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Shakuta, Allazov, Samedov Return To Action In Belarus, December 18


Three of the best fighters in Belarus will be returning to action on December 18 in Minsk. Dmitry Shakuta, Chingiz Allazov and Zabit Samedov will all be fighting.

Dmitry Shakuta has been in kickboxing for a very long time and has also been a top fighter at the 77-80kg weight range for a while. Coming off a controversial loss to Alexander Oleinik at the Tatneft Cup 2011 Finals, Shakuta will want to get back on track with a win. He fought only twice in 2010 and so far this year has fought five times, going 4-1.

Chingiz Allazov is one of the fastest rising prospects in all of kickboxing. He's risen to prominence under the Fight Code banner, completely destroying everyone that's put in front of him. He's only 19 or 20 and has a very bright future ahead of him. He fights around 67kg and he has the frame to grow into a 70kg fighter, where the big recognition in kickboxing is.

Zabit Samedov is a familiar fighter from K-1, having fought under the K-1 banner from 2006 to 2010. Samedov has been rather quiet this year, getting a draw with Ali Cenik and beating Vjekoslav Bajic in September. He also won a fight in MMA in March. He's a rather small heavyweight and he should probably be fighting lower in weight, where he doesn't face size disadvantages and can utilize his skills better.

Full fight card below. As for Tatneft Cup rules, they're pretty much the same as K-1 rules but no clinching at all, not even the one strike, one hand rule that K-1 has.

K-1 rules, 70 kg.

Farhat Ahmedjanov (Minsk, SC Chinook) vs Andrei Hamenok (Novopolotsk SDUSHOR Olympus)

Tatneft Cup rules, 68 lbs.

Genghis Allazov (Belarus, Minsk, SC Chinook) vs Martin Anwar (Austria)

Tatneft Cup rules, 65 kg.

Yuri Zhukovskii (Belarus, Minsk, SC CI) vs Valery Podoyahin (Latvia)

Tatneft Cup rules, 68 kg.

Mansour Azeri (Minsk, Belarus) vs Sergei Kulyab (Odessa, Ukraine, SC Captain)

MMA, Heavyweight.

Evgeni Lapin (Belarus, Gomel) vs Viorel Lipa (Moldova)

K-1 rules, Heavyweight.

Zabit Samedov (Belarus, Minsk, SC Patriot) vs fighter from Romania (No other information given) 114 kg.

K-1 rules, 80 kg.

Dmitry Shakuta (Belarus, Minsk, SC CHOC) vs Pokryshkin (No first name given) (Moldova)


Fight Code Planning to Promote in United States

Fight CodeSome good news came this morning for fans of Kickboxing in the United States as Fight Code made an announcement that they have finally begun their advance on the United States. Their "big" announcement is that they have inked a television deal within the United States. Now, before you get overly excited about this prospect, the deal is with the network Fight Now TV, a network that currently only airs on the cable provider Cablevision, who has a subscription base of around 3.5 million. Fight Now TV currently does not offer any sort of streaming option and has a rather small reach compared to a network like HDnet who is home to a lot of combat sports or other, larger cable networks. It is a first step, though, and will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Their other news is that they plan on running at least 10 events in 2012, and have considered running shows in the United States. Hopefully for fans in the United States this works out. If you are one of the few who gets Fight Now TV, be happy that you will be able to watch Fight Code on your television and not on your computer.


Fight Code Dragons -72.5kg Finals Set For Saturday


Fight Code's final show of the year is set for this Saturday in Debrecen, Hungary. The finals of the Dragons (-72.5kg) tournament will take place on the card, in a one night, four-man tournament format. Each competitor has advanced to the final by winning two fights (or in the case of Yuri Bessmertny and Abdallah Mabel, three). This show was originally scheduled to take place on December 15 in Marseilles, but it was switched some time ago to Debrecen, a city where Fight Code has held an event previously this year to a good crowd turnout.

The first match will be the first semi-final of the Dragons one night tournament, pitting Yuri Bessmertny against Norbert Balogh. Bessmertny picked up two wins over Armen Petrosyan to get here, the second time being a huge knockout. Bessmertny is the much better fighter in my opinion and shouldn't have much trouble in this fight.

The second semi-final will be Abdallah Mabel vs. Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee. Mabel defeated Xu Yan twice to get here and Sudsakorn dominated Halim Issaoui in his fight to advance here. Sudsakorn is the favorite to win the tournament but Mabel may give him some trouble. Sudsakorn defeated Mabel earlier this year in Muay Thai, but Fight Code's kickboxing rules are a lot different and it should be interesting how they affect the fight. Sudsakorn should come out on top though.

Full fight card below:

1st Match / -105 Kg / 3x3 +1 x exr Fight Code RULES



29 Fights: 22 W (11 K.O.) – 7 L

Norbert BALOGH


29 Fights: 23 W (8 K.O.) – 6 L

2nd Match / -105 Kg / 3x3 + 1 x exr Fight Code RULES



282 Fights: 240 W (56 K.O.) – 38 L- 4D

Abdallah MABEL


95 Fights: 76 W (40 K.O.) – 16 L - 3D

3rd Match /  -75 Kg / Prestige Fight 3x3 + 1 x exr Fight Code RULES



26 Fights: 22W (1 K.O.) – 3 L – 1 D

Làszlò SZABO’


30 Fights: 28 W (10 K.O.) – 2 L

4th Match / -88 Kg / 3x3 + 1 x exr Fight Code RULES



11 Fights: 10 W (2 K.O.) – 0 L -1  D



12 Fights: 10 W (2 K.O.) – 2 L

5th Match / -65 Kg/ 3x3 +1 x exr Fight Code RULES

Ahmed SAID


50 Fights: 45 W (4 K.O.) – 4 L – 1 D



31 Fights: 26 W (11 K.O.) – 5 L

6th Match /            FIGHT CODE DRAGONS FINAL

Winner 1st Match

Winner 2nd Match


Photo of the Day: Peter Aerts Victorious in Japan

For Mr. K-1, Peter Aerts, his December schedule was left open for the first time in a very long time as K-1 would not run a World Grand Prix this year. For Aerts this meant time to branch out and fight for other promotions. He has been keeping busy by competing under professional wrestling rules under the IGF banner alongside of other K-1 alumni like Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima, Jerome Le Banner and Bob Sapp. Aerts is also set to compete on the Genki Desuka!! show on New Year's Eve, but once again, in a professional wrestling match and not an actual Kickboxing bout.

Over the weekend in Japan, Peter Aerts took on "Mr. Kamikaze," a Japanese Heavyweight Kickboxer on a show titled Hinokuni Kakuto Densetsu Legend 2. Aerts easily won the bout with three knockdowns in the first round. [source]


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