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A Look at This Past Weekend's TaKe-On Event in NYC


This past weekend TaKe On Productions returned to New York City putting on a big casino show and dazzling fans as always. The main event saw Wayne Barrett put a beating on Stahinja Ivonovic from DC and show everyone what NYC's Muay Thai scene is made of. He scored the stoppage in Round 2 after Ivonovic called it quits after being outclassed. The other big fight of the evening saw New York Muay Thai's Sean Fagan take on Sitan's Omar Estevez for Fagan's TKO 145lbs Championship. They had a back-and-forth five round war before Fagan was declared the winner and retained the title in a tough battle.

The WKA 155lbs Title was up for grabs as well with Stoney Morales taking a battering in round three which led to the stoppage, leaving Rich Brattole standing strong with the title in his grasp.

For full results check out Cory Braiterman's full write up here.

There was also a big announcement from TaKe-On that Rami Ibrahim of Sitan Gym will be headlining the next TaKe-On event on April 26th.


Muay Thai Weekly Recap: February 24

Quick Results:

Monday, February 18
Palangtip Nor. Sripueng def. Songkom Srisuriyanyothin by decision.
Singpayak Mor. Rajabatchombueng def. Aikrit Mor. Krongthepthonburi by decision.
Ritikrai Kaewsamrit def. Aikphet Mor. Krongthepthonburi by decision.
Nongmai Teded99 def. Nuengsiam Sor. Prasobchok by decision.

Tuesday, February 19
Uiseowpor Sugeebamekaew def. Wuttichai Saksubin by TKO in Round 2.

Wednesday, February 20
Komin Sor. Worachot def. Fahsithong Thor. Thepsuthin by decision.
Kanongsuk Sor. Sritheng def. Chamuekphet Chor. Kasemvilart

Thursday, February 21
Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang def. Singtongnoi Por. Telakoon by decision.
Pakorn Sakyothin def. Petek Kiatyongyuth by decision.
Saengmanee Tor. Tienpo def. Inzeekao Rajanont by decision.
Prajanchai Por. Petnamtong def. Dung Sor. Ploenchit by decision.
Thanonchai Thor. Sangtiennoi def. Wisanupon Zujibamikew by decision.
Pet Aikbangsai def. Phetsiam Jitmuangnont by decision.
Sunchai Tor. Laksong def. Kumarndoy Sor. Jitpakdee by decision.

Friday, February 22
Pornsaneh Sitmonchai def. Kwankao Chor. Rajapatsadu-Esarn by decision.
Phetsila Kiatmoo9 def. Kumarndoy Jitmuangnont by decision.

Saturday, February 23
Denpanom Ror. Kilacorath def. Por. Tor. Thor. Phetrungruang by decision.

Sunday, February 24
Thestar Sangsimaewgym def. Yodsiam Sor. Chokamnuay by decision.
Sarawut Pitakpapardaeng def. Angkor Saenpalangchai by decision.

This past week was pretty short on stoppages but the elbow that Uiseowpor stopped Wuttichai with was a thing of beauty. Uiseowpor hurt Wuttichai in the first round with punches and also had Wuttichai's leg visibly hurt at the end of the first round. In the second, Uieseowpor countered Wuttichai trying to grab the clinch with a solid right elbow that ended the fight.

Saeksan vs. Singtongnoi was the main event of Thursday's big show. It wasn't as crazy as their other fights but was still a solid fight. Saeksan outclinched Singtongnoi to get the win. Pakorn, who also won on the card, would be a great opponent for either Saeksan or Singtongnoi.

Two excellent really young fighters also won on Thursday, in Saengmanee and Prajanchai. Saengmanee is at 115lbs now and still dominated Inzeekao. Prajanchai's also put on a really good performance with clean and well timed round kicks.

Another rematch took place on Friday with Pornsaneh vs. Kwankao. This one went a lot different than their previous encounter, which Pornsaneh won by stoppage. Pornsaneh didn't win by stoppage this time but he still won a decision, though Kwankao managed to land a lot of clean, hard knees in the process.

Sarawut won the Channel 7 108lb title in his fight with Angkor and showcased some brilliant technical maneuvers. Sarawut does some really small, subtle things when it comes to evasion and distance excellently. He has great timing, tossing Angkor a ton of times.


Former Lumpinee Champion Yodbuangam Lookbaanyai Has Moved To Singapore to Join the Evolve MMA Fight Team


Yodbuangarm Lookbanyai has become the latest in a long line of Muay Thai champions to move to Singapore to become a trainer and fighter at Evolve MMA. The 29 year old retired from Muay Thai in 2010 but is looking to make a comeback and could also start training and competing in MMA.

Yodbuangarm was one of the fighters who helped Lookbanyai become the most successful camp in Thailand during the mid 2000s when he trained there alongside Norasing Lookbanyai and Saengiran Lookbanyai. During his career he has beaten some of the best fighters in Thailand including Kem Sitsongpeenong, Saenchai Sor Kingstar and his new Evolve MMA team mate Orono Wor Petchpun.

Originally from the impoverished Din Daeng area of Bangkok Yodbuangarm is a veteran of around 200 fights who first came to prominence when he won the Siam Omnoi (Channel 3 Stadium) Flyweight belt. As he moved up in weight he would establish himself as one of the top 'Nak Muay' in the country becoming Lumpinee Super Featherweight Champion and Thailand Lightweight Champion.

Since retiring he has trained some top fighters including Pornsaneh Sitmonchai, Yodkhunpol Sitmonchai, Kamookaw Chuwattana and Palangphon Chuwattana. At the age of 29 he still has plenty to offer in the 130 lbs division and, intriguingly, could follow in the footsteps of Yodsanan Sityodtong by making the switch from Muay Thai to MMA.

Evolve MMA has become something of a mecca for Muay Thai with a number of legends including Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, Orono Wor Petchpun, Attachai Fairtex, Naruepol Fairtex and Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee all currently based there. A more comprehensive list is here:


Yokkao PSA: Muay Thai Doesn't Smoke


Our friends at Yokkao do a lot for Muay Thai and are committed to not only helping move forward their brands and fighters, but the sport of Muay Thai as well. That is the kind of stuff that we need to see more of with Kickboxing and Muay Thai for them to truly grow and become more than fringe spots with enthusiastic fans and great athletes.

Yokkao Extreme promoter Stefania Picelli stated that Yokkao Boxing is one of the premier and most popular brands in all of Muay Thai and that they regularly receive messages from fans and fighters asking for advice on training and healthy living. One of the easiest ways to ensure better health is to avoid smoking, which damages your lungs and creates a whole slew of health problems as well as limits one's ability to perform.

She also urges to look forward for Yokkao Boxing to speak about more social issues in the future and encourages everyone to "Share" and "Like" this photo on Facebook.


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