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Spike TV Confirms What We Already Knew: No More GLORY on Spike

GLORY will no longer be airing on Spike. The relationship between the two sides seemed like a great idea at the beginning but has been a rather toxic relationship for a very long time now, with the first real signs of tension pointing back to the decision to run GLORY Last Man Standing on PPV last June. We've known that the relationship was fated to end in October of this year since the beginning of this year, but early this summer it became clear that GLORY would no longer be airing on Spike TV after a certain date.

We've been about as subtle as a sledgehammer when it comes to this. If you are a longtime reader of LiverKick, you've known that this was coming, just like you've known that GLORY 25 was never advertised for Spike TV and that there was never a time slot for it. Luke Thomas got the final word from Spike TV, breaking their silence on the matter after months of the relationship heading nowhere. GLORY CEO Jon J. Franklin confirmed this news in a backhanded way back in September, and in said article we went as far as to say that GLORY would be landing somewhere else.

Basically, if you've been following kickboxing you knew this was coming. If you haven't, well, I can't say that I blame you but there are ways that you can support the sport. If you do genuinely love kickboxing and are alarmed by this news that should be a sign that you can always be doing more to support the sport. GLORY's tenure on Spike ended with a whimper -- as I stated after GLORY 24 -- because viewership had dropped off so steeply. Setting a DVR isn't difficult, nor, in this age of hyper-aggregation and news reading is it hard to follow the sport when sites like this one exist, posting news daily and, like I said before, being as subtle as a sledgehammer on certain news topics. 

As for where GLORY will land, that much isn't 100% just yet. GLORY was at the SportTel Conference in Monaco earlier this month and there have been talks with other networks. The worst case scenario for right now seems to be back to the online PPVs for live and CBS Sports on tape delay. Further proof from that can be posited by checking CBS Sports Network's current schedule that has GLORY Milan (misstated as 32, mind you) set for 12am Eastern time on November 8th. This could, in theory, be the SuperFight Series as they have been airing of late, but the description reads instead like the full event.

As always, we'll keep you updated with more.



RUMOR: Andy Souwer vs. Jienotsu Nagashima in MMA Rules Set for Rizin on NYE

The news of the return of Sakakibara to MMA on New Year's Eve has the entire combat sports world abuzz, especially for the return of Fedor Emelianenko that same night against an opponent that was originally slated to be Jaideep Singh, but has apparently changed to TBA. The kickboxing world will be represented in this show, with there being talk of there being a kickboxing portion of the event, as well as involvement from some of the biggest names in professional kickboxing under MMA rules, with RENA from Shoot Boxing the first name tossed into the hat. 

The latest addition to this is K-1 MAX veteran Andy Souwer will finally make his MMA debut after years of anticipation and it will be against another K-1 MAX star in Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima. Nagashima is no stranger to New Year's Eve spectacles, including a mixed-rules bout between himself and Shinya Aoki that saw a mix of kickboxing and MMA rounds. 

Souwer is still considered a legend in Japan and while he hasn't been competing there as often will still be fresh in the memories of fans for his past NYE appearances, including Masato's epic retirement bout in 2009.

Edit: Souwer's manager later made a statement to Round1Network claiming that he misspoke about this news. We'll consider this a strong rumor for now because, really, who even has an opponent lined up without there being strong talks?


Jorge Loren on Tap for Andrei Stoica in Grudge Match at SuperKombat WGP Final

On Saturday November 7th SuperKombat returns to Bucharest, Romania with the SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final. This weekend SuperKombat announced the bombshell of a main event for the event in Andrei Stoica defending the SuperKombat Super Cruiserweight Championship against Jorge Loren. Loren was able to defeat Andrei's brother, Bogdan, last year, making this a grudge match of sorts between the two men. 

Stoica is riding on an eight fight win streak heading into this battle with Loren, while Loren's last outing was just a matter of days ago at WFL's Unfinished Business where he was in a one-night tournament, defeating Reduoan Cairo in the first round of the tournament only to lost to Luis Tavares in the next round of the tournament. This is a pretty quick turnaround for Loren, but hopefully he'll be at his best against Stoica.

More on this card when it's available.


Ian Alexander and Claudiu Istrate Win Big at Venum Victory World Series

Yesterday in Panama saw Venum Victory World Series crown two more tournament champions who will be making their way to the finals of a larger tournament in Paris on November 28th. Chicago native Ian Alexander shocked many by defeating veteran Mohamed El Mir and then going on to defeat Kader El Kamouchi after the fight was ruled a draw, leading to an extension round and saw El Kamouchi refuse to continue the fight.

For the Rhinos Romanian Claudiu Istrate picked up a win over Lucas Alsina and then won a big TKO victory over the more spent Rafael Da Souza who had taken John Granville to a decision via an extension round. 

The highlights of the night may have been the super fights, though. Legendary figure on the circuit Marco Pique was expected to float his way past Marcus Fisher before Fisher turned up the heat on Pique throughout the fight and was able to pick up a huge decision victory over Pique. In the main event Armen Petrosyan and Luis Castaneda went to war with Petrosyan ultimately winning, but Castaneda impressing everyone involved.

Armen Petrosyan (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Luis Castaneda

Marcus Fisher (R3 - Decision) Marco Pique

Dragon Series

Ian Alexander (R3 - Split Decision) Mohamed El Mir

Kader El Kamouchi (R2 - KO) Ricardo Cruz

Final: Ian Alexander (Ext.R - Disqualification) Kader El Kamouchi


Claudiu Istrate (R3 - Decision) Lucas Alsina

Rafael Da Souza (Ext.R - Decision) John Granville

Final: Claudiu Istrate (R3 - TKO) Rafael Da Souza




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