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Pietje Doorje Wins 32 Man 63.5kg Tournament

The A1 World Combat Cup 32 man tournament came to an end yesterday in Eindhoven, Netherlands, with the final eight competitors at 63.5kg remaining. All eight remaining tournament competitors won two fights each earlier in the year to advance to the eight man, one night tournament in the finals.

Going into the final tournament, I expected Jesus di Semedo and Buray Bozaryilmaz to be the favorites. Surprisingly though, both lost in their first, quarter final match-ups. di Semedo fought the Georgian now based out of Holland, Papuna Margvelashvili, with Papuna winning by decision and advancing to the semi finals. Bozaryilmaz also lost by way of decision, to Pietje Doorje. This only goes to show just how much young talent there is at this weight category in Holland. The other two quarter finals saw Valdrin Vatnikaj defeat Redouane Boukerch and Idris Demirci defeat Khalid Larifi, both by decision.

The semi final match-ups were Valdrin Vatnikaj vs. Papuna Margvelashvili and Pietje Doorje vs. Idris Demirci. Papuna took another decision win over Vatnikaj while Doorje got the only TKO win of the tournament against Demirci, setting the finals up to be Papuna Margvelashvili vs. Pietje Doorje.

In the finals it was again Pietje Doorje from the El Otmani Gym winning by decision and winning the tournament, taking home €10 000 and cementing himself as one to look out for at this weight category around 63.5kg.

There were a few other up and comers on the card, with Golden Glory's Robbie Hageman taking on Mohamed Bouzagou at -69.85kg. Hageman, the It's Showtime veteran, took a decision. Another up and comer at 70kg fighting was Tayfun Ozcan, who won by TKO against Hicham Boubkari in the second round You can see the video of Ozcan's fight here.


Superpro Fight Night IV: Beqiri Brothers In Action, GLORY Tournament

Superpro Fight Night IV goes down tomorrow, September 22 in Basel, Switzerland, which is the home of the three Beqiri brothers, Shemsi, Hysni and Ilir, who are all fighting on the card. The card is in collaboration with and sponsored by GLORY. On top of that, there's also a 16 man GLORY tournament at 70kg with a ton of young fighters from around Europe. The tournament is a pre-test for the format of the GLORY Grand Slam.

In the main event, Shemsi Beqiri takes on Steeve Valente from France. Valente is no easy opponent and should be competitive. Even if Valente doesn't win, if he looks impressive and is able to hang with Shemsi, both Cor Hemmers and Martijn de Jong from GLORY will be in attendance so this is a big opportunity for him. It's a good fight for Shemsi to stay busy in, as after this he's in the GLORY 3 Rome Final 8 tournament on November 3.

Hysni Beqiri is in the GLORY super fight, and he'll take on Mohammed El Mir. El Mir was in GLORY's First 16, losing to Albert Kraus. This is a big opportunity for both fighters, especially Hysni, to impress the GLORY team. Hysni is a really good fighter in his own right, coming off a disputed loss to Hafid el Boustati earlier this month.

The tournament match-ups are as follows:

Amy Sana (France) vs. Claudio Baressi (Belgium)

Martin Moj (Germany) vs. Uno Karaoglan (Turkey)

Tarek Gromnika (Germany) vs. Daniel Solaja (Germany)

Malik Groenberg (Netherlands) vs. Kevin Botz (Germany)

Nicky Hemmers (Netherlands) vs. Xhavit Bajrami (Switzerland)

Adriatic Emini (Switzerland) vs. Hafid Rhomdane (France)

Faisal Hammouti (Morocco) vs. Jassem El Djiawali (Iraq)

Omar Baqi (Afghanistan) vs. Andras Kis (Hungary)


8 Man 63.5kg Tournament Tomorrow In Holland

Earlier this year we posted about a 32 man tournament at 63.5kg featuring fighters from all over the Netherlands and some from around Europe. Tomorrow the tournament comes to an end with an eight man tournament in Eindhoven featuring the fighters from the 32 that each won twice to advance to the event tomorrow.

The four quarter final match-ups for the tournament, along with the reserve fight are as follows:

Reserve fight A1 World Combat Cup Final 8
3 Joury Smans (NED) vs Piet Heesbeen (NED)
A1 World Combat Cup Final 8
04 1. Redouane Boukerche (NED / MOR) vs Valdrin Vatnikaj (ALB)
05 2. Jesus di Semedo (NED) vs Papuna Margvelashvili (GRE)
06 3. Buray Bozaryilmaz (TUR) vs Piet Doorjé (NED)
07 4. Idris Demirci (TUR) vs Khalid Larifi (NED)

I'd say the the two favorites to win the tournament would be Jesus di Semedo and Buray Bozaryilmaz. Bozaryilmaz fights out of Team Gunyar under Ali Gunyar and along with di Semedo is a bright up and comer on the Dutch scene in this weight division. Valdrin Vatnikaj has fought all over the world, including against the likes of Kizaemon Saiga in K-1. The winner of the tournament is definitely a name to look out for.

There's also a few other Dutch up and comers on the card as well in other weight divisions. It's Showtime veteran Robbie Hageman fights Mohamed Bouzagou from Belgium at 69.85kg and at 70kg, Tayfun Ozcan fights Hicham Boubkari.

14 Tayfun Ozcan (Balans) vs Hicham Boubkari (FC van Dams)
15 Robbie Hageman (Golden Glory Helmond) vs Mohamed Bouzagou (Friends Gym)

Harut Grigorian, Marc de Bonte Fighting Boxing Tomorrow

Many kickboxers have tried their hand at pro boxing in the past, much like Albert Kraus did earlier this month. I think it's always a good thing because it gives fighter the opportunities to stay active and also improve their boxing skills.

Tomorrow in Antwerp, Belgium, BFN Group, who have partnered with It's Showtime many times, are putting on Boxing Fight Night. Most notably to us, there are a number of kickboxers venturing into boxing on the card, with the most notable one being Harut Grigorian, a K-1 and It's Showtime veteran.

Harut Grigorian will fight Hovhannes Kishmiryan (2-10), in a fight that he should definitely win. Grigorian has fought pro boxing once before, back in March of 2011 where he went to a draw with Ahmed El Ghoulbzouri.

Marc de Bonte is one of the up and coming fighters to look out for at around 77-81kg in kickboxing and he's fighting Murthel Groenhart at GLORY's show in Brussels on October 6. Before that though, he's also fighting at Boxing Fight Night against the 4-0 Belgian fighter Arno Castelyan. de Bonte has also had one prior boxing match, where he defeated Antonio Manuel back in November. 

Another up and coming Belgian kickboxer is also on the card in Cedric de Kiersmaeker, as he takes on Karim Larbi. de Kiersmaeker will be making his pro boxing debut.

Aside from the fights I mentioned, there's also some good European boxing action with both males and females, if you're into boxing like I am. Full fight card, along with records and information on the fighters can be found here.


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