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Romie Adanza, Steven Banks Sign With K-1

With K-1 looking to make a big push into the United States this year, holding three events there, they're trying to sign American talent to fill up their cards and draw appeal. As we previously posted, they signed Eddie Walker recently. Now they've signed two more American fighters.

Romie Adanza and Steven Banks are two more American fighters that were signed by K-1. Steven Banks is a heavyweight fighter, who you might know from his fights with Paul Slowinski, in which he was stopped both times. It's expected that Banks will be a part of the Heavyweight World Grand Prix.

Romie Adanza may just be one of the smallest fighters to ever fight in K-1. In February he won the WBC Muay Thai Super Flyweight International title, which is at 115lbs. He has a really exciting style and is one of the best kickfighters out of America, so he's a great signing for the promotion.

Adanza, Banks and Eddie Walker are all expected to fight at the K-1 show in Los Angeles, which takes place some time in early September. Adanza may face Andy Howson, in a rematch of their fight from 2010 where he won a split decision. [source]


Paul Slowinski Out, Damian Garcia Fights Daniel Ghita At K-1 On Sunday, May 27

There's been a bit of a shake up of the K-1 card this Sunday, May 27 in Madrid, Spain. The first fight that changed was Zeben Diaz vs. Mosab Amrani, when Amrani got injured and Emad Kadyear stepped in to fight Diaz. Now Paul Slowinski is out of the fight with Daniel Ghita due to injury and K-1 has found a replacement with less than a week to go.

Spanish fighter Damian Garcia will be stepping in for Slowinski to face Daniel Ghita. This really shouldn't be a challenge for Ghita, as Garcia is on a considerably lower level. He's a veteran, but has losses to the likes of Ashwin Balrak, by TKO back in 2007 at the K-1 World Grand Prix in Scandinavia. He's been around for a while but doesn't have any big wins, with pretty much all of them being over lower level competition.

In short, this is a mismatch but at least Ghita is still staying active and fighting on the card. It's better than him not being on the card at all.


Mosab Amrani Possibly Out of Fight With Zeben Diaz on May 27th

MosabWe are hearing reports about a late replacement for one of the K-1 Superfights coming up on May 27th. Sadly, it was one of the more competitive fights that we were all looking forward to in Mosab Amrani vs. Zeben Diaz. While we are waiting to hear back from representatives from Team Amrani or Mousid Gym, the reports come from those inside of the It's Showtime camp that Zeben Diaz will have a new opponent come May 27th in the way of Emad Kadyear. This means that Mosab Amrani is out of the Superfight and off of the card.

Still no explanation as of right now as to why he pulled out, as there is speculation that he suffered an injury this week and that it all happened very, very quickly. Hopefully we have a better explanation for you shortly, but as of right now it looks like Mosab Amrani will not be fighting and no one is clear why.


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