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Watch Dzhabar Askerov Prepare for Robin van Roosmalen

Dzhabar Askerov, a fighter being sponsored by our good friends at Yokkao, will be fighting this weekend in the Final 16 of the Glory World Series at 70kg. His opponent is one of the best and brightest within the weight class, Robin van Roosmalen. This means that he has a huge challenge ahead of him, but Askerov is no stranger to that kind of challenge. Askerov has a lot of impressive wins over the span of his career, with most of his losses only coming to top competition, such as Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Giorgio Petrosyan, Mike Zambidis and John Wayne Parr. Will Robin be on such a star-studded list of men to defeat Askerov, or will Askerov be able to keep the agressive bulldog that is van Roosmalen at bay and pick him apart?

The only way to find out is to buy the Glory World Series event this weekend. For now, go ahead and watch this video of Askerov training and discussing the fight.


Sem Schilt Talks Upcoming Glory World Title Fight

This weekend Semmy Schilt and Errol Zimmerman will do battle to be crowned as the very first Glory Heavyweight Champion, in a battle of two of the sport's best heavyweights at very different places in their careers. Schilt, with four K-1 World Grand Prix Championships under his belt as well as holding the K-1 Super Heavyweight Championship, has been on top of the Kickboxing world for nearly a decade now, while Zimmerman is younger and has yet to see the level of success that Schilt has. Zimmerman has for a long time been referred to as a fighter with endless potential, but fans and pundits have gotten down on Zimmerman for some of his weaker efforts. In 2011 Zimmerman went on a tear, amassing a massive win streak heading into his fight with Schilt.

This video from Glory TV talks to Schilt about the upcoming bout. Don't forget to purchase the event, coming on May 26th, from your friends here at LiverKick. Proceeds go to maintaining Rian's haircut while affording Dave the flexibility to not cut his, along with both of us keeping the site up to date.


SuperKombat/Sergei Lascenko Dispute Settled

You may remember when we posted about a dispute between Sergei Lascenko and SuperKombat. Lascenko came out and said that he had not been paid by SuperKombat, when really it was just a dispute over what to do with the Mitsubishi car he had won. Lascenko didn't want the car and wanted SuperKombat to sell it for him.

Well, it looks like things have been settled between the two sides now. The car that Lascenko received for winning the SuperKombat World Grand Prix last year has finally been sold, to one of his friends in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here's what Eduard Irimia had to say:

"Finally the Superkombat prize of Mr. Sergeii Laschenko is leaving Romania to Bratislava where one of Sergeii friend bought the car from him . I am so glad for this happy end !!!! I hope that Sunday in K-1 Madrid his management will make a public anouncement for the bad declaration few weeks ago against Superkombat .Until than good luck to Sergey and Rico for their superfight !!!"

It's a good ending to what at first looked very ugly. Lascenko's team should still probably apologize for trying to start a campaign about SuperKombat not paying them.


A Heaping Serving of K-1 and GLORY News


With just a week away from both the Glory and K-1 events, it looks like the Glory World Series event has had a late change in venue. Even with a stacked card full of some of the world's top talents, Glory felt the sting of not having their brand of events built up as much as they'd like in their chosen locale of Stockhold, Sweden. The event was originally slated for the Ericcson Globe Arena, which seats a heft 12,000 spectators, and has instead moved to the neighboring Annexet which can hold around 3,500 spectators.

Do not take this last-minute move as that much of a blow, as it is good to be ambitious, but moving forward with a show inside of a half-full (or worse) arena looks awful on television. Having a smaller, more vocal crowd will always come off as a better move for promotions like this working outside of their comfort zone. The event will be streaming live on the 26th right here on, you can check out Glory's page or Twitter for more information.


K-1's plan to take the United States by storm is apparently in full-blast, as there is news that American muay thai standout at Cruiserweight, Eddie Walker, has signed a contract with K-1. Walker, probably best known for his stint on the Enfusion reality
series, will most likely fight at K-1's upcoming K-1 World Grand Prix in Los Angeles event. They are apparently looking into other muay thai standouts from the US and having to make do with the fact that Heavyweight is not exactly America's strong point at the moment.

Speaking of the Los Angeles show, while there is no official date yet, it is looking like the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena will be the home of that event in September. An ambitious booking to say the least, with the arena holding upwards of 17,000 fans in what is considered a newer market for K-1. The last time the old K-1 crew was in Los Angeles they booked the LA Coliseum, which can hold up to 100,000 fans or so, while having a paid attendance of less than 4,000 while claiming over 40,000. Traditional logic would've said to start smaller in LA, look to the Hollywood Palladium, the Shrine Auditorium or the Nokia, but K-1 is going all-out, and I'm not sure that I blame them.


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