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Paul Slowinski Settles the Score with Peter Graham While Looking Huge in Australia

Paul Slowinski and Peter Graham met for the third time over the weekend after trading wins over the past few years only for Paul Slowinski to score a third round knockout and secure the ISKA World Heavyweight Championship. Reports from fans in Australia say that Slowinski went on a tear in the third round, dropping Graham a total of three times; the first time he dropped Graham with leg kicks, while the second and third were due to body blows and caused the fight to be stopped.

The interesting note from those in attendance is that "The Sting" Slowinski is apparently in the best shape of his career now. One person even told that Slowinski had an "Ubereem-like transformation." That is, as always, a big deal for a guy like Slowinski, who at 6'3" and 240 lbs (190cm, 110kg) most of the time, adding some more muscle mass and weight could only help him compete against Super Heavyweights at a higher level.

Slowinski has always been a fighter who has just been on the cusp of greatness but has been held back by losses to more aggressive fighters like Ben Edwards, Gokhan Saki and Melvin Manhoef, as well as defensive fighters like Remy Bonjasky and Semmy Schilt. Slowinski is on a 5-fight winning streak now and is looking to fight Errol Zimmerman in the fall. We are still on the lookout for photos or videos from the event, but nothing yet.


Thailand vs. Europe, Sept. 17: Danyo Ilunga Returns

Elite Boxing is headed to Stuttgart, Germany on September 17th with another addition to their Thailand vs. Challengers series. The event is being hailed as Thailand vs. Europe, pitting Thai fighters against European fighters.

Elite Boxing is looking to expand their brand, with this being the first of two shows in Germany this year. They'll head back to Germany to do a show in Ulm in November, which will be touted as Thailand vs. Germany. Both of these German events will be broadcast live all over Europe on Eurosport. A Thailand vs. Russia themed event will also be held in Russia in October.

Elite Boxing is becoming a fun promotion to follow in the muay thai scene, and it should get even better as the number of events is supposed to get up to twelve by next year. Elite Boxing are really looking at making a run to be one of the top promotions in the world. The inaugural Thailand vs. Challengers series was broadcasted to 600 million homes in 180 countries across the world. They're trying to build off of that now by holding shows around the world and expanding.

Here's the full fight card of Thailand vs. Europe below:

Danyo Ilunga vs. Ramazan Ramazanov (K-1 Rules)

Fadi Merza vs. Madsua Lamai Gym

Andi Rogner vs. Jaochalam Chatrkanogym

Ait Said vs. Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn

Antoine Pinto (AKA Antuan Siangboxing) vs. Tanongdet Sengsimeugym


The LIVE stream of Battle in the Desert 3 is tonight, but check out the weigh-in results here

I'm not even sure how to approach the level of professionalism that's endemic to I can't open an article with an incoherent ranting about something I ate the previous night followed by a loosely associated Christopher Llyod reference. That's not going to work on this side of the MiddleEasy Network. These guys are kickboxing and Muay-Thai knowledge warriors. For today, I will play the guy in the back of the class copying off of Dave Walsh, Rian Scalia and Sam Sattler's homework. For the first time in the MiddleEasy Network history, I will leave in order to covertly hop over to and cover Lion Fight Promotions 'Battle in the Desert 3' being held in Primm, Nevada (yes, that's the same place Fallout 3: New Vegas took place). The event will be streamed LIVE at GFL at 8:00 pm EST so get your unhealthy and greasy snacks ready.

Here are the weigh-in results for the event, which also include some nifty pictures.

Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke “Zingano“ vs. Cosmo Alexandre - Muay-Thai giant, Cosmo Alexandre will face off against fellow Muay-Thai giant (and Lumpinee champion) Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke “Zingano“ in a middleweight superfight. Brazil meets Thailand, you don't want to miss this one. You meaning myself, at least.


Thai Fight Tournaments Announced For 67kg and 70kg

Today Muay Thai Authority has informed us of the lineups for Thai Fight's two tournaments, taking place at 67kg and 70kg. Notable names for the tournament include Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Abraham Roqueñi, Mosab Amrani and Hafid el Boustati. Each fighters in both tournaments are from a different country, making this a truly international affair. Here's the tournament lineups below:

-67kg (147lbs):
Chi Bin Lim vs. Fabio Pinca
Kem Sitsongpeenong vs. Yokoyama Shigeyuki
Mosab Amrani vs. Houcine Bennoui
Ibrahim Chiahou vs. Alessio Angelo

-70kg (154lbs):
Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Hicham Chaibi
Mickael Piscitello vs. Hafid el Boustati
Jose Barradas vs. Vuyisile Colossa
Abraham Roqueñi vs. Nishikawa Tomoyuki

The tournament will take place over three events, with these matches listed above being the quarter finals, held in Bangkok, Thailand on September 25th. The semi finals will be held on October 24th and the final on November 27th.

There are some very good match-ups in the quarter finals and they're something that everyone should definitely look forward to. We can expect videos to come out quickly, as the events are being televised in Thailand. [source]


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