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Joe Schilling vs. Eddie Walker Set for Lion Fights on October 13th

Eddie Walker's name is one that has been kicked around a bunch recently, in regards to his signing with K-1. Sadly for him and his fans, the fight that was in the works for this upcoming weekend never came to fruition and Walker had to wait to make his K-1 debut. It looks like instead, he'll be the opponent that Lion Fights has selected to face Joe "Stich 'em Up" Schilling on October 13th. Schilling has long been the headliner for this card, but Lion Fights had a problem finding a suitable opponent for him. Walker, who fights at Cruiserweight, will make for a good opponent for Schilling.

For US Muay Thai and Kickboxing this is a pretty big deal of a fight, as Schilling has built his name up on the West coast while Walker has built his name up on the East coast. [source]


Big Show At Lumpinee On Friday, Saenchai vs. Singdam Headlines

We have a huge week ahead for fans of Muay Thai. With stacked shows on the 7th, 11th and 12th of this month, it's never been a better time to be a fan. First, we'll turn our attention to the September 7 card, this Friday.

The show is headlined by Saenchai vs. Singdam Kiatmuu9 for Singdam's Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight Title. Saenchai will have to weigh in at 130 and Singdam at 133. Saenchai and Singdam haven't fought since 2006, where Saenchai won a decision. Both fighters are up there in age for Thai fighters but are as good as they've ever been. Saenchai's definitely the favorite to win as he's won their last three meetings and seems to have a style that troubles Singdam but you can't count Singdam out here.

A few bouts were originally scheduled but have now been taken off the card. Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym was supposed to rematch the fighter of the year, Penek Sitnumnoi but Penek pulled out with an illness so Sam-A got moved to the September 11 card against Pokaew Fonjanegchonburi. Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym and Jomthong Chuwattana were also supposed to fight.

In other action on the card, Sagetdao Phetphayathai fights Petboonchu F.A. Group in what should be a grueling clinch affair. Sagetdao and Petboonchu have fought six times, with Sagetdao holding a 4-2 record in the series, also beating Petboonchu earlier this year.

F16 Rajanont will rematch Diesellek Oodonmuang after Diesellek knocked him out with a high kick last month.

Currently the only non Thai holding a Lumpinee title, Damien Alamos defends his Lumpinee Super Lightweight title against Aranchai Pran26. Alamos won his title back in February with a win over Kongfah Oodonmuang.

The Lumpinee Stadium Super Flyweight title is on the line as Superlek Wor Sungprapai fights Muangthai Sor Boonyiam, two of the best teens in Thailand. The Lumpinee Light Flyweight title is also on the line in the fight between Wanchai Sor Kittisak and Sarawut Pitakpaapardaeng.

Last but not least, Wanchalong Sitzornong fights Chokprecha Kor Sakooncher after an amazing fight between the two last month that ended with Wanchalong coming from behind and knocking out Chokprecha with a high kick in the fifth and final round. Wanchalong has won all three of their fights so far but Chokprecha gave him hell the last time out.

Saenchai vs. Singdamn Kiatmuu9

Sagetdao Phetphayathai vs. Petboonchu F.A. Group

F16 Rajanont vs. Diesellek Oodonmuang

Damien Alamos vs. Aranchai Pran26

Superlek Wor SUngprapai vs. Muangthai Sor Boonyiam

Wanchai Sor Kittisak vs. Sarawut Pitakpaapardaeng

Wanchalong Sitzornong vs. Chokprecha Kor Sakooncher



Latest Jeff Dojillo/Can't Stop Crazy Video - Inside the Fight: Battle of the Belts

Let's all be honest with ourselves here; if you are a fan of Kickboxing or Muay Thai in the US, you know the Can't Stop Crazy guys and follow what they are up to. There are a ton of reasons for it, but the first one is probably that they are some of the best fighters from the US to make an impact across the world in Muay Thai and sometimes Kickboxing. Joe Schilling is perhaps one of the most vocal of the group, and seen really as the godfather.

Jeff Dojillo is the star photographer and videographer responsible for the Inside the Fight series, and is back this time covering Joe Schilling's trip to Thailand from this summer to the Battle of the Belts event. It was originally slated to be Joe Schilling vs. Artem Levin after Simon Marcus pulled out of the fight with Levin, but then Levin dropped out as well. Follow Schilling through his adventures in Thailand leading up to the fight and the aftermath from it as well.


Nathan "Carnage" Corbet vs. Steve McKinnon II On Saturday In Australia

This weekend is quite packed for a weekend with no major shows such as GLORY of K-1. On this Saturday, September 1, Total Carnage II goes down in Gold Coast, Australia and it's headlined by one of the biggest rematches in all of kickfighting along with a stacked card of Australian Muay Thai.

Nathan "Carnage" Corbett and Steve McKinnon will fight for the second time, after their controversial first fight where McKinnon lost due to a cut stoppage. After some initial disagreements on the weight, the fight was set for 95kg. It's the biggest fight in Australia at the moment, with Corbett not having lost since 2006. The first fight was a war and expect nothing less than that in this one.

There's also some other good fights featuring good fighters on the card, like Frank Giorgi vs. Nonsai. Giorgi really established himself a top level fighter in last year's Thai Fight tournament, making it to the finals, where he lost to Buakaw. This year he's already defeated Steve Moxon and Tobias Alexandersson. Nonsai should provide a tough test under full Thai rules with his crafty clinch work.

Originally scheduled to fight Flip Street, Dane "Daddy Kool" Beauchamp rematches Joe Concha. Beauchamp is in my opinion the best fighter around 61kg in Australia and definitely deserves some international opportunities and recognition. Concha actually knocked out Beauchamp with an elbow back in February

Another great Australian fighter around 61kg is Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson, who takes on the Thai fighter, Kampan Santaweesook. Kampan is a tricky fighter who can suck his opponents into a clinch fest. Thompson sometimes does get sucked into clinchfests and when he loses, that's usually how so he'll have to be extra sharp here to pick up the victory.

Nathan "Carnage" Corbett vs. Steve McKinnon

Frank Giorgi vs. Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn

Dane "Daddy Kool" Beauchamp vs. Joe Concha

Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson vs. Kampan Santaweesook

Mark Lucchiari vs. Michael Badato

Mark Staiti vs. Elliot Compton

Henare Redden vs. Paymaan Shahrokhey

Grant Sims vs. Dave McDonald


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