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SuperKombat WGP Final: Gerges, Samedov and more confirmed to participate

SuperKombat's WGP Final on December 22 takes place in Bucharest, Romania at the Polyvalent Hall, which seats 5000 people. The event features the tournament finals of SuperKombat's 2012 WGP series with a one night, four man tournament and also features a number of super fights. It will also be in association with K-1.

The tournament sees Sebastian Ciobanu fight Ismael Londt on one side of the bracket and on the other side, Benjamin Adegbuyi fights Pavel Zhuravlev. Londt and Zhuravlev are in the finals due to being in the Final last year, which gave them a spot in the Final Elimination where they won fights to qualify here. Ciobanu won also won at the Final Elimination and so did Benjamin Adegbuyi, who won one of the WGP qualifying tournaments this year.

Also on the card will be the K-1 veterans Hesdy Gerges, Zabit Samedov, Freddy Kemayo, Sergei Lascenko, Raul Catinas and SuperKombat veteran Daniel Sam. Be on the lookout for more details soon.


New Fights Added to K-1 MAX Final 8, December 15

With K-1 definitely being worse for wear right now, any type of buzz for their MAX Final 8 event on December 15 in Athens, Greece is nonexistent, as if it's not even happening. There's no news or anything coming from K-1 themselves, which isn't surprising considering that the exact same thing happened in the lead up to the WGP Final 16 in October. However, there have been a few new match-ups added to the card. 

Abraham Roqueni will fight Xu Yan in a reserve fight for the 70kg tournament that takes place on the event. Roqueni and Yan both lost in the Final 16, to Andy Souwer and Yasuhiro Kido respectively.

Another match-up added is Valdet Gashi vs. Salah Abdelsalam. Salah just won at Muay Thai in America this past weekend against fellow K-1 participant Justin Greskiewicz. Along with that in the super fight category, two Turks will fight as Erkan Varol faces Sami Akin.

As for the weights of the two super fights, I'm guessing 70kg but we don't know for sure because the news isn't coming from K-1.


New Tatneft Cup Tournaments Start With 2 events This Week

The last Tatneft Cup tournaments ended in October, Enriko Gogokhia, Alexander Stetsurenko and Tsotne Rogava winning the tournaments at 70kg, 80kg and heavyweight respectively. A new leg of Tatneft Cup tournaments are about to get underway this week, with two events both in Tatneft's home in Kazan, Russia.

The first event takes place on November 29 and as usual with Tatneft Cup cards, features two 70kg fights, two 80kg fights and two heavyweight fights for each respective weight's tournament. At 70kg, Artur Alimirzoev of Russia fights Farkhad Ahmedjanov from Belarus and Lithuania's Tadas Jonkus fights France's Abdoul Toure. 80kg sees Russia's Rinat Akhmetov take on multiple time Tatneft veteran Stanislaw Zaniewski of Poland along with France's Cheick Sidibe fighting Alexandros Chatzichronoglou of Greece. At heavyweight, 2011 Tatneft Cup winner Hicham Achalhi of Holland/Morocco fights France's Daniel Lentie. The other heavyweight fight sees Elmir Mehic of Bosnia fight Russia's Mikhail Tyuterev.

I think the fighter to keep an eye on for November 29 is Cheick Sidibe, who has been on a roll lately, winning numerous times all over Europe, including defeating Jason Wilnis at It's Showtime in May.

The second event takes place on December 1. At 70kg, Ait Said from the Siam Gym in Holland fights Russia's Vyacheslav Borschev while Samo Petje of Slovenia fights Thailand's Robert "The Terminator", probably better known as Robert Kaennorsing. At 80kg, also from Slovenia is Miran Fabjan, who fights fellow Tatneft veteran Leonildo Evora of Portugal. Ekapop Sor Klinmee is the second Thai on the event, as he fights at 80kg against Marino Schouten from Holland. Finally at heavyweight, Igor Bugaenko of Belarus fights Brazil's Eduardo Maiorino de Morais while Turpal Tokaev of Russia fights Lithuania's Mantas Rimdeika.

Out of the December 1 fight card, Miran Fabjan is coming off a win just three days ago, effectively making his fight against Evora his second fight in a week's time. It should also be interesting to see Robert Kaennorsing, who I haven't seen for quite some time, aside from being a trainer at Tiger Muay Thai. Robert has a very exciting style.

November 29:

70kg: Artur Alimirzoev vs. Farkhad Ahmedjanov

70kg: Tadas Jonkus vs. Abdoul Toure

80kg: Rinat Akhmetov vs. Stanislaw Zaniewski

80kg: Cheick Sidibe vs. Alexandros Chatzichronoglou

HW: Hicham Achalhi vs. Daniel Lente

HW: Elmir Mehic vs. Mikhail Tyuterev

December 1:

70kg: Ait Said vs. Vyacheslav Borschev

70kg: Robert "The Terminator" Kaennorsing vs. Samo Petje

80kg: Miran Fabjan vs. Leonildo Evora

80kg: Marino Schouten vs. Ekapop Sor Klinmee

HW: Igor Bugaenko vs. Eduardo Maiorino de Morais

HW: Turpal Tokaev vs. Mantas Rimdeika



EMCOM No Longer Majority Shareholder In K-1

There's been some movement over the past few days in regards to the shares held in K-1, which is a subsidiary of EMCOM.

EMCOM is no longer the majority shareholder in K-1. Yesterday, six million new shares, for six million Hong Kong dollars were issued to LEXI INVESTMENT LIMITED. Essentially, this mean's EMCOM's stake in K-1 is now 0.085%, compared to its previous 51% stake.

So what does this mean? Essentially, it looks like K-1 is trying to raise some capital due to losing a lot of money and have found a third party in LEXI INVESTMENT LIMITED to allocate shares to and get an investment from.

There's also a release on EMCOM's website that details this issue, although it's in Japanese. What I can make out is that K-1 lost a lot of money (which we already knew) and that operating costs exceeded expectations and that by performing the allocation of shares to a third party, K-1 essentially is trying to generate some new working capital to continue operations, and ultimately try and make K-1 successful enough to be able to make money and pay off its debt and the investment. [source]


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