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Ray Sefo vs. Mirko Cro Cop Video

In the main event today at Cro Cop Final Fight, Mirko Cro Cop took on Ray Sefo. The fight was in front of 20 000 fans at the Zagreb Arena in Zagreb, Croatia. The two had never met in K-1 and now after so many years gone by, they finally met in the ring past their primes and up there in age.


Cro Cop Final Fight Open Workouts: Daniel Ghita and Igor Jurkovic

Cro Cop Final Fight is two days away and yesterday the press conference was held in Zagreb. Today was the open workouts that featured Daniel Ghita and Igor Jurkovic ahead of their fights on Saturday. Mirko Cro Cop could not be present at the open workouts as he encountered some personal problems but he will be at the weigh in tomorrow. The video just consists of both fighters hitting mitts but it's always interesting to see fighters train. Jurkovic and Ghita both looked strong and poised for their fights at the Zagreb Arena on Saturday.


KRUSH.16 Videos: Yuta Kubo vs. Francois and Sato vs. Merza

Just when you had given up hope of watching the recent KRUSH.16 event a shining beacon of hope comes through and two of the feature bouts from the event have made their way to the internet in all of their glory. We've heard the complaints about lesser competition, how these guys can do better, now it is time to watch the fights and decide. Yuta Kubo took on Charles Francois and Yoshihiro Sato vs. Fadi Merza. Enjoy.


Liked Anthony Pettis' High Kick KO? Check Out Catalin Morosanu's

SuperKombat had their first show of the year yesterday and in a surprising result, Catalin Morosanu won the four man tournament, beating Utley Meriana and Anderson "Braddock" Silva. I certainly didn't expect Morosanu to pull it off, and he deserves a lot of props. He looked better than he ever has before, but that's not exactly what this post is about. Anthony Pettis scored a stoppage with a high kick and punches on the ground tonight at UFC 144, but Morosanu also knocked his opponent, Utley Meriana, down with a high kick - except Meriana was completely out. Check out this impressive performance by Catalin Morosanu, capped off with a devastating high kick KO. If you don't have any patience, skip to 6:05 of the video.


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