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Krush.15 Preview: Shota Takiya vs Nobuchika Terado -55kg Title Fight

Krush kicks off 2012 with Krush.15 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Headlining the event are two title fights, with 55kg champion Shota Takiya defending his title against ISKA World Bantamweight champion Nobuchika Terado and 60kg champ Hirotaka Urabe taking on Naoki Ishikawa. This post will analyze the former of the two to see how these fighters stack up against each other.

Shota Takiya (c): 17-4-0 (11 KO) // 22 years old // 161 cm(5'4")

Nobuchika Terado: 27-7-1 (12 KO) // 31 years old // 166 cm(5'5")

Both fighters began their careers under the All Japan Kickboxing Federation banner, but Terado's career started 4 years before Takiya's. Takiya started out his career with 7 straight pro wins, including an amateur win under the K-1 Koshien banner, before losing for the first time in his young career in the finals of an AJKF Bantamweight tournament to determine who ended up being the final AJKF Bantamweight champ. The man he squared off with that night was none other than his opponent on Monday, Nobuchika Terado. After that fight, Takiya went a pedestrian 3-3 with losses to Ryuya Kusakabe and Koya Urabe before rattling off 8 straight wins and capturing the Krush 55kg title with a win over Kusakabe in a rematch. Currently, Takiya is one of the hottest fighters in Japan and is tearing through opponents with 5 of those 8 wins coming via stoppage. Most recently, Takiya battered the UK's Damien Trainor over the course of 2 rounds before finishing the fight with a jumping left knee at the beginning of the 3rd. Terado has been a top fighter at 55kg since his entrance in the sport and despite his age, has proved to be a tough matchup for anyone. Since his first meeting with Takiya back in 2009, Terado is 7-2 with 4 stoppages. His most recent loss was in the quarterfinals of the Krush 55kg tournament that Takiya won where Terado was dragged into a brawl with the aforementioned Ryuya Kusakabe. In that fight, Terado was overwhelmed by Kusakabe's speed and power, getting knocked down 3 times and losing a decision despite knocking down Kusakabe once himself. His most recent fight was a win over Brit Kieran McAskill for the ISKA World Bantamweight title in which Terado scored 5 knockdowns, mostly due to leg kicks.

Shota Takiya's biggest strengths are his power and explosiveness. When he throws, he tends to throw a lot and in combination and if even one of those shots land, particularly his big left hand, it could be the end of the night for Terado. Other offensive tools that Takiya possesses are his powerful jumping left knee and his front kick. Takiya has recorded 3 knockouts with his front kick and 3 with his jumping knee. Takiya's biggest weaknesses are his propensity to get hit and his lack of offense from a distance. Takiya's explosive offensive style leaves a lot of holes in his defense and his brawling style has made him more likely to take one to give one. He also lacks offense when he is successfully neutralized at range. This would be a positive for Terado whose best offense comes when he controls the range and is able to close the distance and land with combinations. However, Terado has shown that he is unable to control range against pressure fighters and if he is unable to get into his rhythm, there is a likelihood he will be bested. Other tools that Terado possesses are his counter-punching complimented by his head movement and his leg kicks at range. When Terado fights his best, he keeps his opponents on the end of his leg kicks, then makes his opponent miss and lands a counter shot or combination that often hurts his opponent. As I mentioned earlier, he struggles when his opponent constantly comes forward and he often lets himself get drawn into a brawl, like he did against Ryuya Kusakabe who outgunned him and unfortunately for Terado, Kusakabe was outgunned by Takiya in their second affair.

Takiya's key to victory is to constantly come forward and pressure Teardo, making him uncomfortable. If Takiya continues to come forward and throw with power and speed, he will eventually tag Terado, who, when pressured, often forgets to utilize his head movement. Once he is hurt, Terado often commits to a brawl and if that should happen, Takiya will likely score yet another stoppage victory. Terado's key to victory is movement. If he moves constantly and stays on the outside of the ring, he will be able to keep Takiya at a distance and neutralize Takiya's offense. Though he has been unable to do this against pressure fighters, if Terado combines his leg kicks with head movement, Takiya will leave himself open for counters that Terado can capitalize on. If he can pounce when Takiya makes mistakes and keep Takiya off of him, Terado could see himself walking away with a decision victory.

If I had to pick, I'd take Takiya in the rematch by stoppage. He holds the advantages in speed, power and explosiveness and I believe he has more offensive tools and ways to finish the fight. Terado's last two losses have come to faster, more powerful fighters and that is exactly what Takiya is. Everything I've seen of Terado has suggested that he cracks under offensive pressure and that is what Takiya does best.

Fight videos of both fighters after the break


Badr Hari Public Workout on January 14 at Mike's Gym


Leading up to Badr Hari's last kickboxing match on January 28 against Gokhan Saki, It's Showtime has organized a public workout for Badr Hari at Mike's Gym on January 14. The public workout is open to anyone and everyone, and it's free. Fans can attend the workout and there will be opportunities for autographs and photos.

This is a good move by It's Showtime to generate more interest for the event on January 28. I'd expect a big turnout at Mike's Gym on January 14, as Badr Hari is arguably the biggest star in kickboxing. All of our readers in the Netherlands should definitely try to attend if they can, as this could be Badr's last kickboxing match.

Here's the full press release from It's Showtime:

January 2, 2012 -

The first, and last, public workout of Badr Hari will take place on January 14 in Mike's Gym, Skoon 21 in Oostzaan, The Netherlands.

This unique public workout is not only accessible to the press, but for everyone, and for free. Everyone who has always wanted to see how Badr prepares himself for his January 28 fight against Gökhan Saki can now grab his chance!

Besides the different training techniques there will also be some ferocious sparring matches. There will also be an opportunity for autographs and photos.

The public workout will start on January 14 at 13h00. Press can register by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For fans, there is no need to register.

There are only approximately 900 tickets left for the IT'S SHOWTIME event on January 28. The VIP tables are completely sold out.


Does Tim Sylvia Get What He's Getting Into Against Jerome Le Banner?

While it is understood that Tim Sylvia has participated in IGF's brand of professional wrestling before and probably has an understand of what to expect, Tim Sylvia's last IGF match was against Josh Barnett. Josh Barnett is a rare example of a MMA fighter who went ahead and learned the art of pro wrestling and participated in pro wrestling for the past few years outside of his MMA obligations. To be brief, Barnett knows how to work with an untrained wrestler and make sure that they don't get hurt.

Jerome Le Banner, who Tim Sylvia will step into the ring against, is a different story. Jerome's run in IGF has involved some absolute maulings. The line between fake and reality is blurred when JLB steps into the ring and starts raining down blows. Sure, he'll pull as many as he can, but when he hits, he hits, and hard. I guess the question is, will this bout remain civil and planned, or will having two professional fighters without a lot of professional wrestling experience end up in two guys trying to legitimately beat each other up? Watch JLB's bout from July against Erik Hammer and decide for yourself.


Happy Holidays From

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from We thank you all for the tremendous year that you, the readers, fighters, promoters, managers and everyone else has helped give us here at We hope that no matter what holidays you celebrate that you are able to relax and spend some time with the people you actually can tolerate! Let's face it, that photo of Ubereem as Santa is still the most pertinent thing we've got going on in combat sports.


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