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Warman's Kickfighting Show #77: Oh Buakaw

While coming up for the primer for this podcast, I ended up instead writing about the human experience and being exceptional. That is life, sometimes. Last night Steven Wright (@steventhewarman), Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@liverkickdotcom / @locuststar) once again banded together in a feedback-induced haze to discuss the latest in the world of Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Find it on iTunes [keyword: LordGaul] or check it on Steven's blog.


Warman's Kickfighting Show #75: SuperKombat, Robin van Roosmalen and More

Steven "The Warman" Wright's kickfighting podcast is back once again for the 75th edition of the show. Steven and myself, Rian Scalia, talked about last weekend's action including SuperKombat, Robin van Roosmalen's fight, W5, Tatneft and more. You can find Steven on Twitter at @steventhewarman and myself at @rianscalia. To listen to the podcast, you can listen or download it from Steven's blog, or the easiest way is to get it off iTunes by just searching lordgaul. 


Warman's Kickfighting Show #74: This Weekend's Kickfighting Action

Steven "The Warman" Wright (@steventhewarman) and myself (@rianscalia) sat down today to discuss all things kickfighting in the 74th edition of Warman's Kickfighting Show. We discussed all the upcoming action in the kickfighting world, including tomorrow's SuperKombat card and Sunday's "Vuisten Van Vuur" event in the Netherlands with Robin van Roosmalen, Harut Grigorian and Faldir Chahbari. We also discussed Daniel Ghita's move to train with Alistair Overeem, Tyrone Spong and the Blackzillians in Florida.

As always, you can find the podcast on Steven's podbean or the easiest way, by typing in "lordgaul" on iTunes and listening there.



LiverKick Interviews Mr. K-1 Peter Aerts


There are not many men who epitomize an entire sport or way of life quite like Peter Aerts does for K-1. In the world of Kickboxing, Aerts is a legend with a whopping three K-1 World Grand Prix victories under his belt and out of all of the years of the WGP happening, only missing one year. It is safe to say that Peter Aerts is cut from a different cloth than everyone else is, and that he was born to be a fighter. To say that Aerts does not like to give interviews is an understatement, especially when it comes to interviews to international media, so when we got the green light from Peter’s wife, Esther, it came almost as a shock to us.

We caught up with Peter Aerts after he landed in Japan last week, in preparation for last week’s Inoki Genome Federation professional wrestling event. We were lucky enough to discuss some current events with him, on a wide range of topics from his retirement, the state of kickboxing all the way to pro wrestling. Peter’s whole career has been full of hefty challenges, and in his final fight it will be no different, as he challenges the young and dangerous Tyrone Spong. The question was burning in my mind, why would Peter Aerts take such a tough opponent for his last fight, although he made the answer sound so simple.


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