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Bellator Kickboxing Announce Team Set Heading Into Inaugural Event

Bellator Kickboxing has announced today that the broadcast team for the inaugural event has been set. The team in place should feel familiar for fans of Bellator with the inclusion of Sean Grande, and for MMA fans as a whole the addition of Matt Mitrione will add a recognizable voice to the broadcast. Upon Mitrione's signing to Bellator it came out that he was going to be involved in the Bellator Kickboxing broadcasts but now it's official. 

The first Bellator Kickboxing event happens on April 16th and will air on April 22nd.

Complete “Bellator Kickboxing: Torino” Fight Card:

Bellator Kickboxing Middleweight Main Event: Melvin Manhoef (37-12) vs. Alexandru Negrea (8-2)

Bellator Kickboxing 165-Pound Feature Bout: Mustapha Haida (37-3-3) vs. Karim Ghajji (95-12)

Bellator Kickboxing Welterweight Feature Bout: Raymond Daniels (10-3) vs. Francesco Moricca (15-2-1)

Bellator Kickboxing Flyweight Feature Bout: Denise Kielholtz (43-2) vs. Veronica Vernocchi (31-6-1)

Bellator Kickboxing Bantamweight Feature Bout: Kevin Ross (30-9) vs. Matteo Taccini (24-3-1)


Tiffany Van Soest Signs with GLORY, Plus Schilling vs. Wilnis II at GLORY 30 SFS

When Tiffany Van Soest's splinter away from Lion Fight became public knowledge the assumption was that she'd end up somewhere else. In the past she had expressed a desire to move into MMA, which her contract with Lion Fight prevented, and the whole debocle with her winning a championship and having pay issues seemed to be the final nail in the coffin of the relationship between the two parties. Speculation was that Scott Coker's Bellator Kickboxing would be hungry to scoop up a talent like Van Soest, especially with fighters like Denise Kielholtz, a former opponent of Van Soest's, under contract.

We heard rumblings about GLORY entering the female fight arena at some point in the near future, but not to this extent. Today an image leaked out via Twitter of Tiffany Van Soest on the poster for GLORY 30. While no opponent or formal fight was on there just yet, it reads that she'll be a special debut, meaning she should be at least at the show. MMAFighting ran a story on the tweet and we independently confirmed with GLORY officials that Van Soest has indeed signed to the GLORY roster. 

Interestingly enough, the leaked image also shows another fight of interest for GLORY 30 Los Angeles, with that fight being Joe Schilling vs. Jason Wilnis headlining the SuperFight Series. We've yet to get confirmation on this one just yet, but since it's on paper it seems like a pretty decent chance of this happening. 

UPDATE 4/8: Van Soest is confirmed for GLORY 30 in a rematch with Jeri Sitzes. The fight will take place on the SuperFight Series airing live on Fight Pass.


Bellator Announces Bellator: Dynamite 2 on June 24th

While there might have been a few hitches at last year's Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1 card, Bellator looks to have their ducks in a row this year and have announced Bellator: Dynamite 2. Dynamite 2 will take place on June 24th at the ScotTrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri and once again be a hybrid card between MMA and kickboxing. The only real difference is that this time they get their way and will have complete control over the show, with Bellator Kickboxing launching in just under two weeks now. 

The only fight announced for the card thus far is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson taking on Japanese judoka Satoshi Ishii in an MMA bout. Here's hoping to some big name kickboxing fights at Dynamite 2. 


The Life of Zack Mwekassa Continues to Be Insanity

If there would be one thing that you could say about the life of GLORY Light Heavyweight Zack Mwekassa it is that it has been a storied one. Another chapter in that storied life apparently almost kept him from hopping on a plane this week to head towards Copenhagen for GLORY 29. So what exactly happened? It involved a gun, a misfire, a failed carjacking and a stolen passport. 

According to our friend over at BloodyElbow, John Joe O'Regan this happened about a week ago and saw carjackers surround Mwekassa on his way home from the gym, pulling a gun on him and attempting to take his BMW and everything else on him. Here's what Mwekassa had to say about it:

"So they stopped me, they came to the car, opened the door and put a gun my head. They searched my car and me; they took my money. Then the guy with the gun tried to shoot me. The gun clicked, nothing happened. He started to mess with it and the magazine dropped out. That's the second time [criminals] have tried to kill me in South Africa.

"So then they went away. After they left I looked to see what they had taken; I realized they had also taken my passport. It was a really sad moment for me because my passport is from Congo not South Africa and Congo isn't delivering passports at the moment. I thought I would have to cancel the fight. And because it would take some months to get a new passport, probably I would miss more than one fight."

Crazily enough, after offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the passport it was returned to him and everything worked out, but damn, has this guy seen it all, huh? Check out the entirety of the story over at BloodyElbow.


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