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Lion Fight 10 Results

Lion Fight

So, I'm well aware that Lion Fight 10 went down last night, but where was the live coverage? Albuquerque has been in the middle of monsoon season, which means crazy storms, tons of lightning, flash flooding and everything else in the book outside of biblical plagues. For some reason my satellite never went down last night, but my internet was spotty at best, so here are the Lion Fight 10 results kind of late, but better than never.

The main event saw Yodsanklai batter and bruise Chike Lindsay, who had a good first round but then felt the full power of Yodsanklai and was unable to do much. The co-main event saw Matt Embree and Kevin Ross square off in a decision that is hotly-contested, but if you watch the fight closely, Embree was indeed the winner. Ross was applying a lot of pressure throughout the fight, but Embree was landing the cleaner strikes and counters. Ross rallied near the end, but it wasn't enough in the judges eyes to give him the W.

Tiffany Van Soest lived up to her hype in capturing the Lion Fight Women's Featherweight Championship against a tough Lucy Payne via a first round stoppage. A few well placed punches followed up by some brutal elbows was all that the ref needed to see before he stepped in to call the fight. Sean Kearney came in on late notice against a man he knows very well in Malaipet Sasiprapa and once again Malaipet was able to get the better of him, just working him over the whole fight with his kicks and clinchwork.

Ognjen Topic and Coke Chunhawat put on what was arguably the most entertaining fight of the night, as Ognjen was strong earlier on in the fight, but Coke was able to surge later in the fight thanks to the local fans cheering him on. It was a classic battle of Ognjen being stronger from the outside and Coke feeling more comfortable in close with the clinch. The opening fight saw two less experienced fighters in Jason Andrada and JP Cole square off in what was a good scrap and saw Andrada take the W.

Yodsanklai Fairtex (R5 - UD) Chike Lindsay

Matt Embree (R5 - UD) Kevin Ross

Tiffany Van Soest (R1 - TKO) Lucy Payne

Malaipet Sasiprapa (R5 - Dec.) Sean Kearney

Ognjen Topic (R5 - SD) Coke Chunhawat

Jason Andrada (R5 - UD) JP Cole


Take­On XXI Recap and Results


Take­On Productions returned to the Resorts World Casino for its 21st show last night with another great event for the New York fans. Several of the fights, including two of the three professional bouts, ended by TKO.

Jason Van Oijen (Dogen Gym NY) vs Georgui Smaguin (Pride Fitness & MMA NY)

An anticipated rematch after their first fight ended in a draw, both men came out hard, with Van Oijen, who had the distinct height advantage, getting the best of most of the exchanges, particularly in the clinch. After setting a very aggressive pace in the first two rounds, both men slowed considerably going into the latter half of the fight. Smaguin rallied in the 3rd round and threw several punches that sent the sweat spraying, but Van Oijen began unloading with kicks and hard combinations to the body in rounds 4 and 5, giving Van Oijen the win by UD as well as the 175 lbs Take­On title.

Jay Matias (Sitan Gym NY) vs John Vargas (Valor Muay Thai, San Diego, CA)

The co­main event showcased a beautiful technical performance by fan favorite, Jay Matias. Matias started slowly and looked very relaxed, holding most of his arsenal in check and striking mostly with his left side in Round 1. He unloaded with more power shots from his right side and increasingly complex combinations as the fight continued.

While the use of elbows in full rules Muay Thai bouts was only very recently legalized in New York, you wouldn’t know it from the way that Matias put them to work on Vargas, particularly a vicious lunging lead elbow that penetrated Vargas’s defense at will. Those watching closely may have recognized Monlit Sitpodaing in Matias’s corner, who is probably in no small part responsible for the evolution in Matias style. To give Vargas credit, he showed incredible heart and was in the fight pushing forward and hitting back up until the moment that Matias ended it with a spinning back elbow that opened Vargas’ forehead and prompted the guy sitting next to me to say, “Jay Matias wins by destruction.” The fight was stopped at 2:35 in Round 4, with Matias taking the victory by TKO.

Cyrus Washington (Sitan Gym NY) vs J. R. Hines (Unlimited MMA KY)

Many fans were looking forward to watching Washington fight again in New York after catching his last Take­On fight at MSG against Chike Lindsay. Sadly, it was over very quickly, as someone forgot to warn Hines that Washington has a really nasty spinning back kick. It’s only all over his highlight reels, and last night we saw it again, landing flush on Hines’ liver, ending the fight by TKO in Round 1.

Full Card & Results


GLORY 9 New York Live Results and Updates

Glory 9 New York is finally upon us! Tonight in New York City the best Light Heavyweights in GLORY will descend upon New York City for a one night, eight man tournament that is promising to deliver a lot of action. On top of that there are a lot of superb Super Fights for Glory's first outing in the United States, including Daniel Ghita vs. Brice Guidon, Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven and more!

The action starts at 6PM Eastern with the undercard and continues into the main card at 7:30PM Eastern. Join us here at for all of the updates and don't forget to purchase your live stream from us, as the only place in the United States that you'll be able to see GLORY 9 live is online. We'll be live tweeting the event (@LiverKickdotcom / @RianScalia) and updating on Facebook as well (


Reserve Fight - Randy Blake (R3 - Decision) Koichi Wanatabe

Reserve Fight - Artem Vakhitov (R1 - KO) Luis Tavares

Super Fight - Anderson Silva (Re - Decision) Daniel Sam

Tournament - Danyo Ilunga (R3 - Decision) Mourad Bouzidi

Tournament - Dustin Jacoby (R3 - Decision) Brian Collette

Tournament - Filip Verlinden (R3 - Decision) Steve McKinnon

Tournament - Tyrone Spong (R1 - KO) Michael Duut

Super Fight - Joseph Valtellini (R3 - KO - Leg Kicks) Francois Ambang

Super Fight - Daniel Ghita (R1 - KO) Brice Guidon

Semi-Finals - Danyo Ilunga (R3 - Decision) Dustin Jacoby

Semi-Finals - Tyrone Spong (R3 - Decision) Filip Verlinden

Super Fight - Wayne Barrett (R2 - TKO) Mike LeMaire

Super Fight - Rico Verhoeven (R3 - Decision) Errol Zimmerman

Finals - Tyrone Spong (R1 - KO) Danyo Ilunga


Road 2 GLORY USA Tulsa Results - Xavier Vigney Wins Tournament


There was yet another Road 2 GLORY USA event last night, this one featuring a Heavyweight tournament and a few familiar faces from last year's K-1 RISING in Los Angeles event, including James Wilson, Xavier Vigney and others. There were a few last minute changes in the tournament, but at the end of the night there was still one man standing, with that man being the relatively inexperienced Xavier Vigney who made his professional debut last year at K-1 RISING 2012.

Julian Walters (R3 - Dec.) Brian McVae

Xavier Vigney (R1 - KO) Jack May

Maurice Green (R1 - KO) Jerry Watterson

James Wilson (R1 - TKO) Steven Banks*

Semi-Finals: Xavier Vigney (R1 - TKO) Julian Waters

Semi-Finals: Maurice Green (R3 - Dec.) James Wilson

Finals: Xavier Vigney (R1 - KO) Maurice Green

*Banks was pushed over the top rope and out of the ring by Wilson, OSAC ruled it a TKO for Wilson as Banks was taken away in an ambulance.


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