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Lion Fight 26 Fight Card

Lion Fight 26 will be taking place at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, USA on November 20, 2015 and will be Live on AXS TV. Their last event was probably their most exciting card to date and topping it will be a tall order, but with Tetsuya Yamoto vs. Greg Wootton as the main event anything is possible.

The undercard is no where near as stacked as Lion Fight 25 but still has some good matches like Nick Chasteen vs. Turan Hasanov and Victor Saravia vs. John Nofer.

Full Card

Super Lightweight Title - Tetsuya Yamoto vs. Greg Wootton

Nick Chasteen vs. Turan Hasanov

Victor Saravia vs. John Nofer

Josh Shepard vs. Ben Peak

Julio Pena vs. Tim Amorim

Pedro Gonzalez vs. Sean Fagan


GLORY 25 on ESPN2 Pulls 198,000 Viewers

The GLORY 25 ESPN deal came together at the very last moment, as in, the deal and time slots were not announced until Thursday afternoon. The slot that ESPN was able to give to GLORY on such short notice was, if anything, a miracle, to say the least. Even finding a spot on a cable network on such short notice is a very big deal, even if that slot was 1:30am on a Saturday morning/Friday night. 

So when the numbers came in and we found out that the GLORY 25 replay at 1:30am pulled in 198,000 viewers it was nothing to scoff at. Yes, that number is down from the previous outing on Spike TV, but when you consider that GLORY 24 was on "late" on Spike TV at 11:00pm and still pulled in 283,000 viewers, pushing 200,000 seems like an incredible feat. The facts are this; with no lead time, no promotion and a late night time slot GLORY was able to push 200,000 viewers.

When I spoke with GLORY officials last week about expectations I was told that -- considering the late time slot -- 200,000 to 250,000 would be considered a big win. This number easily rounds to 200,000 and sets an interesting precedent for the company moving forward. Compared to other ESPN2 programming this isn't even that far off. The college football game average over 1 million viewers, SportsCenter directly following it had 538,000 viewers. The SportsCenter following that had 389,000 viewers. NBA Tonight at 1am had 306,000 viewers and the NBA repeat that aired after GLORY 25 had 153,000 viewers.

By looking at those numbers and considering the time slot, I'm not sure that they are anything to turn you nose up at. 

Imagine a GLORY program on ESPN2 at an earlier time slot with weeks of lead time and promotion behind it. There could be room to grow yet. [source]


Enfusion Live 33 Results

Enfusion Live 33 eminated from Switzerland this weekend in a night where the Enfusion Live 75kg title was decided, with Diogo Calardo walking away as the new champion. 

Janique Avanthay (R3 - Decision) Amandine Falck

Shkodran Veseli (R3 - Decision) Adelino Boa Morte

Ulrik Bokeme (R3 - Decision) Cheick Sidibe

Pedro Barros (R3 - TKO) Andriy Unhuryan

Jonay Risco (R3 - Decision) Christophe Pruvost

Enfusion -75kg World Title: Diogo Calado (R3 - TKO) Rafael Ilorda


Top Thai Fighters Are Earning More Money in Retirement Than During Their Competitive Careers

The top Muay Thai fighters in Thailand are guaranteed glory, trophies and titles but many of them find long term financial security much harder to come by. Tales of former champions ending up destitute are all too common but many of the best Nak Muay among the recent generation are actually able to make more money after they retire, as Orono Wor Petchpun explains.

He was a Thailand Champion, Lumpini Champion, WMC Champion, It's Showtime Champion and WPMF Champion but by his own admission he retired from the sport with less than ten thousand dollars in the bank. However Orono is one of a growing number of top Thai fighters to discover they could actually make more money as a trainer overseas than they had during the peak of their competitive career,

"I used to get around 70,000 to 80,000 Baht per fight, the most I ever got was 90,000 Baht but my manager would take fifty per cent and I would tip my trainer ten per cent so normally I got 35,000 baht a fight and I used to fight at around ten times a year. Now I work as a trainer at Evolve MMA in Singapore and I earn at least 150,000 Baht a month."

Other fighters to have moved to Singapore to work alongside Orono include Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym, Sagetdao Petpayathai and Peneak Sitnumnoi. Their services are sought after to train the clientele at Evolve MMA as well as the fight team which includes well known MMA fighters like Shinya Aoki and Ben Askren.

It's not just the top Nak Muay who are heading to Singapore. Former WBC 'fighter of the decade' Pongsaklek Wonjongkam is joining Evolve MMA later this year while another former boxing world champion, Yodsanan Sityodtong, has been there nearly five years and says his plans for retirement were initially much less ambitious,

"After I retired I wanted to either be a referee in boxing but Evolve gave me the opportunity to come and teach in Singapore. So here I am. I like Singapore, it's clean and safe and I get to make a good salary to support my family back home in Thailand. "

Yodsanan fought at Madison Square Garden and won title fights in the US and Japan. In boxing circles he's a big name but the 41 year olds heyday was during the mid 2000s. Much more recently retired is Pornsaneh Sitmonchai who was one of the most popular Muay Thai fighters of his generation due to his fan friendly style and propensity for getting in 'Fight of the Night' contenders.

Porsnaneh dispensed plenty of punishment to opponents but his fearless style saw him take more than his fair share of hard shots in the process. His final Muay Thai fight was in April and the former Lumpinee champion is already earning more money as a trainer than he did during the peak of his fighting career,

"I decided to retire because I was 34 and was starting to slow down and get tired faster. My last fight was at Siam Omnoi and it was for the title, I got 60,000 Baht plus a bonus for winning by knockout and some tips from the gamblers. Working in Singapore I get a salary of 125,000 Baht every month."

Even the very best Muay Thai fighters at the stadiums in Thailand will only earn a fraction of what the top boxers, kickboxers and mixed martial artists can expect to receive. But while they might not get the rewards they deserve during their competitive career the increase in international interest in the sport means they now have the opportunity to forge lucrative careers working overseas as trainers.


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