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Clothing Companies are Responsible for Their Products

It came out yesterday that Silver Star was once again using Nazi imagery on some of their products. This is hot on the heels of last year's Hoelzer Reich incident which turned stomaches everywhere. The bottom line for this should be that using imagery on products that anyone would wear is wrong. Silver Star Casting Company is a MMA "lifestyle" clothing company with association to the UFC. Some of the sport's biggest stars wear Silver Star shirts, from Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. It should also be noted that much like TapouT, Silver Star was acquired by an acquisition and brand-building company, Authentic Brands Group, and through that acquisition, has been placed in major retail outlets around the country.

Authentic Brands Group is a company that purchases budding companies for healthy sums of money, uses their wide distribution network to make the brand stronger, then in a calculated manner sell to the highest bidder. They were, of course, quick to issue a statement about how they do not support Nazi imagery and how Silver Star has acted quickly. You'll notice in the same article, Luke Burrett of Silver Star was also quick to respond, but throughout this whole thing, there is something missing.

An apology. Silver Star owes the world an apology, they need to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of the status of the designer with the company. Silver Star produced and distributed those t-shirts, hats and other products with Nazi symbols, there should be an apology. (Read after the break as to why they should apologize)


Watch AFAV's Awesome Documentary on Mosab vs. Mootje

It seems the way to go if you are a kickboxer who competes in the Netherlands is to allow a really tight documentary crew follow you around and document your fighting career. Luckily for us, it wasn't just the brains behind the Alistair Overeem hype train, but AFAV (Advanced Fighters Action Visuals) has been putting together some great videos, and the highlight being a 5-part series about the build-up to Mosab Amrani vs. Mohamed Khamal from It's Showtime 45. As we all saw, it was an absolute-war, one of the best fights of the year. Now watch part 5 of AFAV's awesome series and be in awe.


Gokhan Saki Wants to Fight Melvin Manhoef in Strikeforce

That headline will read as downright odd to anybody who follows kickboxing. Gokhan Saki is known as being one of the most exciting high level kickboxers in the world, who has overcome the odds over and over again. He is one of the few fighters who is always undersized going into his bouts, but always puts his all into every fight, leaving nothing to question.

Well, according to Saki's Twitter account, he wants to fight in Strikeforce.

My arm is oke I hope to fight at glory and in the summer for strike force!




If you are like me, you don't even know what to read into this. It is good that his arm is doing better now, and is perfectly logical that he wishes to fight for Golden Glory's next show, which is coming up in a few months. The surprise is that he wants to fight in Strikeforce. This, coming off some rather substantial rumors that It's Showtime is looking to break into the United States market next year and that their relationship with Scott Coker is "healthy" makes one wonder if maybe there is a chance of seeing some of the best kickboxers in the world fight in the US, regardless of the banner in 2011.

Of course, the kicker was him taking a pot shot at rival Melvin Manhoef.

Yes I like to fight manhoef at mma fight I win for sure by submussion heheheeheh!!!




Gokhan by armbar, somebody book this.

UPDATE: We've received word that this wasn't just a one-off joke post by Saki, there is some weight to this. Saki is in talks with Strikeforce.


Badr Hari Attempted to Pay Off Beaten Bouncer

If you've been paying attention to the kickboxing world in 2010 you'll notice that Badr Hari's name has been continually coming up in regards to a February altercation in front of an Amsterdam night club. This led to a brief stint in prison as well as Badr Hari missing the K-1 World Grand Prix, a glaring omission from this year's tournament for all the die hard fans.

Dutch newspaper "The Telegraaf" is now reporting that Badr Hari had originally paid off the bouncer to not come forward with his name. Through intermediaries, the bouncer had asked Badr Hari for 15,000 Euros (around $20,000 USD). Badr Hari's lawyer, Benedicte Ficq, decided that it was in their best interest to pay the bouncer some money to keep him quiet on the "false" allegations. Instead, they opted to pay 5,000 Euros (around $6,500 USD) as to not damage Hari's career.

"It was hush money paid to the doorman, who had been asked to stop discussing the incident. There is absolutely no truth to it. The doorman kept gossiping and chat that Hari had beaten him, which is not true. It could cause Hari lot of damage to his career, so I thought my client would be smart to pay. "

As you can see, this did not exactly turn out the way that they planned it.


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