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K-1 Rising 2012 in Madrid Official Trailer

There's been a bunch of trailers floating around for K-1 lately and all of them have been touted as official by a lot of people. They were all taken down shortly after though. Now K-1 finally released a trailer themselves, via their Twitter today. They also have a new Youtube channel, K1TVsince2012, which might mean that they actually don't have the original K-1 Youtube account that has been uploading old fight videos lately. They don't have the original K-1 Facebook page so it seems likely. Anyway, check out the new and official trailer for the event on May 27.


Krush.18 and Krush-EX Vol.1 Fight Videos

For you Krush fans waiting for recent event videos to surface, your day has come. The main events from Krush.18 and Krush-EX vol.1 have popped up on youtube thanks to a channel most of you are likely familar with, GalaxyJill. Fights include Krush -63kg champ Ryuji Kajiwara taking on 2008 K-1 Koshien champ HIROYA, Krush -60kg champ Hirotaka Urabe taking on MMA fighter Masato Kobayashi and Krush -55kg champ Shota Takiya taking on ISKA UK 55kg champ Reece Crooke from Krush.18, as well as ISKA World -55kg champ Nobuchika Terado taking on unbeaten Team Dragon prospect Namito Izawa and Team Dragon's Takumi, who is set for a title eliminator, against KO-ICHI from Krush-EX 2012 vol.1.

Ryuji Kajiwara vs Hiroya


Shota Takiya vs Reece Crooke


Hirotaka Urabe vs Masato Kobayashi

Nobuchika Terado vs Namito Izawa

Takumi vs KO-ICHI


Daniel Ghita vs. Brian Douwes Video

Daniel Ghita hasbeen very active as of late and today he returned to the ring against Brian Douwes at It's Showtime 56 in Kortrijk, Belgium. This bout was pretty much a stay busy fight, two weeks before his fight at K-1 against Paul Slowinski. As usual, when Ghita goes up against lower level competition, he creates some highlight reel material. That's exactly how this fight ended, so check it out.

K-1 World Max 2012 Final 16 in Madrid - Official Trailer

Well shortly after that K-1 promo came out and was taken down in a small time period, now there's a new one again. This time, it doesn't look like an It's Showtime video. I don't know how the trailer got out, but a few people have uploaded it and until K-1 uploads it themselves, it looks like we'll be looking at a version that isn't the best quality. But hey, it's a new K-1 trailer for the event on May 27 in Madrid, Spain which features the K-1 World MAX Final 16 and names such as Badr Hari, so check it out.


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