters would only receive 30% payout. K-1 would also cover the costs of organising the event, but not before 2013 and under the condition of certain profit/ratings etc. which the Madrid event didn't seem to be able to reach. IS would cover 50%. IS planned to contract big name fighters which Kim would cover for 30%. IS guaranteed fighters like Kraus, Le Banner, Bonjasky, Sato, Guidon and Askerov (among others) would be involved. Needless to say, it didn't happen. An especially large point of frustration was that they weren't able to get Sato and that Petrosyan left. Kim was promised a lot by IS, but in the end IS wasn't even able to keep their own fighters. Relations between Kim and IS deteriorated.

Following this, K-1 said not to want to hold any events in the US, because with the list of fighters they ended up with, they wouldn't get it off the ground there. Final16 was scrapped for a while and instead some other sort of qualification event was planned to be held in Japan/Korea with the winner(s) being added to the Final8 list. Simon (Rutz) didn't want this and threatened to back out, basically because a lot of his fighters wouldn't get a spot at Final8 which he wasn't happy about. Things didn't look good for a while. Simon then asked if Kim wanted to cover the full costs of organization and cover 50% of the fighters' payout rather then 30%. In the end the agreement was made that Kim would cover the full costs of organization. In return the US events had to be scrapped and this was agreed upon as well.

Behind the scenes though, it seemed that Glory made Simon an offer for his company and even that Simon already sold, but wanted to wait for Kim's payout before shutting the whole operation down.

Kim reacted by contracting IS fighters like Hari and Spong among others. All of this happened before the Madrid event and had nothing to do with Bank Guarantees etc. After all, al non-IS fighters have been paid. In addition, Kim did pay 50% of the costs for the Madrid event. This is basically it, but there are more details which will hopefully be addressed at the press conference."


K-1 Veteran Ewerton Teixeira Makes MMA Debut On August 4

Kickboxers trying their hand at MMA isn't a new thing and with Ewerton Teixeira, being from Brazil, it's not surprising that he would have some connections to the sport, as evidenced by training with Junior Dos Santos recently.

Teixeira will actually be making his MMA debut on August 4 in Salvador, Brazil at Dorea Fights, an event organized by Luis Dorea, the boxing coach of Junior Dos Santos. It's an interesting move for Teixeira, as he hasn't fought kickboxing at all since the last K-1 World Grand Prix at the end of 2010. He did fight in kyokushin karate last year though, but still has been very quiet for the past year and a half.

It's not known if Teixeira is going to come back to kickboxing, stick with MMA, or do both. GLORY did say earlier in the year that they were working on signing big names, and Teixeira was one of the names they mentioned. GLORY is holding a big heavyweight tournament this year and It's Showtime did sign a deal to do a show in Brazil in November, so there are some options if he were to come back to kickboxing.

Teixeira isn't the only Brazillian kickboxer that's talked about MMA recently. Anderson "Braddock" Silva has also talked about it. [source]


Translation of K-1's Statement From Today

As we mentioned before, K-1 issued a press release in Japanese earlier, explaining their complaints against Simon Rutz and basically saying that they will say more tomorrow. They have now issued it in the United States through their publicist and it is indeed interesting.

Los Angeles, CA - K-1 Global President Michael Kim today issued the following statement:
"I would like to set the facts straight regarding the business practices of the K-1 organization.
First, regarding payment to the athletes who participated in the K-1 Rising Spain event on May 26, 2012, almost all the money for the fighters who participated in the event has been paid. A few did not get paid because the person who introduced these fighters to us, Simon Rutz, has yet to provide us their payment details and that has prevented us from wiring them their money. We have asked Mr. Rutz for the information on numerous occasions and continue to do so and we intended to pay them as soon as we are able to obtain the information.
Second, regarding the payments to the promoters in Spain:
We paid advance monies to the promoters for the event. After the event ended, we awaited the receipts and worked on reconciling the expenses. The period of reconciliation took an acceptable amount of time. Both parties agreed in writing on payment amounts and payment methodology on June 28, 2012.
Third, Mr. Simon Rutz signed a service agreement with K-1 Global and was paid a contract fee in February of this year. Despite having this agreement in place, K-1 was not provided its obligatory legal advance notice of his intent to partner or contract with a competitive organization."


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