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8 Man 63.5kg Tournament Tomorrow In Holland

Earlier this year we posted about a 32 man tournament at 63.5kg featuring fighters from all over the Netherlands and some from around Europe. Tomorrow the tournament comes to an end with an eight man tournament in Eindhoven featuring the fighters from the 32 that each won twice to advance to the event tomorrow.

The four quarter final match-ups for the tournament, along with the reserve fight are as follows:

Reserve fight A1 World Combat Cup Final 8
3 Joury Smans (NED) vs Piet Heesbeen (NED)
A1 World Combat Cup Final 8
04 1. Redouane Boukerche (NED / MOR) vs Valdrin Vatnikaj (ALB)
05 2. Jesus di Semedo (NED) vs Papuna Margvelashvili (GRE)
06 3. Buray Bozaryilmaz (TUR) vs Piet Doorj√© (NED)
07 4. Idris Demirci (TUR) vs Khalid Larifi (NED)

I'd say the the two favorites to win the tournament would be Jesus di Semedo and Buray Bozaryilmaz. Bozaryilmaz fights out of Team Gunyar under Ali Gunyar and along with di Semedo is a bright up and comer on the Dutch scene in this weight division. Valdrin Vatnikaj has fought all over the world, including against the likes of Kizaemon Saiga in K-1. The winner of the tournament is definitely a name to look out for.

There's also a few other Dutch up and comers on the card as well in other weight divisions. It's Showtime veteran Robbie Hageman fights Mohamed Bouzagou from Belgium at 69.85kg and at 70kg, Tayfun Ozcan fights Hicham Boubkari.

14 Tayfun Ozcan (Balans) vs Hicham Boubkari (FC van Dams)
15 Robbie Hageman (Golden Glory Helmond) vs Mohamed Bouzagou (Friends Gym)

Harut Grigorian, Marc de Bonte Fighting Boxing Tomorrow

Many kickboxers have tried their hand at pro boxing in the past, much like Albert Kraus did earlier this month. I think it's always a good thing because it gives fighter the opportunities to stay active and also improve their boxing skills.

Tomorrow in Antwerp, Belgium, BFN Group, who have partnered with It's Showtime many times, are putting on Boxing Fight Night. Most notably to us, there are a number of kickboxers venturing into boxing on the card, with the most notable one being Harut Grigorian, a K-1 and It's Showtime veteran.

Harut Grigorian will fight Hovhannes Kishmiryan (2-10), in a fight that he should definitely win. Grigorian has fought pro boxing once before, back in March of 2011 where he went to a draw with Ahmed El Ghoulbzouri.

Marc de Bonte is one of the up and coming fighters to look out for at around 77-81kg in kickboxing and he's fighting Murthel Groenhart at GLORY's show in Brussels on October 6. Before that though, he's also fighting at Boxing Fight Night against the 4-0 Belgian fighter Arno Castelyan. de Bonte has also had one prior boxing match, where he defeated Antonio Manuel back in November. 

Another up and coming Belgian kickboxer is also on the card in Cedric de Kiersmaeker, as he takes on Karim Larbi. de Kiersmaeker will be making his pro boxing debut.

Aside from the fights I mentioned, there's also some good European boxing action with both males and females, if you're into boxing like I am. Full fight card, along with records and information on the fighters can be found here.

Read more... Lightweight Rankings - On The Outside Looking In

1. Masaaki Noiri
2. Masahiro Yamamoto
3. Javier Hernandez
4. Karim Bennoui
5. Yetkin Ozkul
6. Thomas Adamandopoulos
7. Ryuji Kajiwara
8. Ruben Almeida
9. Hirotaka Urabe
10. Kosuke Komiyama

We recently introduced the LiverKick Lightweight Rankings, ranking the top ten lightweights in kickboxing. The top ten doesn't tell the whole story, however, as there are a few fighters on the cusp of making the top ten and all they need is that one marquee win. We will highlight these fighters and where they stand within the lightweight division and more specifically, with the top ten lightweights in our rankings.

September 2012


Most of the fighters that we're highlighting here are actually more well known than many of the fighters in our rankings. They've competed on the big stages, in K-1 and It's Showtime, have been in the ring with the top ten guys, have held their own, but just haven't come away with the crucial wins.

Tetsuya Yamato at one time probably could've been seen as the #1 guy, back when he won K-1's first 63kg GP in July of 2010. Since then, he's had mixed results, losing to Koya Urabe and Ryuji Kajiwara while fighting Muay Thai in between all of that. He had a good win back in May over Sergio Wielzen. Yamato is a very inconsistent fighter, sometimes looking really sharp and other times it's like his head is on a flagpole and he gets hit with every shot. When he's on, he can strike well from range and put together sharp combinations, including being able to counterpunch with knockout power. He'll need another marquee win to get himself into the top ten.

Sergio Wielzen, who Yamato beat, at one time could've also been ranked very highly. 2010 was a big year for him, knocking out Anuwat Kaewsamrit, which really got his name out there, and then going on to get two solid wins over Mickael Peynaud and Masahiro Yamamoto in It's Showtime, also where he was their 61MAX World Champion. Then he lost his title to Karim Bennoui, but picked up two good, but not-good-enough-to-get-ranked wins over Carlos "Chiquitin" Reyes and Ruslan Tozliyan. The success didn't continue though, as shortly after he lost to Kosuke Komiyama, then to Tetsuya Yamato, and even had a loss in Muay Thai to Saeksan Or Kwanmuang(Not that it counts towards our rankings, just adding that in). Now on a three fight losing streak, Wielzen needs to get back in the win column first and foremost. 

Koya Urabe was expected to do big things after being snubbed from the K-1 63kg GP in 2010. He went on to make it to the finals of the K-1 63kg GP in 2011, losing to Yuta Kubo, while beating Yuki and Tetsuya Yamato. Urabe also lost to Ryuji Kajiwara before that. Urabe does have quite a few wins but not over the level of competition that's needed to break into the top ten. Adding to that, he was upset by Keijiro Miyakoshi which really caused him to not make it into our top ten. With all the Japanese talent in Krush at what we refer to as lightweight, it really seems that anyone can beat anyone on any given day and as long as Urabe is in Krush, the opportunity will most likely present itself again where he'll get to fight a major player in the division.

Stylistically, I don't doubt that all three of these fighters could beat some of the fighters in our top ten. Like I said, especially with the Japanese fighters, any of these guys could probably beat each other on any given day, with a few exceptions. For the most part though, the top ten is very competitive and that competitiveness isn't just exclusive to the top ten, it extends outside of it to the fringe, where guys like Yamato, Urabe and Wielzen are at.


Dzhabar Askerov Wins By KO In Australia

Dzhabar Askerov hadn't fought since June 7, and for him, that is a really long time without fighting. Askerov has said in the past that he "goes crazy" when he doesn't fight for a few weeks. Today in Australia he finally got back in the ring.

At Night of Mayhem 5 in Melbourne, Australia today, Askerov fought Michael "300" Demetriou. Askerov won by KO in the first round from punches, getting another win and setting himself up for a packed end of the year with many fights already scheduled. Demetriou is a solid win, as he's took Saiyok Pumphanmuang the distance and had a good fight with Steve Moxon.

For Askerov, he's got quite a lot ahead of him for the rest of the year, including fights with the likes of Yoshihiro Sato, Mohammed El Mir this year and Andy Souwer in 2013.


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