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Kyotaro's Boxing Success Continues

kyotaroFormer K-1 Heavyweight Champion Kyotaro Fujimoto continues his unbeaten streak in his boxing career with a win over Clarence Tillman on Wednesday in Osaka, bringing his post-K-1 boxing record to 4-0. Sadly no word on if he'd consider fighting for K-1 or Glory, but it seems like he is very comfortable within his new home of boxing and is being seen as a good prospect. has a breakdown of the bout.

"Kyotaro, eight years his junior at 26, was formerly a K-1 fighter, having scored some good victories prior to his entry into the international style fighting last year. The Japanese young man, handled by his manager Kenichi Hagimori, technically improved after training for three weeks in Perth, Australia, where he experienced good sparring sessions with big boys there at Harry’s Gym. Kyotaro swarmed over the slower Tillman from the outset, and averted his retaliation well with his faster footwork. The third saw Kyotaro pin him to the ropes with a fusillade of punches and deck him with a thud. The game New Zealander attempted to pull himself up, but failed to beat the count. We saw Kyotaro steadily improving in every fight."


Badr Hari Has Baby Mama Drama


As our astute readers are well aware now, the bad boy himself, Badr Hari, has become a bit of a celebrity of late in the celeb gossip columns in Europe for his affair with Dutch soccer legend Ruud Gullit's wife, Estelle. Many doubted the validity at first, but Estelle herself has come out and discussed it and even spoke about the two being in love. This apparently came as a shock to his former girlfriend, Daphne, as she had just given birth to their child five weeks ago. Up until last week when the news about Badr and Estelle became public, Daphne was very serious about her relationship with Badr and was planning on their family life together, and is now understandably upset.

It is unclear if Badr has spoken to her at all, as there was a statement issued through a representative of his saying he understood that she is upset and promises to help raise their child.

Many fans have been looking for answers when it comes to his recent performance just three weeks ago at K-1 Rising in Madrid. LiverKick had heard through a confidential source close to Hari that he had recently had a child with his girlfriend, but that the relationship was in trouble and plaguing him weeks prior. A gambling man would bet that issues like this dancing around in his head would not help him prepare for a fight or even participate in one. Heres hoping to a resolution to this and for Badr to be able to enter his next fight with a clear mind.


Badr Hari Making Headlines Over Possible Affair with Estelle Gullit

GullitBadr Hari is back in the news again, and once again, not for his Kickboxing or Boxing career, but instead for his extra curricular activities outside of the ring. Dutch Football legend (soccer player to us in the states) Ruud Gullit has had a few failed marriages, and it looks like his third marriage to Estelle Gullit (nee Cruyff) is on the rocks, and surprisingly enough the name being quoted in the Dutch media as part of the reason for the split is Badr Hari. There have been numerous rumors about Ruud's sexuality, even though he is currently a 49 year old married to a smoking hot 33 year old and has multiple children with her.

Apparently this is all for naught, though, as they are in the throes of a break-up and Badr Hari has had the finger pointed at not only Estelle's lover, but possibly the reason for the separation.

Well, they don't call Badr the bad boy for nothing, right? Thanks to our good friend Simon for the tip.


Daniel Ghita Discusses Desire to Fight Badr Hari and His Quest to KO Everyone

GhitaWithout a doubt, the man of the hour right now in the world of Heavyweight Kickboxing is Daniel Ghita. There are other big names in the sport, like Semmy Schilt, Badr Hari, Gokhan Saki and Errol Zimmerman, but Daniel Ghita is making short work of everyone put in his path, and if the amount of opponents that pulled out of the fight with him from this past weekend's K-1 event is any indication, he's pretty well-feared. In a recent interview with a Romanian website, he discussed his recent fights, his future and talked about an interesting twist for his fight on June 30th, as Gokhan Saki was offered the fight with him, but demanded too much money. (Thanks to effin for the translation).

Until Roche, your adversaries had to be Paul Slowinski or Damian Garcia. Do you think they feared you?
Surely. Slowinski accepted the fight initially, but later he stopped answering his phone. The same happened with Garcia. Anyway, it wasn't beneficially for me to change 3 adversaries in a few days. You prepare a tactic before the fight, for a specific adversary.

You fight on 30th of june with Frederic Sinistra, in his home country, Belgium. How do you see the fight?
Sinistra is a star in Belgium, he even fought with Badr Hari. I hope to not have any problems and finish the fight by KO.

Have you set a personal target, to KO all of your adversaries?
Yes, because i know i can do it currently. I want to KO every single one of my adversaries this year.

We know you offered Gokhan Saki for a 30th of june fight, but he did not accepted.
And so it is. But Saki asked 3 times more money to fight me and the match failed to go through. If you have the heart of a lion, you fight with the best. He feared me, surely.

Check the rest of the interview out here.


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