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GLORY Signs Anderson "Braddock" Silva

Anderson "Braddock" Silva often finds himself being mixed up with the UFC's Anderson Silva, but in May at K-1 when he pushed Badr Hari to the limit, he definitely opened some eyes. Silva had planned on fighting for K-1 before the purchase of It's Showtime by GLORY, but now it looks like he won't be doing that.

GLORY today announced that they have signed Anderson "Braddock" Silva. There aren't any other details or known dates when he'll be fighting, but he's been pencilied in for It's Showtime's November 10 event in Brazil for some time now, and the event is going ahead.

What this shows is that some of the fighters that were supposed to be fighting in K-1 before the big acquisition can switch over to GLORY, much like Silva has done now.

This is a good signing by GLORY though, as it's important to bolster their roster at heavyweight. Silva can also fight at 95kg if need be, and he's even expressed interest in fighting MMA in the future, which GLORY does have.


Badr Hari an Official Suspect - Looking to Turn Himself In

BadrIf you've been following the saga of Badr's most recent assault claims against him, you know that this time it is pretty nasty and that he might actually be in some degree of trouble. We have witnesses claiming he did it and past victims speaking out against Hari. The latest twist is that Badr went from a person of interest to a lead suspect over this weekend. The key witness against Badr's person is a club owner claiming to be missing teeth from the last run-in he had with Badr Hari last year.

Badr is still on vacation and is looking for a "peaceful" surrender when he is back in town to the police, as he has fears of SWAT teams breaking down his doors and coming after him and would like to avoid that. [source]


K-1 Confirms October Date in Japan

K-1After rumors began circulating about K-1 running October 14th in Japan, Doug Kaplan went on our friend Steven Wright's podcast show and more or less confirmed it, and now K-1 has released an official press release stating that they will, indeed, be running an event on October 14th in Japan. They will be booking the legendary Ryogoku Kokugikan -- lovingly known to the rest of the world simply as "Sumo Hall" because of its main purpose of hosting Sumo events.

Sumo Hall seats around 13,000 fans, and is probably a very good selection for a venue in Japan, as Japan is an incredibly tough market for the kakutougi world right now. It should not be lost on the reader that both K-1 and GLORY announced on the same day their intent to run events in Japan. For GLORY it will be difficult as a new, unestablished brand, even with big name fighters, and for K-1 it will be difficult following newspapers a few months ago boldly proclaiming "K-1 Bankrupt!"

The event for K-1 will be the Heavyweight World Grand Prix Final 16, which has traditionally over the last few years taken place in Korea, with the finals in Japan, but with the finals happening in the USA, the Final 16 in Japan makes perfect sense.


K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 Rumored for Japan


The K-1 Open Tryouts in Los Angeles were on Thursday, on top of that, tickets for the K-1 Los Angeles event were released. If that feels like a deluge of information about K-1, it is, but be prepared for more. On top of that, it appears that there is a rumor about the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16. According to, the news has come from Mirko Cro Cop's management that Cro Cop will be participating in the Final 16 in Japan on the 14th of October. Apparently, December in New York is the projected date for the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals.

Still nothing official yet, or a card for the Los Angeles event, but according to sources there should be announcement in short order from K-1 with more news. Stay tuned, as always. [source]

UPDATE: Douglas Kaplan has confirmed the date of October 14 for the World Grand Prix Final 16.


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