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Lion Fights: Battle in the Desert 3 to Be Streamed Live on Saturday

Battle in the Desert 3Lion Fights, an upstart promotion based out of southern Nevada has featured some solid muay thai cards within the course of the last year. They are set to put on their third event in the series of "Battle in the Desert" this Saturday. Lion Fights released a statement today that they are working with Go Fight Live ( this upcoming Saturday to stream the event live for $14.99. This is a step in the right direction for Lion Fights, as I've been saying for a while that these upstart muay thai and kickboxing promotions in the United States need to work hard for exposure. Lion Fights is run by Scott Kent who has taken some of this advice and hired an actual PR firm to help with promoting the company and will stream the next event. These events have been well-received by those in attendance for past events, including UFC President Dana White.

The cost of 15 dollars might be a bit steep for a first event to be streamed, but a main event like Cosmo Alexandre vs. Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke could make you think twice about that. Full Press Release after the break.


M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship: Saenchai, Ross, Yamato in the USA

Tonight we have some rare Sunday action in Commerce, California. Stand Up Promotions has brought together a great card of muay thai fighters, bringing in some heralded international talent.

In the main event, Saenchai Sinbimuaythai returns to the USA and takes on arguably the number one muay thai fighter in the country, Kevin Ross. On the line are the WBC Muay Thai diamond belt and the MTAA world title. It's always a treat to watch Saenchai fight, as he's widely considered among the best of the sport. This is his second time fighting in the USA and he's taking on Kevin Ross, who last year he expressed interest in fighting. At the time it didn't seem likely but here we are now and they're set to fight tonight.

The 2010 K-1 MAX -63kg World GP winner Tetsuya Yamato also returns to the USA. The last time Yamato fought in the USA, he was knocked out in the first round by none other than Saenchai. Yamato will look to pick up his first win across the pond as he takes on the Thai fighter Coke Chunhawat.

The card features some other great fights so here's a look at the full fight card:

Saenchai Sinbimuaythai vs Kevin Ross

Jonathan Puu vs Alex Gonzales

Rungravee Sasiprapa vs Kunitaka Fujiwara

Phanuwat Chunhawat vs Tetsuya Yamato

Marcos Guevarra vs Victor Perez

Shane Oblonsky vs Carlos Ramirez III

Glen Spencer vs Mike Sheppard

Malaipet Sasiprapa vs Chike Lindsay

You can order the card on for $9.99. It's a great card and well worth the price. Muay thai is usually free for us as we pretty much only have YouTube to catch up on fights so a small fee of $9.99 isn't much to see one of the best in the world.


Get Hyped; Fight Code Rhinos Tournament on Saturday

3PM Eastern time on Saturday, August 13th at

Prestige fight: Chingiz Allazov vs Gabor Gorbics
Prestige fight: Philippe Salmon vs Barna Szucs
Rhino fight: Pacome Assi vs Luca Panto
Rhino fight: Vjekoslav Bajic vs Petr Vondracek
Rhino fight: Mihail Tuterev vs Gyorgy Mihalik
Prestige fight: Vitaly Akhramenko vs Ivan Stanic

Latest Rankings of Lumpinee Stadium

Thanks to for the rankings. 




Mini Flyweight (not over 105 lbs.)
Champion: Phetmorakot Wor. Sungprapai
Title received on On Friday 25, March 2011 by Winning over Wanchai Sor.Kitisak(Champion) at Lumpini Stadium.
Next Protect the title
  1. 1. Thelek Wor. Sungprapai
  2. 2. Phetsakon F.A. Group
  3. 3. Wanchai Sor. Kitisak
  4. 4. Detkart Por. Pongsawang
  5. 5. Phet-Utong Or.Kwanmuang
  6. 6. Macky Sor. Suriyannumchok
  7. 7. Wanchana Or. Boonchuay
  8. 8. Nokkrajib Sitkoonsaopoon
  9. 9. Phet Lookmakarmwan
  10. 10. ET Phetsomnuek
Light Flyweight (not over 108 lbs.)
Champion: Lomtaley Sitzorauang
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Mondam Sor.Weraphon(5) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Songkom Sakhomsin
  2. 2. Prajanchay Por. Petnumtong
  3. 3. Khunsuk P.N. Gym
  4. 4. Ritheevada Sitikoon
  5. 5. Jomvo Kor. Saklampoon
  6. 6. Mondam Sor. Weraphon
  7. 7. Phetchartshy Chaoraioo
  8. 8. Siangphet Sor. Sarawuth
  9. 9. Penthai Singpatong
  10. 10. Kusakonnoi Sitphet-Ubon

Flyweight (not over 112 lbs.)
Champion: Ekmongkol Kaiyanghadaogym
Title received on On Friday 5, March 2010 by Winning over Krittongkham Tor.Surachet(Champ) By point at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 4, February 2011 by Winning over Dejsakda Wor.Sungprapai(10) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Siangmorakot Tawan
  2. 2. Ponkrit Namplatrahoymook
  3. 3. Artaphon PIthakmuangcan
  4. 4. Pompean Kiatchongkao
  5. 5. Palangphon Chuwatana
  6. 6. Hongtonglek Chor. Farpiansee
  7. 7. Khunsueklek Or. Kwanmuang
  8. 8. Lamnummoon Sakchaichote
  9. 9. Trakoonphet Tanasakkonsong
  10. 10. Kamlaiyok Kor. Romsritong
Super flyweight (not over 115 lbs.)
Champion: Chockprecha Kor. Sakooncher
Title received on On Tuesday 3, May 2011 by Winning over Nueangthep Eminentair By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Phetpanomrung Sor. Tumrungsee
  2. 2. Dejsakda Wor. Sungprapai
  3. 3. Werachai Wor. Wiwatananont
  4. 4. Wanchalong Sitzornong
  5. 5. Mongkonchai Skindewgym
  6. 6. Nopachai Kiatpataraphan
  7. 7. Kongkrai Chor. Warachai
  8. 8. Choknumchai Sitjakong
  9. 9. Newwangjan Pakornponsurin
  10. 10. Nueangthep Eminentair

Bantamweight (not over 118 lbs.)
Champion: Kaotam Lookprabath
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Rungpet Wor.Rungnirun(4) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Thongchai Sitthongsak
  2. 2, Phetaik Look Bor. Kor.
  3. 3. Pajonsuek Por. Pramook
  4. 4. Nongbeer Chokngarmwong
  5. 5. Ponsawan Lookprabath
  6. 6. Kwankao Chor. Rajapatsadu-Esarn
  7. 7. Kaimookkao Chuwattana
  8. 8. Lookman Fonjangchonburee
  9. 9. Kungwanlek Petyindee
  10. 10. Yodvicha Por. Boonsit
Super Bantamweight (not over 122 lbs.)
Champion: Sam A. Kaiyanghadaogym
Title received on On Friday September 31,2008 by Winning over Deatnarong Sitjaboon(Champ) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Protect the title on On Tuesday 7, December 2010 by Winning over Tong Puideenaidee(1) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Ritidej Wor. Wanthavee
  2. 2. Palangtip Kor. Sapaotong
  3. 3. Tingtong Siangsawangphanpla
  4. 4. Rungphet Wor. Sungprapai
  5. 5. Tong Puideenaidee
  6. 6. Rungruanglek Lookprabaht
  7. 7. Rungphet Wor. Rungnirun
  8. 8. Chartshynoi Sor. Prasobchok
  9. 9. Kangkenlek Ioderm
  10. 10. Rajaburilek Sor. Jitpattana

Featherweight (not over 126 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Phettavee Sor. Kittichai
  2. 2. Lekkla Tanasuranakorn
  3. 3. Phetaik Kiatyongyuth
  4. 4. Senkeng Jor. Noparat
  5. 5. Wutidej Lookprabaht
  6. 6. Singtongnoi Por. Telakoon
  7. 7. Mongkonchai Phetsupaphan
  8. 8. Wanchalerm Sitzornong
  9. 9. Penaik Sitnoomnoi
  10. 10. Rungrath Naratreekoon
Super Featherweight (not over 130 lbs.)
Champion: Kongsak Sitboonmee
Title received on On Friday 10, June 2011 by Winning over Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym(Champ) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Singdam Kiatmoo9
  2. 2. Jomthong Chuwattana
  3. 3. F16 Rajanont
  4. 4. Sitisak Siangsimeawgym
  5. 5. Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym
  6. 6. Janrob Sakhomsin
  7. 7. Arunchai Kiatpataraphan
  8. 8. Orono Wor. Phetpoon
  9. 9. Rungnirun Chor. Kouyuha-Isusu
  10. 10. Sianghirun Lookbanyai

Lightweight (not over 135 lbs.)
Champion: Sagetdao Phetphayathai
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Phetboonchu F.A.Group(3) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Phetboonchu F.A. Group
  2. 2. Senchai Sinbimuaythai
  3. 3. Panphet Chor. Na Patthalung
  4. 4. Wacharalek Or. Kwanmuang
  5. 5. Noppakrit Nampatahoymook
  6. 6. Superball Lookjaomaesaivaree
  7. 7. Tuantong Phumpanmuang
  8. 8. Tukkatatong Siangsimewgym
  9. 9. Nongbee Kiatyongyuth
  10. 10. Yuthajak Kaewsamrit
Super Lightweight (not over 140 lbs.)
Champion: Kongfah Auddornmueng
Title received on On Tuesday November 11,2008 by Winning over Noppadeat Saengsimaewgym by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 26, February 2010 by Winning over Ramel Camel by TKO R.2 at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Ekusung Kor. Rungtanakiat
  2. 2. Samranchai 96Peenung
  3. 3. Sitichai Sitsongpeenong
  4. 4. Saenchainoi Pumpanmuang
  5. 5. Desellek Phetsirigym
  6. 6. Saksurin Cafefarsai
  7. 7. Singmanee Kaewsamrit
  8. 8. Phetassawin Seatranferry
  9. 9. Kriangkrai Tor. Silachai
  10. 10. Bagjo Grandfish-Ubon

Welterweight (not over 147 lbs.)
Champion: Thanongdeth Chengzimaiwgym
Title received on Friday April 4, 2008 by Winning over Kaodangyai Surapichfarm by Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Detrit Sit-Ajanchao
  2. 2. Kem Sitsongpeenong
  3. 3. Aikpracha Meenayotin
  4. 4. Nopparat Kiatkhamton
  5. 5. Satarnpop Sit-Anupap
  6. 6. Thepsutin Phumpanmoung
  7. 7. Tanongdet Siangsimeawgym
  8. 8. Lerdmongkon S.Tantip
  9. 9. Karuhart Eakchumpon
  10. 10. Nonzai Sor. Saenyakon
Super Welterweight (not over 154 lbs.)
Champion: Saiyok Pumpanmuang
Title received on On Friday 26, February 2010 by Winning over Farid Villaume(France) at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Saturday 30, October 2010 by Winning over Abdallah Mabel(France)(5) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Dernchonlek Sor. Sor.Niyom
  2. 2. Moset Thor. Siangtiannoi
  3. 3. Sirimongkon Sit-Anupap
  4. 4. Prakysiang Sit Or.
  5. 5. Panom Topkingboxing
  6. 6. Omsinlek Sitjekan
  7. 7. Kongjak Sor.Tuantong
  8. 8. Abdallah Mabel(France)
  9. 9. Desellek Topkingboxinggym
  10. 10. Fabio Pinca(France)

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