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WGP #31 Results: A New Heavyweight Champion is Crowned

In their 31st numbered show, WGP crowned a new heavyweight champion in Felipe Micheletti after a hard-fought five round war with Carlos Meza. Micheletti walks away as champion after years of hype and many believing that he would make a big impact on the kickboxing world. Wellington Uega won a one-night tournament by defeating Fernando Nonato in the finals after defeating Thiago Conceicao in the semi-finals.

WGP #31

Felipe Micheletti (R5 - Decision) Carlos ‘Cliford’ Meza 

Wellington Uega (R3 - Decision) Fernando Nonato 

Alex Oller (R3 - Decision) Alex Sandro ‘Canguru’ 

Renzo Martinez (R1 - KO) Gustavo Piacentini 

Julie Werner (R3 - Decision) Cristmi Páfaro 

Wellington Uega (R3 - Decision) Thiago ‘Golden Boy’ Conceição 

Fernando Nonato (R1 - KO) Diego Sebastião 

Maycon Oller (R3 - Decision) Alisson De Angellis 

Valdenir ‘Kakaroto’ (R3 - Decision) Morramad Araújo 

Felipe 'Artilheiro' Bocaz (R3 - Decision) Fernando Pato 

Elaine Lopes (R3 - Decision) Pâmela Mara 

Rodolfo 'Cavalo' (R3 - Decision) Kleber Henrique

Jhonatan Teodoro (R1 - KO) Fabio Lopes 

Isaias Silva (R3 - Decision) Maycon Barreto 


GLORY Referee Stefano Valenti Responds to Criticism

(C) GLORY / Ben Pontier

During the last few events it has been notable that many fans, pundits and insiders within the kickboxing world have been vocal about the referees and judges at GLORY events. Stefano Valenti has been involved in some high-profile GLORY bouts over the last year, including a few of the fights at the recent GLORY 31. 

Three of the fights that he was involved with were the Saenchai vs. Eddy Nait-Slimani bout, Ismael Londt vs. Hesdy Gerges and the main event between GLORY Lightweight Champion Robin van Roosmalen and challenger Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong. I have joined in with the chorus of critics of Valenti and noted in our live coverage of GLORY 31 that whenever Valenti is in the ring there is a fear that something might go wrong. 

During the Saenchai bout he deducted a point from Saenchai, which seemed harsh considering the action in the ring, and during Ismael Londt vs. Hesdy Gerges he deducted a point from both fighters in the third round, just seconds away from the final bell. This comes after the notable point deductions from GLORY referee Al Wichers during Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus which heavily influenced the outcome of the bout. We criticize because while rule enforcement is important, there seems to be a lack of coherence among referees and a very real fear among fans (and fighters) that referees can influence the outcome of their bouts.

Late this week LiverKick received an email from referee Stefano Valenti where he looked to explain his side of the story. 

In all organizations and federations for which I have worked, and continue to do so (I think not for luck but I hope for merit), they appreciated me to follow regulations and instructions that are given to me by the leadership of each organization. Glory, Bellator, Victory, Oktagon, Wako, WMF, ISKA, etc.

That you points as conduct "terrible", is the way that Glory wants for all events Glory sanctioned , the result of extensive discussions during the briefing on the day before the event and reported in the special "referee clinic" written by the head and coordinator of the Glory Officials: REFEREE MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY INACTIVE CLINCH ! It's not Muay Thai Clinching!

While I have been and will most likely continue to be critical of referees for their calls, their job is difficult and they are forced to make split-second decisions. What's important, though, is that these decisions can and will be criticized because of how they can impact the careers of fighters. As we've seen, every referee has a different style just like fighters do, and at times those styles are more intrusive than others (Joop Ubeda, for example). 

Valenti explains that his calls were justified because they were done in accordance to GLORY's wishes, which is difficult to argue with. It should be noted that it is also the responsibility of fighters and their teams to understand and respect these rules and not place referees in a position to make these calls. It should be noted, though, that GLORY doesn't have a hand in the officiating, instead the ISKA handles that.

LiverKick has reached out to Mr. Valenti for further comment.


Joe Schilling Talks About The Technically Illegal Shot That Kato Won With

This past Friday at Bellator Kickboxing 2 Joe Schilling stepped into the ring against Hisaki Kato. Kato holds a victory over Schilling under MMA rules, but to many this was Joe's chance to shine and avenge the loss to Kato under his own rules. The fight was going Joe's way until a fateful blow landed and Joe was down on the mat. That blow was a spinning backfist, only many were quick to note that it looked more like the elbow or forearm connected, not the glove.

Technically under ISKA rules that was an illegal shot. Throughout the evening I heard talk about there being heated discussions backstage about the legality of the blow and even rumblings of it being overturned. Cooler heads prevailed and that talk has died down. Interestingly enough, Joe appeared on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience this week where both men talked about losing, talked about the kind of awful people who exist online and talk smack at fighters as well as the legality of the blow. 

At about 13:47 listen for the talk of the shot and how both seem to agree that shots like that should probably be legal anyway.

There's also just some solid talk about kickboxing and muay thai in the show as well.


VIDEO: Chingiz Allazov vs. Enriko Kehl From Monte Carlo

There was a lot of big kickboxing this past weekend, but perhaps one of the more overlooked fights was from Monte Carlo between Chingiz Allazov and Enriko Kehl. Both men are well-respected top lightweights and went to war in a bout that ultimately was won by Allazov via KO. Watch the fight below and weigh in on where either guy stands in the grand scheme of things right now.


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