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Legend Fighting in Russia Full Results


The big LEGEND Fighting event went down today in Russia, featuring a return bout between Badr Hari, Aleksander Emelienanko vs. Bob Sapp in a MMA contest and a four-man, one night elimination tournament at 71kg featuring some truly great fighters.

Results are as follows.

Reserve: Alim Nabiev (R3 - Decision) Vyacheslav Borschev

MMA: Eduard Vartanyan (R2 - TKO) Sergei Khandozhko

Semifinal: Dzhabar Askerov (R2 - KO) Enrico Gogokhia

Semifinal: Artur Kyshenko (Ext.R - Decision) Yury Bessmertny

MMA: Alexei Nazarov (R3 - Decision) Mindaugas Verbickas

Superfight: Zabit Samedov (R2 - TKO) Badr Hari

Finals: Dzhabar Askerov (R3 - TKO) Alim Nabiev*

*Artur Kyshenko had to drop out due to injury

MMA: Alexander Emelianenko (R1 - TKO) Bob Sapp


Badr Hari Falls to Zabit Samedov at LEGEND in Russia in Round Two


Badr Hari is a fighter who is known for being one of the most explosive and entertaining fighters in the world to watch, mostly thanks to his reckless style of technique and fighting with raw emotion. A composed and focused Badr Hari can be a very dangerous fighter to be standing across the ring from, but as we’ve seen in the past before, Badr is not immortal and there are holes in his game. The holes in his game were on full display in March when he met Zabit Samedov in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8. In fact, due to some questionable refereeing, I even had some doubts about that fight, with Badr Hari clearly going down at least once without him being counted down.

What I am saying is that Zabit Samedov knew to weather the storm of Badr Hari’s barrage and to look for the perfect opening while he is overcommitting to his punches and to land a flush shot on the jaw. That is exactly what happened today in Russia as Samedov and Hari squared off in the LEGEND ring; Badr Hari came out like a man possessed while Zabit Samedov was calm and waited for the right opportunities, knocking him down once in the first round (although you could argue twice, one was ruled a slip as both men went down) and then in the second round waiting patiently again and landing a huge right uppercut followed by a left hand that sent Badr onto his knees, refusing to get up.

To many fans Badr Hari is an immortal who cannot be stopped, so the talk of this fight being fixed or a work is buzzing throughout the fight community right now. While that talk is hard to dismiss without hard facts, it is also hard to support without hard facts, either. Some of the hard facts involved in this are that Zabit Samedov knew how to connect with Hari in their last meeting and could have simply adjusted his game plan accordingly to make short work of the Bad Boy.



SuperKombat WGP Craiova Results


SuperKombat held their second show in their 2013 WGP series on Saturday in their home of Romania with some of their big hometown stars. There was a Heavyweight four-man tournament as well as a few Super Fights to round out the show. Sebastian Ciobanu walked away as the winner in the tournament, but not without a lot of doubt in the air as many believe that Frank Munoz rightfully won the bout and that Ciobanu was given a hometown decision by the judges.

The fans most likely went home happy as Ciobanu got his big victory and other hometown heroes by the way of Benjamin Adegbuyi and Catalin Morosanu picked up some wins as well.

Semi Finals: Frank Munoz (R3 - Dec.) Nikolaj Falin

Semi Finals: Sebastian Ciobanu (R3 - Dec.) Vladimir Toktasynov

Claudiu Badoi (R3 - Dec.) Stelios Papadopoulos

Benjamin Adegbuyi (R3 - Dec.) Jairizinho Rozenstruik

Stauros Exakoustidis (R2 - TKO) Ionut Atodiresei

Catalin Morosanu (R1 - TKO) Eduardo Mendes

Finals: Sebastian Ciobanu (Ext.R - Dec.) Frank Munoz


SuperKombat New Heroes Vienna Results


This was a pretty exciting weekend for Kickboxing fans and the hits just kept coming as the promotion that is known as probably the #2 Kickboxing promotion in the world, SuperKombat, held an outing in Vienna on the 10th. There were a few recognizable faces involved, as well as some fresh faces. SuperKombat always does a great job of bringing up new stars within their system, something that many other promotions have had problems with. Muamer Tufekcic had already won himself a spot on an upcoming SuperKombat WGP event, but his opponent this weekend, Agalar Sadikhadze fought an impressive fight, so much so that he was asked to participate in an upcoming event as well.

In attendance were international Kickboxing stars Remy Bonjasky, Semmy Schilt and Bogdan Stoica, who soaked in all of the action, being especially impressed by Sadikhadze. It should be noted that in what will serve as a warmup of sorts for his upcoming rematch with Badr Hari, Zabit Samedov made short work of the tough Wieslaw Kwasniewski with a big knockout in Round 1. It was another great event in the books for SuperKombat in 2013, with a big SuperKombat WGP event going down on May 18th in Craiova, Romania.

-64 kg: Turan Qafarov (Azerbaijan) def. Alexander Ramazotti (Italy) via Unanimous Decision

-91 kg: Vuqar Kazimov (Azerbaijan) def. Andreas Chomor (Hungary) via Unanimous Decision

-91 kg: Janos Nietlispach (Switzerland) def. Anar Mammadov (Azerbaijan) via Split Decision

-86 kg: Uros Bogojevic (Serbia) def. Etiram Rzayev (Azerbaijan) via Unanimous Decision

-75 kg: Husnu Sari (Turkey) def. Tural Bayramov (Azerbaijan) via TKO Round 3

-72 kg: Ramal Aslanov (Azerbaijan) def. Cristian Milea (Romania) via Split Decision

Heavyweight: Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) def. Wieslaw Kwasniewski (Poland) via KO Round 1

-72,5 kg: Parviz Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) def. Gabriel Bozan (Austria / Romania) via Unanimous Decision

-81 kg: Niels Wilmink (Holland) def. Kamil Sharifov (Azerbaijan) via Unanimous Decision

Heavyweight: Sam Tevette (Holland) def. Zamiq Atakishiyev (Azerbaijan) via Unanimous Decision

-72,5 kg: Alim Nabiyev (Azerbaijan) def. Adem Bozkurt (Turkey) via KO Round 1

Heavyweight: Muamer Tufekcic (Bosnia) def. Agalar Sadikhadze (Azerbaijan) via Unanimous Decision


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