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Tyrone Spong True to His Roots, Not Turning Back on Kickboxing

There is a lot of "will he or won't he" going on on the topic of the future of Tyrone Spong. It is no secret that Spong is currently living and training in Florida with the team aptly named the "Blackzillians" being headed by Rashad Evans with a veritable dream team of Cosmo Alexandre, Melvin Guillard, Anthony Johnson, JZ Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago, the Villeforts and a lot more. He initially hooked up with Rashad Evans to help Evans train his stand up, and began training with him more and more. The questions always seem to fall on if Spong will continue Kickboxing or if he'll leave for MMA, which was a big story last year with a lot of uncertainty behind the future of K-1.


It's Showtime Japan Gets a Venue in Yokohama

Part of the challenge of booking events in Japan for an outside promoter is picking the right venue in the right city, making sure there is access for fans to public transportation and that you'll actually be able to sell tickets to the show. It's Showtime has already announced that in September they will be heading to Japan for their first "It's Showtime Japan" show. Don't get confused, because there have been "Countdown to It's Showtime Japan" events held in Japan, co-promoted by REBELS Muay Thai and M-1 Muay Thai in Japan, but this event will be the first fully-fledged It's Showtime event to happen in Japan.

It's Showtime has decided to head to Yokohama, the second-most populated city in Japan and home to quite a few big sporting events. Many K-1 events have been held in Yokohama, but in the 17,000+ seat Yokohama Arena. Instead, It's Showtime is setting its sights on a more modest venue, the Pacifico National Convention Hall of Yokohama, which seats around 5,000 people. For a first show in Japan with a brand like It's Showtime, booking a venue of that size is a good move, as if there is a lot of demand for tickets, there will be a buzz created, and no matter what they should be able to fill the venue up, depending on the names booked for the card.

There have also been some pretty intense rumors about this possibly being a co-promotion between It's Showtime and EMCOM's K-1, but nothing official has come out yet.


Watch Bloodstain Lane Talk It's Showtime

Let's be honest, love him or hate him, Bloodstain Lane is a guy that talks and people pay attention to him. His passion for Kickboxing is a very welcome addition to the world of kickboxing and his latest video goes into detail on his thoughts on last weekend's huge It's Showtime card. The first part of the video is where he runs down his thoughts on Gokhan Saki, Badr Hari and how insanely brutal Daniel Ghita's knockout was on Hesdy Gerges.


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