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Glory Announces Lineup For 70kg Tournament Starting In May

During today's Glory World Series event, Bas Ruuten, Cor Hemmers and Ramon Dekkers took some time out to make a trip to center ring for an announcement. They announced the lineup and format for the 70kg tournament, which will begin in May.

There will be 16 fighters fighting to qualify for the "Final 8." This is just like the K-1 format except under the "Glory World Series" banner. Names announced to participate in the tournament were:

Giorgio Petrosyan

Dhzabar Askerov

Yoshihiro Sato

Robin Van Roosmalen

Fabio Pinca

Ky Hollenbeck


Alex Vogul

Denis Schneidmiller

Chaz Mulkey

Maxim Vyrovsky

Mohammed El Mir

It's a bit of an odd lineup, considering that four of these fighters, Fabio Pinca, Alex Vogel, Dennis Schneidmiller and Mohmamed El Mir don't even fight fight at 65-67kg and don't even fight at 70kg. Another thing is that most of these fighters aren't considered to be the elite at 70kg. Giorgio Petrosyan, Robin van Roosmalen and Yoshihiro Sato are the three top fighters in the tournament. There's still four more slots to go, it looks like, so we'll see who else they get. I think I might've seen Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong but I couldn't tell as the audio was very bad and the camera didn't pan to the fighters' pictures. Interestingly enough, they've also gotten two Americans in Ky Hollenbeck and Chaz Mulkey.

The prize money for the tournament will be $300 000 USD. Glory will also be holding an 85kg tournament with $300 000 USD on the line and a heavyweight tournament with $400 000 USD on the line some time this year.


How To Watch Glory World Series Live Tomorrow, March 23

Whenever there's a big kickboxing event, everyone wants to find out how to watch live. Tomorrow's Glory World Series show is no exception, as it boasts a strong card featuring the return of four time K-1 World Grand Prix winner, Semmy Schilt. There are multiple ways that you can watch this event live and we've got you covered on how you can tune in.

It must be noted that the event is at 11:00 AM EST/8:00 AM PST in North America. In Europe it starts at 3:00 PM CET. Locally in Moscow, it starts at 6:00 PM. I'm even gonna give the time for those of you down under in Australia, it starts at 2:00 AM Sydney time.

Where to watch:

Russia and former Soviet countries: Rossiya 2 will be showing the full broadcast live.

Worldwide: There are a few options here. The full event will be streaming live on where it can be purchased for $15 USD through credit card or Paypal. You can also choose to subscribe for $10 USD a month and be able to watch the show. Alternatively, the full event will be streaming live on for the same price of $15 USD.

Canada: The Fight Network will be showing the event live.

Full fight card here.


Photo(s) of the Day: Fighters Weigh in for GLORY World Series in Moscow

The GLORY World Series is tomorrow with three big Heavyweight bouts coming to you live. The featured bouts of the evening are Errol Zimmerman taking on Jerome Le Banner, Semmy Schilt returning after a long layoff against Brice Guidon and the main event featuring hometown fighter Sergei Kharitonov squaring off with America's Mark "Fightshark" Miller.



Mike Zambidis vs. Mohamed Khamal, April 21 In Athens

Mike Zambidis hasn't fought since his loss to Batu Khasikov in November where he suffered a broken jaw. It was uncertain when "Zambo" would come back and there are still rumors afloat that he'd rematch Khasikov in June. For the time being though, Zambidis has a fight set.

Zambidis today posted on his Facebook page that he'll be fighting Mohamed Khamal on April 21 at the SEF Stadium in Athens, Greece. It's a great fight, pitting two of the more exciting fighters at 70kg against each other. Zambidis doesn't fight in Greece all that often so a big crowd should be on hand much like his past fights in the country.

Mohamed Khamal has shifted his focus more to Muay Thai but it appears that that won't stop him from still participating in some kickboxing bouts, which I can assume that this is because Zambidis only fights in kickboxing rules. It'll also be a hop back up to around 70kg for Khamal, who has been fighting at 67kg as of late and will be doing so in May against Saiyok Pumphanmuang.

This also raises the question of if Khamal is still participating in the Muay Thai tournament that Kader Marouf is putting on in Lyon on April 5. It would look like he isn't anymore, as that is a one night tournament under full Muay Thai rules and he'd most likely be in no shape to fight Zambidis a few weeks later.


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