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W5 Slovakia: Nabiev, Sichtman Win Tournaments

W5 held their second event of the year yesterday, branching outside of Russia to Bratislava, Slovakia where they held two tournaments to crown two new champions. The two tournaments consisted of four fighters each and took place at 71kg and 75kg respectively, with the winners becoming W5 champions.

At 71kg, the field was set up with Hysni Beqiri vs. Vladimir Konsky and Alim Nabiev vs. Tevfik Sucu. Beqiri vs. Konsky was up first and was a non-stop fight. Beqiri hit Konsky with everything including the kitchen sink but Konsky still managed to valiantly fight back for the entire fight. Konsky had the more diverse attack while Beqiri, outside of a few kicks, only threw punches, seemingly trying to save his legs for the final. Beqiri was awarded a unanimous decision but couldn't continue to the finals due to injury, so Konsky moved on to the finals despite the loss.

The other 71kg semi final saw 18 year old Alim Nabiev put in another clinical performance as he schooled Tevfik Sucu and moved on to the finals with a unanimous decision win.

At 75kg, the semi finals saw Vladimir Moravcik fight Artem Litvinenko and Remy Bonjasky pupil Darryl Sichtman fight Konstantin Serebrennikov. Litvinenko hung with Moravcik for a short period of time, but eventually Moravcik took over by the second round and stopped Litvinenko with body punches, moving on to the final. In the other semi final, Serebrennikov was competitive with Sichtman, but it was the two knockdowns Sichtman scored that sealed the fight for him. Sichtman would land some perfectly placed and timed punches that sent Serebrennikov down.

So with the finals set, Alim Nabiev faced Vladimir Konsky at 71kg. It was almost identical to Nabiev's semi final fight, as he schooled Konsky over three rounds and was never close to being in danger. Nabiev won a unanimous decision and earned himself the W5 71kg title.

In the 75kg final, it was another action packed fight between Darryl Sichtman and Vladimir Moravcik. Moravcik was the much more experienced fighter and had much bigger names on his resume, but Sichtman overcame that and had Moravcik seemingly out on his feet at the end of the third round, and damaged from repeated low kicks. After three rounds the judges declared an extra round but Moravcik was unable to continue, therefore giving the win to Darryl Sichtman. Sichtman got the biggest win of his career to date and became the W5 75kg champion. 

71kg semi final: Hysni Beqiri def. Vladimir Konsky by unanimous decision.
71kg semi final: Alim Nabiev def. Tevfik Sucu by unanimous decision.
75kg semi final: Vladimir Moravcik def. Artem Litvinenko by KO (Body Punches) in Round 2.
75kg semi final: Darryl Sichtman def. Konstantin Serebrennikov by unanimous decision.

81kg: Pavel Turuk def. Marcel Jager by unanimous decision.
55kg: Alena Hola def. Ekaterina Vandaryeva by unanimous decision.
67kg: Maxim Shalnev def. Rudolf Durica by split decision.

71kg final: Alim Nabiev def. Vladimir Konsky by unanimous decision.
75kg final: Darryl Sichtman def. Vladimir Moravcik by TKO (Gave Up/Corner Stop) after Round 3.


K-1 World Grand Prix 2013 Live Results


It is finally upon us -- the time for the K-1 World Grand Prix to go down. You can purchase your live stream at K-1's site for $20 and it starts at 3PM Eastern Time (in under an hour). All of the fighters have made weight and are ready to go. The Finals look like this;

Reserve: Sergeii Laschenko vs. Dzevad Poturak - The first round was a close one, with both fighters being quite even, but Poturak landing the cleaner shots. The second round is more of the same with Laschenko starting to gas out and Poturak getting off some more clean shots, not doing much damage, but winning. Round 3 saw Poturak control the fight even more, he ran away with this one.

Winner: Dzevad Poturak

Catalin Morosanu vs. Pavel Zhuravlev - Morosanu comes in like Morosanu with crazy hooks, very aggressive. Zhuravlev is able to weather most of the storm without much damage. Second round sees a lot of the same, but Zhuravlev is able to catch Morosanu a few times and opens up a cut above the eye. Round 3 sees a lot of the same, with Morosanu being a little more tentative and picking his shots. Not a pretty fight. Zhuravlev was landing the cleaner shots.

Winner: Pavel Zhuravlev

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Jarrell Miller - Tough first round for both guys. Cro Cop went for some of his patented kicks, but they were all blocked. Miller worked some leg kicks and landed some decent punches from the clinch. Second round was all Miller with clinch knees and uppercuts. Cro Cop is gassing out, but, this is Croatia. Third round is more of the same, Miller landing the cleaner shots and being the clear aggressor. Annnnd Croatian judges give the fight to Cro Cop.

Winner: Mirko Cro Cop

Badr Hari vs. Zabit Samedov - Badr looks calm and collected, drops Samedov early. He lands a low blow and Samedov looks dead. Literally something happened at the end of the round and no one knows what, but Samedov had Hari rocked, there was no count and Hari kind of dropped Samedov but it didn't count? I don't know. Samedov landed some big bombs, Badr got a counter. Badr got a bit of a rest for a bloody nose, I don't even know. Hari with an assault on Samedov in R3 but jumps on him instead, then he hits him a few more times and the ref calls the count. Badr then runs away the rest of the round while Samedov taunts him to hit him. Just a weird, surreal fight.

Winner: Badr Hari

Ismael Londt vs. Hesdy Gerges - Londt went full force with Hesdy defending as well as he always does. One would guess his tactic was to let Londt gas. Londt slows down a bit in Round 2, Hesdy starts opening up a bit more, but Londt still controlling the ring. Londt continues to swarm Hesdy and lands a flying knee that breaks Hesdy's nose and Hesdy calls the fight.

Winner: Ismael Londt

Xi Chuang def. Samo Petje - Entertaining scrap, absolutely the best fight of the event thus far.

Emil Zoraj def. Giannis Sofokleus - Well, this was an interesting fight. Giannis took the fight on something like 12 hours notice and still really took it to Emil, but Emil was able to edge him out in the end.

Semi-Finals: Pavel Zhuravlev vs. Mirko Cro Cop - Missed most of this as the stream went down. The PPV went down as well, that is, the PPV never worked and everyone was accessing it for free so K-1 shut it down. Even those who paid can't figure out how to get it to work. Cro Cop won.

Winner: Mirko Cro Cop

An announcement is made that Badr Hari has broken his foot and will be replaced by Dzevad Poturak. Poturak is not in the arena, though, so they need to push one of the Superfights up to give them time to tell him.

Jason Wilnis def. Toni Milanovic - Wilnis looked great, demolished Milanovic in the first round, big knockout.

Semi-Finals: Dzevad Poturak vs. Ismael Londt - Londt looked great but Poturak held his own. Poturak fought well but a kick to the midsection broke his rib and he calls it quits in the second round.

Winner: Ismael Londt

Agron Preteni def. Andrei Stoica  - This fight was all Stoica, at least it should have been, until Preteni dropped him and really turned the tide of the fight. From that point on it was Preteni's fight.

Mladen Brestovic def. Frank Munoz  - Tough fight for Munoz who really just seems to not be able to find the right weight class. Brestovic was simply the better man tonight.

K-1 World Grand Prix Finals: Mirko Cro Cop vs. Ismael Londt - Londt was controlling things early on, but a left high kick knockdown in R2 by Cro Cop sealed the victory for him.

Winner: Mirko Cro Cop


Best of Siam 3 Results: Sitthichai Tops Pinca

Best of Siam 3 held another big show in Paris, France yesterday and by all accounts it was another evening of great Muay Thai.

In the main event, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong fought Fabio Pinca in a rematch from just over three years ago. Pinca wouldn't get revenge, as Sitthichai continued to show that at 67-70kg he's arguably the best in Muay Thai. Sitthichai dominated over the course of five rounds and got a clear unanimous decision victory.

Right before the main event was Kaoponlek taking on France's Mehdi Zatout. Kaoponlek, even at 36 years of age, is still a very formidable opponent and he showed exactly why, getting a unanimous decision victory, clearly controlling most of the fight.

Sitthichai's stablemate Kem Sitsongpeenong was also back in action, against fellow Yokkao Extreme competitor Mickael Piscitello. Like Sitthichai, Kem dominated his French opponent, scoring multiple knockdowns with elbows over the course of the fight. Kem would go on to get a unanimous decision win.

French up and comer Raphael Llodra got one of his biggest wins to date, defeating Marco Pique by TKO, after Pique failed to answer the bell before the fifth round. Apparently Pique was on the verge of throwing up. Llodra got stronger as the fight went on.

The lone women's bout of the evening was between France's Sandra Sevilla and England's Lucy Payne. In what was described as a close fight, Sevilla won a split decision. Some had Payne winning.

Much like Petchasawin's fight at Best of Siam 2 against Bobo Sacko, his fight yesterday against Charles Francois was also described as action packed. Francois got cut very early but managed to hang in the fight and hurt Petchasawin later on, before getting dropped with a high kick himself. In the end, Petchasawin walked away with a split decision win.

Another close fight on the card was a battle of two very bright up and comers, Ayoub El Khaidar and Sofiane Bougossa. Bogossa got a decision win in another fight that could've gone either way.

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong def. Fabio Pinca by unanimous decision.

Kaoponlek def. Mehdi Zatout by unanimous decision.

Raphael Llodra def. Marco Pique by TKO (Gave Up) after Round 4.

Kem Sitsongpeenong def. Mickael Piscitello by unanimous decision.

Sandra Sevilla def. Lucy Payne by split decision.

Petchasawin Seatransferry def. Charles Francois by split decision.

Sofiane Bougossa def. Ayoub El Khaidar by decision.

Fabrice Delannon def. Karim Joval by TKO in Round 4.


Karim Ghajji Scores Huge Tournament Win, Beats Lidon and Aikpracha

Nuit des Titans put on another big show in France today, which saw a four man tournament at 72.5kg, as well as a number of super fights featuring the likes of Fabio Pinca, Dernchonlek, Super X and Aziz Hlali.

The tournament featured Aikpracha Meenayothin, Yury Bessmertny, Yohan Lidon and Karim Ghajji. Aikpracha faced Bessmertny in the semi finals and in the other semi, Lidon fought Karim Ghajji, in what was a rubbermatch between the two.

Aikpracha defeated Bessmertny, but he needed an extra round to get a decision win. Aikpracha won rounds one and three, but in the second round he got dropped and almost got finished. The extra round was all Aikpracha, however.

Karim Ghajji and Yohan Lidon had fought twice before, with each of them winning once. The two times they fought had been under K-1 rules, and with this one being Muay Thai, it looked like Lidon was the favorite. Ghajji scored a decision victory though, in what seems to have been a very close fight much like their first two encounters.

The final was where the real shock of the event was. Karim Ghajji knocked out Aikpracha in the first round with a combination of a high kick, straight left, knee and a huge right hand to end things. This is a huge win for Ghajji, who doesn't normally even fight Muay Thai. Aikpracha, despite having fought a week ago, was the sure favorite to win the tournament. For Ghajji, this tournament win gives him a ton of momentum as he'll debut in GLORY in April in a big fight that will probably be announced soon.

Also on the card were some super fights. Fabio Pinca defeated his Thai adversary, Yakdam by decision. Apparently Pinca had a tough time with Yakdam's awkward style but still managed to get the win. Super X stopped Aziz Hlali in the first round, but the word is that it was a terrible stoppage and Hlali protested after. Dernchonlek Sor. Sor. Niyom cruised to a decision over Issam Reghi.

72.5kg semi final: Karim Ghajji def. Yohan Lidon by decision.

72.5kg semi final: Aikpracha Meenayothin def. Yury Bessmertny by decision in an extra round.

72.5kg final: Karim Ghajji def. Aikpracha Meenayothin by KO in Round 1.

68kg: Fabio Pinca def. Yakdam by decision.

68kg: Super X def. Aziz Hlali by TKO in Round 1.

73kg: Dernchonlek Sor. Sor. Niyom def. Issam Reghi by decision.

70kg: Aslan Oustarkhanov def. Mohamed Abdellaoui by KO in Round 1.

71kg: Yazid Bussaha def. Mahfoud Nafi by TKO in Round 3.


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