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K-1 Headed To Los Angeles, Miami, Taipei And New York This Year

K-1 Global held a press conference to unveal Masato as the new executive producer today, but they also revealed the locations of all their events this year.

K-1 will hold five events this year, downgraded from the seven originally planned. The shows in summer have been scrapped, but from September to December, there are four K-1 events. They are as follows:

Early September - Qualifying World GP 2012/World MAX 2012 in Los Angeles

October - K-1 World GP 2012 Final 16 in Miami

November - K-1 World MAX 2012 Final in Taipei

December - K-1 World GP 2012 Final in New York

So it looks like the World MAX tournament will stage the Final 8 in Taipei, while the World Grand Prix (Heavyweight) tournament gets started off with the Final 16 in Miami and then the Final 8 in New York. Pretty interesting, to say the least.

First, though, is the K-1 World MAX Final 16, which is on May 27 in Madrid, Spain. 16 fighters will fight to advance to the World MAX 2012 Final in Taipei.


K-1 Rising 2012 World MAX Final 16 Available On Ustream PPV

K-1's return event takes place on May 27 in Madrid, Spain. In the past, K-1 had been on HDNet but for the upcoming show, it doesn't seem like it will be.

Today K-1 Global announced on their Facebook page that the K-1 Rising 2012 World MAX Final 16 will be available to watch via Ustream PPV. The PPV costs $19.99.

Although everyone would've liked a TV deal, at least we're able to watch K-1's return show. I'm sure many fans will pay for the PPV but in the past we were all used to watching it on TV, so they should definitely try to get a TV deal sorted out.


Masato To Become Executive Producer Of New K-1

The long time K-1 MAX star and two time K-1 World MAX Grand Prix winner, Masato, retired at the end of 2009 after a win over Andy Souwer on that year's Dynamite!! show. Despite being retired from fighting, Masato isn't done with kickboxing at all. In fact, he's going to have a central role in K-1.

Sportsnavi put the news out there today that Masato will become the new executive producer of K-1. It's a very interesting move, considering Masato had been in the business, even as a fighter for such a long time. Masato being a fighter, I'm intrigued to see how he'll handle this position. It's also interesting that K-1 remains with its Japanese roots, considering that the company seems to not be focusing its efforts there.

There will be a press conference tomorrow announcing the news. Also thanks to Mike Hackler at


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