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It’s Showtime Headed to Japan in September

After holding a series of co-promoted It’s Showtime Japan Countdown cards over the past year, It’s Showtime is holding its first official card in Japan on September 17th at Yokohama National Convention Hall, featuring Daniel Ghita, 85kg champ Sahak Parparyan, It’s Showtime Fast and Furious Tournament champ Robin van Roosmalen, Andy Ristie and Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima, among others. This has been anticipated for about a year, as It’s Showtime had its first co-promotion in Japan with REBELS last July, sending 70kg kingpin Giorgio Petrosyan to take on Hinata. Since, there have been about 7 or 8 more co-promoted cards, but they haven’t featured any other European-based It’s Showtime fighters.

So far, there is only one fight set for the card, It’s Showtime Japan 95kg champion Toshio Matsumoto taking on It’s Showtime 85kg champion Sahak Parparyan. Matsumoto (36-9-6, 29 KO) is currently riding a 7 fight win streak, most recently defeating Koichi Pettas for the It’s Showtime Japan 95kg title back in February, which I initially though would set him up for a showdown with 95kg champ Danyo Ilunga. However, the 37 year old Matsumoto gets just as unfavorable a matchup against the 23 year old Parparyan (45-7-4, 19 KO). Parparyan is currently riding a 6 fight win streak, including his biggest win to date over Mourad Bouzidi and most recently defending his 85kg title against Andrew Tate at It’s Showtime 56 in May. There was no indication of what weight the fight is taking place at.

In a bout that I believe will be for the vacant It’s Showtime 65kg title, K-1 veteran Chi Bin Lim will face a yet to be named opponent. Lim earned a shot at then champion Orono Wor Petchpun at the first It’s Showtime Japan Countdown card with a win over Mosab Amrani, but with Orono making a transition to MMA, the title is now vacant. It would be nice if they could bring in someone like Yuta Kubo, but I think T-98 or a European fighter will likely be who they go after.

Also set to participate on the card are Daniel Ghita, Robin van Roosmalen, Andy Ristie, Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima, Masahiro Yamamoto, Kizaemon Saiga and Hiroki Nakajima. If Nagashima and Nakajima are matched up with Roosmalen and Ristie, it probably won’t go very well for the Japanese fighters as Roosmalen and Ristie are very gifted offensively while Nagashima and It’s Showtime Japan 70kg champ Nakajima have, by far, the worst defense of the top 70kg fighters in Japan. I also expect Masahiro Yamamoto and Kizaemon Saiga to face off in a fight that could determine It’s Showtime 61kg champ Javier Hernandez’s next opponent. Yamamoto won two fights that were marketed as more or less title eliminators against Arita Tsukahara and Genki Yamamoto, but has yet to reap any benefits from them while Saiga won a fight over Arita Tsukahara a few months back that was marketed as a 61kg playoff for It’s Showtime and both fighters are good enough that it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could challenge Hernandez, as Yamamoto challenged for the It’s Showtime title once in the past.


Watch This Awesome Aerts vs. Spong Hype Video

On June 30th Peter Aerts will square off against Tyrone Spong in a fight being sold as his "Benelux" retirement, the last time he'll fight in his home region of Europe. Aerts, as always, is looking for a real challenge. Tyrone Spong is young and in the top of his career, while Aerts is pushing 40 but still on top of the world. What is interesting to note is that Peter Aerts has signed with Glory Sports International and will participate in their World Grand Prix, while mo ey is on Spong being involved in K-1's World Grand Prix.

Check out this awesome hype video by our good friend Steven Wright.


It's Official, Another Opponent Pulls Out From Fighting Daniel Ghita

GhitaDaniel Ghita has a tough time of late when it comes to finding an opponent and having that opponent not pull out. At K-1 Rising 2012 in Madrid he ran through a gambit of something like five potential opponents before Wendell Roche stepped in on very late notice and took his beating like a man. Daniel Ghita has a fight coming up on June 30th for It's Showtime, and his original opponent of Frederic Sinistra... has pulled out of the fight.

Yet another unfortunate turn of events for Daniel Ghita. We've been hearing this for a while now, and that Dzevad Poturak would most likely be stepping in, and now on Daniel Ghita's Facebook he has confirmed the change of events. We give props to Dzevad Poturak for not being scared and looking to fight like a man.

"hello,my next fight 30 june in Belgium but not with Frederic Sinistra because he refused to fight and my new opponent is Dzevad Poturak,see you ...Daniel"


It's Showtime 56 Tomorrow Features Daniel Ghita, 85kg Title Fight

It's Showtime is back tomorrow with their second event of the year in Kortrijk, Belgium, and while it's not on the level of their big card that happened on January 28, or the upcoming June 30 one, it still has some good fights.

Headlining the card is Daniel Ghita, who returns to the ring after a stoppage victory over Sergei Lascenko in March. Ghita faces Brian Douwes, who replaced Sebastian van Thielen. This is really just a tune up for Ghita leading into his fight at K-1 on May 27 against Paul Slowinski. It's always great to see Ghita fight, and with him being this active so far this year, I don't really have a problem with it ahead of a big fight at K-1's return.

In probably the most important fight on the card, Sahak Parparyan is back down at 85kg to defend his It's Showtime 85MAX World Title against England's Andrew Tate. There's been a lot of trash talk leading into the fight, with both men even betting 1000 Euros on the outcome. While Andrew Tate isn't that known, all kickboxing fans should take notice tomorrow. He's a good fighter with huge punching power that comes from a full contact background, and stopped both of his opponents on the Enfusion show, which Sahak was also on. The question mark about Tate is his level of competition. Sahak has proven himself against good fighters, but Tate is no slouch and I expect a very good, competitive fight.

Sergei Lascenko is also back in action on the card. He fights Salah Edine Kandoussi, who I can't find anything about so I'll just assume it's a bout similar to Daniel Ghita's and that Lascenko should roll on to his fight with Rico Verhoeven on May 27 for K-1. Rustemi Kreshnik and Michael Duut meet up in a heavyweight bout, as well as up and coming prospect Jason Wilnis, who takes on Cheick Sidibe at 85kg.

You can purchase the event and watch it live at The event starts at 4PM ET/11 AM PT in North America. If you're in Canada, it'll be live on The Fight Network.

Fight card:

Daniel Ghita vs. Brian Douwes

Michael Duut vs. Rustemi Kreshnik

Andrew Tate vs. Sahak Parparyan (It's Showtime 85MAX World Title)

Sergei Lascenko vs. Salah Edine Kandoussi

Eric Denis vs. Sonny Dagraed

Cheick Sidibe vs. Jason Wilnis


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