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Daniel Ghita Flattens Hesdy Gerges to Win It's Showtime Heavyweight Title

GhitaA huge rematch from one of the best Heavyweight bouts from last year, and this time Hesdy Gerges will be defending his It’s Showtime Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Ghita. This is one of the better match ups currently at Heavyweight between two fighters who have been on the way up, both with some hiccups as hey move up the ranks. The last fight was a tough three-round bout, this time with five rounds it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Gerges starts off trying to keep the distance with a body kick while keeping Ghita’s leg kicks in check, but that can’t last that long. Both men in tremendous shape. Ghita has Gerges in the corenr and lands a huge right that wobbles Gerges, but Gerges somehow recovers! They have been in the same corner the whole round, both men being very patient and just looking for the right opening. Ghita finally finding some luck with the leg kick and is following up with his hands.

Out of nowhere, Daniel Ghita lands an absolutely incredible left hook that puts Gerges down and OUT! Ghita was in incredible shape and has vastly improved his hands and his patience. Masterful performance by Ghita.

Daniel Ghita wins R1 via KO.


Robin van Roosmalen Wins Close Decision over Murat Direcki at It's Showtime 55

RVRMurat Direcki is the former It’s Showtime 70kg MAX Champion and has had a very good career, picking up some great wins but struggling against some of the elites. RvR has been on fire, winning the It’s Showtime Fast & Furious MAX tournament and announcing himself to the world. Robin is looking to keep his momentum going in 2012 with a big win over Direcki.

Both men tentative to engage, feeling each other out while Direcki keeps Robin at a safe distance with push kicks, but Robin follows up with a beautiful, Gokhan Saki-like combination with his hands and low kicks. Robin rushes in and lands a monster left hook and then swarms Direcki who is able to recover and get some distance. Direcki looks to keep Robin at a distance with some kicks and jabs to finish out the round. Great first round, nice and close with Direcki controlling the pace but Robin having moments of brilliance.

The second round sees Direcki continuing to keep Robin at a distance while Robin looking to get on the inside and land some great combos. Both men are just exchanging looking for an opening, with Direcki throwing in more volume and using his push kick beautifully. Robin is landing the stronger shots and stumbles Direcki with a massive leg kick, he is able to recover but the ref calls time to have a doctor treat Direcki’s cut. I’m glad that I don’t have to score this round or fight. Wow.

Third round sees Direcki still using the push kicks and his jab to control the distance while Robin backs him up looking to land big combinations. Direcki probably scoring more, but weaker shots compared to Robin’s. Robin puts together a combination and finally scores with a right that sends Murat into the ropes, but Direcki recovers and in a clinch there is a clash of heads that leads to a cut on Direcki’s other eye. Robin finally having some luck with combinations ending by coming up the middle. He is finally scoring some good shots, but Direcki is able to hold on.

We go to the score cards and the judges 4-1 give it to Robin van Roosmalen. Murat Direcki grabs the mic and announces his retirement, but after a performance like that, one would hope not.


Errol Zimmerman Crushes Rico Verhoeven in R1 With an Uppercut at It's Showtime 55

ERROLZThis is a big fight for both men. For Rico after taking a gift decision over Hesdy Gerges he has to prove that he belongs at the top, and for Errol after having a great 2011, he is out to prove that no one can derail his quest to the top.

The first round starts off with Rico cutting off the ring and getting Errol into the corner using some knees to the body while Errol looks to back Rico up with his powerful hands and a few body kicks. Rico shows patience going for a left jab right leg kick combo and Errol sees the opening to land a deadly combination with his hands and put Rico flat on his back.

Rico is OUT! It was a brutal left hand that put Rico down and he can’t get up in time. Brutal four punch combo by Zimmerman and Saki is out to celebrate with Zimmerman.

Errol Zimmerman vis KO in R1.


It's Showtime's June 30th Event Moving to Brussels

There might come a time when the Netherlands may no longer be home to any big Kickboxing events at all, and we are fast approaching that time. Ultimate Glory used to run cards in Amsterdam, as did It's Showtime, and as time moves on, it appears that officials in the Netherlands have gotten their wish of no more martial arts events in their cities. It's Showtime was having some issues with recent events, including the December event that was cancelled on short notice and It's Showtime 55 this weekend under a threat from local officials. This weekend's event will go on without a hitch, but as for future events, it is not clear.

FightStarTV posted a video interview with Simon Rutz earlier where Simon discusses the BIBOB situation within the Netherlands and how difficult it is to promote within It's Showtime's home nation. This could ultimately result in It's Showtime packing up and moving their operations.

It looks like for the big upcoming Peter Aerts retirement event, which was scheduled to be held on June 30th in the Netherlands will no longer be in the Netherlands, and instead take place in Brussels, Belgium. This is a major win for the Belgian and a loss for the Dutch, and there are even rumbles of the whole operation moving to Belgium, where it is a lot more friendly to events. It's Showtime should be announcing the card for the June 30th event live during It's Showtime 55, so look forward to learning more on that show and more soon. [source]


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