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Latest Rankings Of Lumpinee Stadium

The latest rankings from Lumpinee stadium are out. 115, 126, and 130 all got new champions at the last big show in September. Another interesting note in that Japanese fighter Genji Umeno is now #9 at 126 thanks to him knockout win over Wuttidet Lukprabart in Japan. Champions at 105-112 are generally young teens who grow out of the weight quickly. That is the case with Phetmorakot, Lomtaley, and Aekmongkol. They all fight 4-10 pounds higher now, and will likely vacate, or already have vacated. Once again these rankings are from



Mini-flier weight (not over 105 lbs.)

Champion: Phetmorakot Wor.Sungprapai
Title received on On Friday 25, March 2011 by Winning over Wanchai Sor.Kitisak(Champion) at Lumpini Stadium.
Next Protect the title
  1. 1. Dedkart Por.Pongsawang
  2. 2. Phet-Utong Or.Kwanmuang
  3. 3. Superlek Kiatmoo9
  4. 4. Nikomlek Tor.Tawat
  5. 5. Phetsakon F.A.Group
  6. 6. Wanchana Or.Boonchuay
  7. 7. Nokkrajib Sitkoonsaopoon
  8. 8. Phet Lookmakarmwan
  9. 9. Design Por.Inter
  10. 10. Phayanon Sor.Tumarangsee
Light-flier weight (not over 108 lbs.)
Champion: Lomtaley Sitzorauang
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Mondam Sor.Weraphon(5) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Songkom Sakhomsin
  2. 2. Penthai Singpatong
  3. 3. Wanchai Sor.Kitisak
  4. 4. Prajanchay Por.Petnumtong
  5. 5. Thelek Wor.Sungprapai
  6. 6. Khunsuk P.N.Gym
  7. 7. Siangphet Sor.Sarawuth
  8. 8. Phetchartshy Chaoraiooy
  9. 9. Jomvo Kor.Saklampoon
  10. 10. Mondam Sor.Weraphon

Flier-weight (not over 112 lbs.)
Champion: Aekmongkol Kaiyanghadaogym
Title received on On Friday 5, March 2010 by Winning over Krittongkham Tor.Surachet(Champ) By point at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 4, February 2011 by Winning over Dejsakda Wor.Sungprapai(10) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Palangphon Chuwatana
  2. 2. Methee Kiatpratoom
  3. 3. Siangmorakot Tawan
  4. 4. Ponkrit Namplatrahoymook
  5. 5. Rittheevada Sitikoon
  6. 6. Artaphon PIthakmuangcan
  7. 7. Kamlaiyok Kor.Romsritong
  8. 8. Pompean Kiatchongkao
  9. 9. Prakyphet Eminentair
  10. 10. Pinnguern Por.Chaiwat
Super-flier weight (not over 115 lbs.)

Champion: Wanchalong Sitzornong
Title received on On Tuesday 6, September 2011 by Winning over Chokprecha Kor. Sakooncher By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Mongkonchai Skindewgym
  2. 2. Chokprecha Kor.Sakooncher
  3. 3. Rung-Ubon Eminentair
  4. 4. Rataket Teded99
  5. 5. Nopachai Kiatpataraphan
  6. 6. Choknumchai Sitjakong
  7. 7. Fonluang Sitboonmee
  8. 8. Dejsakda Wor.Sungprapai
  9. 9. Panomrunglek Sitboonmee
  10. 10. Kaewkla Kaewsamrit

Bantam weight (not over 118 lbs.)
Champion: Kaotam Lukprabart
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Rungpet Wor.Rungnirun(4) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Kaimookkao Chuwattana
  2. 2. Phetpanomrung Sor.Tumrungsee
  3. 3. Yodvicha Por.Boonsit
  4. 4. Ponsawan Lookprabath
  5. 5. Kwankao Chor.Rajapatsadu-Esarn
  6. 6. Lookman Fonjangchonburee
  7. 7. Phetaik Look Bor.Kor.
  8. 8. Looknimit Singklongsi
  9. 9. Yokvitaya Phetsimean
  10. 10. Farsawang Thor.Siangtiannoi
Super-bantam weight (not over 122 lbs.)
Champion: Sam A Kaiyanghadaogym
Title received on On Friday September 31,2008 by Winning over Deatnarong Sitjaboon(Champ) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 10, June 2011 by Winning over Tong Puideenaidee(2) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Palangtip Kor.Sapaotong
  2. 2. Rungphet Wor.Rungnirun
  3. 3. Tingtong Siangsawangphanpla
  4. 4. Tong Puideenaidee
  5. 5. Ritidej Wor.Wanthavee
  6. 6. Chartshynoi Sor.Prasobchok
  7. 7. Thongchai Sor.Tumarangsee
  8. 8. Rungphet Wor.Sungprapai
  9. 9. Rungruanglek Lukprabart
  10. 10. Naka Kaewsamrit

Feather weight (not over 126 lbs.)
Champion: Penaik Sitnoomnoi
Title received on On Tuesday 6, September 2011 by Winning over Mongkonchai Phetsupaphan By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Phetaik Kiatyongyuth
  2. 2. Wanchalerm Sitzornong
  3. 3. Singtongnoi Por.Telakoon
  4. 4. Pokaew Fonjangchonburee
  5. 5. Phettavee Sor.Kittichai
  6. 6. Lekkla Tanasuranakorn
  7. 7. Mongkonchai Phetsupaphan
  8. 8. Senkeng Jor.Noparat
  9. 9. Genjo Umeno
  10. 10. Wuttidet Lukprabart
Super-feather weight (not over 130 lbs.)
Champion: F16 Rajanont
Title received on On Tuesday 6, September 2011 by Winning over Kongsak Sitboonmee(Champ) By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Janrob Sakhomsin
  2. 2. Arunchai Kiatpataraphan
  3. 3. Kongsak Sitboonmee
  4. 4. Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym
  5. 5. Pakorn Sakyotin
  6. 6. Jomthong Chuwatana
  7. 7. Jingreedtong Seatranferry
  8. 8. Sitisak Siangsimeawgym
  9. 9. Yodtuantong Weramanokoon
  10. 10. Wanchalerm Aooddonmuang

Light weight (not over 135 lbs.)
Champion: Saketdao Phetphayathai
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Phetboonchu F.A.Group(3) at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 10, June 2011 by Winning over Senchai Zinbeemuaythai(1) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Senchai Zinbeemuaythai
  2. 2. Phetboonchu F.A.Group
  3. 3. Singdam Kiatmoo9
  4. 4. Komphetlek Lukprabart
  5. 5. Panphet Chor.Na Patthalung
  6. 6. Wacharalek Or.Kwanmuang
  7. 7. Noppakrit Nampatahoymook
  8. 8. Tuantong Phumpanmuang
  9. 9. Tukkatatong Siangsimewgym
  10. 10. Nongbee Kiatyongyuth
Super-light weight (not over 140 lbs.)
Champion: Kongfah Auddornmueng
Title received on On Tuesday November 11,2008 by Winning over Noppadeat Saengsimaewgym by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 26, February 2010 by Winning over Ramel Camel by TKO R.2 at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Phetassawin Seatranferry
  2. 2. Superball Lookjaomaesaivaree
  3. 3. Ekusung Kor.Rungtanakiat
  4. 4. Denial Singpatong
  5. 5. Simanoot Sor.Sarinya
  6. 6. Kriangkrai Tor.Silachai
  7. 7. Singmanee Kaewsamrit
  8. 8. Samranchai 96Peenung
  9. 9. Sitichai Sitsongpinong
  10. 10. Saenchainoi Pumphanmuang

Weather weight (not over 147 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Detrit Sit-Ajanchao
  2. 2. Aikpracha Meenayotin
  3. 3. Nopparat Kiatkhamton
  4. 4. Kem Sitsongpeenong
  5. 5. Satarnpop Sit-Anupap
  6. 6. Thepsutin Phumpanmoung
  7. 7. Tanongdet Siangsimeawgym
  8. 8. Lerdmongkon S.Tantip
  9. 9. Karuhart Eakchumpon
  10. 10. Nonzai Sor.Saenyakon
Super-weather weight (not over 147 lbs.)
Champion: Zaiyok Pumpanmuang
Title received on On Friday 26, February 2010 by Winning over Faric Veyong(France) at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Saturday 30, October 2010 by Winning over Alberlass Barbell(France)(5) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Dernchonlek Sor.Sor.Niyom
  2. 2. Prakysiang Sit Or.
  3. 3. Sirimongkon Sit-Anupap
  4. 4. Omsinlek Sitjekan
  5. 5. Kongjak Sor.Tuantong
  6. 6. Numpon P.K.Sterio
  7. 7. Moset Thor.Siangtiannoi
  8. 8. Panom Topkingboxing
  9. 9. Kanongsuek Chuwatana
  10. 10. Desellek Topkingboxinggym

Yuta Kubo vs Tristan Benard Announced for Krush.13

Earlier today Krush announced the final fight for November 12th's Krush.13: Krush vs Europe series and it is 2011 K-1 MAX -63kg Japan Tournament champion Yuta Kubo taking on France's Tristan Benard. Kubo is currently on a 6-fight win streak and has won 11 of his last 12. Kubo is arguably the top 63kg fighter in Japan and the hottest at the moment, making it to the finals of 3 straight tournaments and finally winning his first championship back in June. I don't have much information on Benard, but he fights under K-1 rules in France and lost a decision to ISKA title holder Thomas Adamandopoulos who picked up a win over Keiji Ozaki at Krush.11 in August.

This fight joins two Krush vs Europe fights that are already announced which are Krush 60kg champion Hirotaka Urabe vs Mike's Gym's Maik Redan as well as Krush 55kg champion Shota Takiya vs the UK's Damien Trainor.{jcomments on}


Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar at UFC 136: Dissecting Striking Concepts in MMA

Jose AldoThe sport of Mixed Martial Arts began as a concept that pit practitioners of different forms of martial arts against each other. Eventually in the United States, this led to fighters starting to cross-train in other forms of martial arts to help defend against certain techniques or simply add it to their repertoire. The UFC and MMA have grown a lot from the early UFC events (we aren’t going to touch Japan, different beast entirely), to where MMA has almost become a style of its own, just as it has become a sport of its own.

At UFC 136 there were two championship fights, and both showed different displays of striking prowess, with one fight ending in a decision and one fight ending in a knockout. What I find interesting to take away from the event is how Dana White was quick to declare Frankie Edgar as the best “Boxer” in the UFC and how quickly fans and media followed suit, with many declaring Frankie one of the elite strikers in the MMA world. I have to admit that I was taken aback, as after watching the Jose Aldo fight and how it was an impressive display of striking, I did not feel the same thing about the Edgar fight. The only difference to the naked eye was that the Edgar fight finished with a knockout, while Aldo took Florian to a decision.

What needs to be established first and foremost is that knockouts happen in combat sports, and a knockout does not always mean a superior display of “striking.” Fighters like Joey Beltran and Leonard Garcia are fighters who primarily like to strike in their recent fights and put on strike-heavy fights at UFC 136, but I’m not sure I’d rate either as a very good striker. Beltran holds eleven wins by knockout and Garcia has three, and both men are quick to turn fights into brawls that showcase a lot of heart and wild punches, but that does not make for a good striker, and I feel like many understand this concept in these scenarios. People like watching Leonard Garcia fight, but not many will say he is a great technical striker.

What needs to be established next is that “Boxing,” “Muay Thai” and “Kickboxing” are not lone attributes in a fighter’s toolbox. They are not videogame-like attributes that are assigned and can simply be explained as, “they have good Boxing.” Many have been lauding over Frankie Edgar’s boxing skills through simple phrases like, “Frankie Edgar’s Boxing is Great,” or “Frankie Edgar has the best Boxing in MMA.”

Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo and everything else in the MMA universe are sports and styles unto themselves, and include many, many facets to them. Frankie Edgar knows how to move out of harm’s way and not get hit and he also has very sound technique when it comes to throwing his strikes. On the other side of the coin, he drops his left hand a lot or doesn’t keep it in tight near his chest to defend his chin, leaving him open to take damage from time to time, while his head is also mostly stationary. Another thing to note is that he also tends to focus on the head when he strikes, rarely changing levels.

Continue Reading....


TaKe On Productions October 22nd Full Thai Rules in Atlantic City

TKO ProductionsThe world of Muay Thai in the United States is a bit of an odd one at times, as there is some fragmentation. For a while now there have been regions where Muay Thai is incredibly hot and there are local promoters doing great things. Los Angeles and the Bay Area have been there, as is Las Vegas and especially in the past few years, New York. New York has best been known for Friday Night Fights, the long-running Muay Thai promotion run by the Church Street Boxing gym.

We've seen a new promotion rise up recently and begin to do big, awesome things, and that is TaKe On Productions. TKO Productions has been running since 2009 and has been picking up steam ever since. TaKe On has a big Muay Thai show coming up on October 22nd at Bally's Grand Ballroom in Atlantic City. TKO Productions has had eleven big sell out shows in a row before striking out to Atlantic City, working now with MSG Sports (Madison Square Garden). This event will also be streamed live on, and unlike a lot of other promotions who have gone that route, the card will be $9.95, as opposed to upwards of $25, which is a smart price point for an event like this. I'm looking forward to TaKe On Productions doing bigger and better things in the future.

Full press release with details on the event after the break.

Don't forget to check out their website for details on the card and more news.



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