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Enfusion Live Slovenia Tomorrow: Fight Card

Enfusion Live is back tomorrow from Novo Mesto, Slovenia with their fourth event of the year. 

Top 85kg fighter Franci Grajs was originally scheduled to fight Jaroslaw Zawodni but was injured. Tadej Toplak, who fought on Enfusion in Barcelona last month, took his place. A number of other Enfusion veterans are also on the card, such as Ilona Wijmans, Jasmin Becirovic and Mirko Vorkapic. K-1 veterans on the card include Longern Super Pro Samui and Samo Petje.

75kg: Ales Zavec vs. Stevan Zivkovic

67kg: Samo Petje vs. Rungsiam Super Pro Samui

85kg: Tadej Toplak vs. Jaroslaw Zawodni

57kg: Ilona Wijmans vs. Nevenka Mikulic

95kg: Jasmin Becirovic vs. Maxim Osiptsov

70kg: Mirko Vorkapic vs. Longern Super Pro Samui


Check Out the Road to GLORY 77kg Tournament Highlight Video

The GLORY World Series "Road to Glory" 77kg tournament brought together one of best collections of American kickboxers this year. After surprising everyone, including himself, heavy underdog Francois Ambang took home the $20,000 prize, defeating the biggest names of the competition in the process. As with all Road to Glory events, a highlight video surfaced capturing every knockdown, knockout, and decision victory.  



Badr Hari Rematching Zabit Samedov on May 25 in Moscow

There has been a lot of speculation as to when and where Badr Hari's next fight will be and today news has gotten out confirming his next fight.

Badr Hari's next fight will indeed be in Moscow, Russia on May 25, and he'll be fighting Zabit Samedov for the third time. The fight takes place on the first Legend Fighting Show, which also features a four man tournament consisting of Mike Zambidis, Dzhabar Askerov, Artur Kyshenko and Yury Bessmertny.


SUPERKOMBAT President Eduard Irimia Announces Official Split with K-1

For some time now, a lot of us have wondered about the exact relationship between SUPERKOMBAT and K-1. Last year the two companies announced a joint partnershp moving forward into 2013. However, it seemed that K-1's deals were potentially fated to go south, when we heard of rumblings within both organizations prior to the K-1 WGP 2013 in Croatia. 

Today, Superkombat President, Eduard Irimia, sent out a press release officially announcing that the two companies were no longer working today. What this means for K-1 is ominous at best. The Heavyweight WGP was made up of mostly Superkombat fighters, and it seems as though SK had been K-1's biggest backers until a series of unfortunate yet (probably) foreseen circumstances occurred during and afterwords the big show. 

We'll have an in-depth interview with Eduard Irimia on the particulars coming later this week, but for now check out his press release for full details leading up to the split. 

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