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AFAV's True Gladiators - Episode 1

AFAV is known for their high end, stylized productions highlighting the European Kickboxing world. True Gladiators is no different, this time AFAV put together a series following a few fighters. This episode is entitled "Fetah's Return."


GLORY Forms Independent Governing Body, Glory World Federation

Today Glory Sports International put out a press release announcing the formation of a new independent governing body, the Glory World Federation (GWF). This governing body will oversee future GLORY events.

The GWF will be a non-profit organization composed of "respected persons from the global fight community." Providing regulation for future GLORY events, fighters can appeal against suspensions, controversial decisions or other things of that nature. Any fighter that fights on a GLORY card can register with the GWF and be guaranteed a fair and impartial hearing.

GLORY wants transparency within their organization and hopes that the GWF will be like FIFA. They also want to show that by instituting the GWF that it doesn't matter if a fighter is with Golden Glory or connected to them, making all registered fighters equal. The GWF will represent the rights of the fighters.

The staff is still being finalized but in the press release, it was hinted that the GWF will be chaired by "an iconic figure from the world of professional fighting, somebody with a wealth of experience, in competing, coaching or both."

For the full fight card, click here. Sergei Kharitonov and Gokhan Saki will also be on the card. The press release was put out via pictures on their Facebook page, so here are the links: Part 1, 2, 3, 4


SuperKombat Returns May 12: Bogdan Stoica Fights For World Title

SuperKombat is back on May 12 after a successful event on February 25 in Montenegro. This time the event is back in Romania, in Cluj Nopaca. Featured on the card are the usual top Romanian fighters, like the Stoica brothers, Raul Catinas and Benny Adegbuyi.

A very interesting part of the card is that Bogdan Stoica will be fighting for the new SuperKombat -85kg World Title. The title is starting off vacant and Stoica will be fighting a to be announced opponent for it. SuperKombat introduced a middleweight (-72kg) title last year, which Albert Kraus won. It's also good to see that Bogdan will be at -85kg where he is one of the best fighters.

As per usual, there will be a one night, four man tournament, with the winner qualifying for the SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final at the end of the year that as of right now features Catalin Morosanu, Ismael Londt, Sergei Lascenko, Pavel Zhuravlev and Erhan Deniz. The two semi-finals feature Raul Catinas against Daniel Sam and Jairzinho Rozenstruik against Wieslaw Kwaniewski. Benny Adegbuyi fights Sammy Tevette in the reserve match.

Some more SuperKombat regulars are in super fights. Andrei Stoica fights Rodney Glunder while Redouan Cairo fights Sebastian Ciobanu. Andrei Stoica and Redouan Cairo fought at the last SuperKombat event to a very controversial decision that ended up being a draw, and Cairo was promised a rematch but it appears that it won't happen at this event, at least.

Reserve: Benjamin Adegbuy (Romania) vs. Sammy Tevette (Netherlands) 

Semifinals: Raul Cătinaş (Romania) vs Daniel Sam (UK) 

Semifinals: Jairzinho Rozenstruik (Suriname) - Wiesław Kwaśniewski (Poland) 

Super Fights: Andrei Stoica (Romania) - Rodney Glunder (Netherlands) 

Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) vs. Redouan Cairo (Suriname) 

Alexandru Lungu (Romania) vs. TBA

SuperKombat World Title -85kg: Bogdan Stoica (Romania) vs. TBA



"Le Banner Series" Fight Card For April 28

The "Le Banner Series" is getting kicked off on April 28 in Geneva, Switzerland. Jerome Le Banner fights in the main event and there's a one night, four man tournament featuring Frank Munoz and Stephane Susperregui.

The objective of this series of events is to find a replacement for Jerome Le Banner. Throughout the series, tournaments will be staged and the winners of the tournaments will fight each other to determine who fights Jerome Le Banner in 2013. The tournament on this card pits Frank Munoz vs. Yuksel Ayadin on one end of the bracket and Stephane Susperregui vs. Agibane Fernandez. The tournament fights are three rounds of two minutes.

In the main event, Jerome Le Banner fights veteran Arnold Oborotov, defending his WKN Kickboxing World Title. This fight is five rounds of two minutes.

Two time veteran of Fight Code, Yoann Kongolo returns to the ring after a victory at Fight Code's March 24 show and fights Malik Aliane at -82kg. Gaylod Montier vs. Amin Zitouni is a fun fight on the card, which takes place at -54kg. The non-tournament fights that aren't the main event are four rounds of two minutes. All fights aside from the main event are K-1 rules. The rules in Le Banner's fight are pretty similar, though.

5x2: Jerome Le Banner vs. Arnold Oborotov (WKN Kickboxing World Title)

Semi-Final 3x2: Frank Munoz vs. Yuksel Ayadin

Semi-Final 3x2: Stephane Susperregui vs. Agibane Fernandez

-82kg: Yoann Kongolo vs. Malik Aliane

-91kg: Emmanuel Payet vs. Horace Martins

-91kg: Jose Moreira vs. Merouane Bounabi

-67kg: Millon Bheran vs. Morgan Adrar


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